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It would be tragic if this case takes years to be solved because the focus is placed in the wrong area. Rosario called 911 and when police arrived, they immediately began investigating the homicide, discovering that Faith had also been sexually assaulted. The police are pretty sure she was raped. He did not like Rosie stopping the hook up at the club and most likely knew Rosie. He resisted the DNA testing, but obviously that could be for legal reasons.

This is ludicrous and even security people can run a better show than this. It is to be believed that Rosario became jealous of this possibility and wrote "I'm not stupid bitch" on a white wrapper from a fast food chain, which was then left for Hedgepeth.

I've never thought about the note being written beforehand and by two different people, Faith included. There was a question for me as to who refused to provide DNA. https://www.reddit.com/r/UnresolvedMysteries/comments/7861rr/the_murder_of_faith_hedgepath/. I just don’t think that all aspects of this case have been thoroughly investigated. Also, in the voicemail made at the club, you can’t make out much but one thing I will say that you can definitively make out is a girl at one point in particular using the word “bitch” and at another point using the word “liar.” You can also hear a girl in a clearly separate tone of voice responding. Recently, a strange accidental voicemail left by Faith the night of her murder and a DNA Phenotype digital composite of the killer have been released, raising more questions than answers. That DNA throws a wrench in everything because any decent defense lawyer can just say “my clients DNA does not match. Thank you. I feel that right after they left the night club is when the assault took place. I don’t know.

It's not evidence, and diminishes the argument IMO. No, this was not a voicemail of the murder taking place. Also, many people have stated that a male who is angry enough and passionate enough to bash her to death using that bottle, would have almost assuredly broken it to feel more powerful and exhaust his anger.

Seriously injure but kill that would require heck of a swing. I'm deep into statement analysis. Unless we are talking about a serial killer but wow, what bad luck that a serial killer shows up right during that period of time. Who is that guy? On the security camera at The Thrill, you can see Karena walking out, speaking in a very animated way, waiving her arms and talking with a group. When I have time, I'm going to go through these: https://www.documentcloud.org/documents/1283962-hedgepeth-case-files.html.

EDIT 2- There is also one more important aspect of this case that I need to mention to be completely fair. If your theory is correct, it's one of the most brutal things I've ever heard of someone doing to another that they were close to. Here are some of the main ones; First, Marisol, Karenas friend, did an interview directly after the murder, before she really would have time to think things through in detail, and she said this regarding her actions during the 911 call: “I was in the room and I KEPT telling her to tell them to hurry up,” implying she was saying this over and over again.

This case is very solvable but No one has offered the necessary due diligence to bring this case to justice. Born in Warren County North Carolina, she was a member of the Haliwa-Saponi Native American Tribe and dreamed of becoming a doctor and one day returning home to contribute to her community. And statistically, it is far, far likelier that a woman will be beat to death by a man who is a complete stranger or distant acquaintance than beat to death by another woman. Then not hungry after eating. I don’t buy the sick part nor that, oops I left the door open. I suspect the DNA sample is a mixed profile, of both Eriq and Rosie, rather than that of a single assailant. There is all kinds of time before they meet to head to the library.

Almost every weekend during that time, we would go to the same club that Karena and Faith attended that fateful September night in 2012. It’s an impossibility that she ever said anything even within 15 feet for all 10 minutes of that call. He convinced Karena that she allowed "evil" faith to brainwash her into getting a restraining order. What is everyone else’s opinion? I am confused. This is a person that Karena has an on and off again thing with. At the club, they may have had a strong preview of what was yet to come. Some dude comes in to rape, gets caught up doing that heinous act, and clubs her over the head with it. es, there are people who make decent suspects, but they really stalked the place, waited until Karena left (how would they know this? His name was redacted, but I think i know who it was through context clues. First off, the police looked into this immediately. You will have to check into everything yourself, but apparently he had just stayed in the apartment on the couch the night before (or sometime shortly before the night of the murder), and there was a lot of rumor and speculation that Faith maybe had also had some type of relations with him/ was into him.

Karena made lot of effort not to be in that apt and even left to be with a man when she was allegedly sick. There is more than a little speculation that it was actually Marisol on the phone, because of how similar her voice and the voice on the phone call sound (and for a few other reasons). Serious history of violence against women, David Bell- Rapist, claimed to have touched Faith that night so he refused to give his DNA, lied to police, seemed ashamed when looking at her picture, Reginald Leonard Jackson II- Rapist, lives in SC, tried to avoid police, refused to give DNA to clear his name. it seems from the submitter of this story that Faith was not heavily or even mildly raped so perhaps the sperm is from earlier in the day or a transplant, I could not get past the repeated use of the word”females” when you mean women. The problem with the DNA is that Faith, and correct me if I'm wrong, didn't have a lot of unexplained time where nobody knew what she was doing that day. Karena's Social Media profile section may have links to their Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and dating app profiles. Around this time, the neighbor below, who was awake and watching tv at this time, says she heard three loud thumping sounds that she says can only be described as sounding like big bags of sand being dropped on the floor (awful lot like the sound a body would produce falling to the floor). ), counted on the door being unlocked, then ambushed Faith? Could have been because I was reading it out of context. So the two girls leave the club around 2:20 am.

This DNA could have arrived on the scene that night in any of number of ways besides from the murderer/ rapist. But I will admit fully that they may have information that makes this DNA even more significant, because they basically moved to center the entire investigation around it, building the DNA profile and sampling so many different people. But they knew better than kill her there.

Then on the bag, conveniently there are the words “jealous” and “stupid” and “bitch.” Very often words more commonly used between females when angry with one another. The note was then planted next to her body after her death. I provided a few good links at the bottom of this entire thing. She coordinates with the men at the nightclub and plans an attack on Faith. Https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Faith_Hedgepeth_homicide. It is so hard to find anything concrete, but I BELIEVE from what I read in one of the statements is that it seemed possible that she was. Press J to jump to the feed. I am 100% certain that this is what happened: Karena Rosario killed Faith Hedgepeth in a premeditated attack coordinated with Eriq Takoy Jones and Brandon Edwards former roommate (The only man involved who has never given DNA and also has a violent past with women). I'm sure, or at least would hope, that the police know this. EDIT 3- Yes, of course there is also Eriq Takoy Jones. The fact that she was seen leaving the club, walking by herself with an unknown man, makes me wonder about the possibility of her hooking up with this guy in the club bathroom or elsewhere in the vicinity. He is most likely one of the rapists and heard on the voicemail along with Reginald Leonard Jackson II and David Bell. A strange series of texts and phone calls began, and around 4am, Karena left, leaving Faith, allegedly asleep, with the apartment door unlocked. Again, way too brutal and personal. I hate to be graphic but this is the truth. Karenas wording in her statement threw me off a bit. Two, it leans heavily towards a female killer, statistically speaking.

For awhile last year I thought about this day and night. It's how most murderers get caught, eventually. You’re marking the 7th year with no arrest, I think everyone would agree this is a cold corpse vs a cold case. My theory always included Rosario and/or Eriq. "Single White Female" the movie is what the relationship reminds me of. Normally there would be sobbing, some casual conversation, phones ringing, dogs barking, but yet, nothing. • Investigators determined that, prior to her death, Faith Hedgepeth and Karena Rosario visited Davis Library on the UNC campus at approximately 7:30 … I'm assuming Karena pretended to make up to put on a good face but really plotted against her.

Uh, she could have been hungry. I may have the name spelled wrong but I’m sure most of you know that high caliber prosecutor. They both rode to the apartment together, and around 11am, Karena and Marisol claim they first discover the body and Karena calls 911 to report it. But it's possible that the intruder was, like other serial killers and even burglars have done before, testing doors. Sounds really odd. It is part of the male killing process from all of the forensic stats that we have. Add in all of the other things and it gets hard to not be supremely suspicious of her. And he moved back to Ohio almost immediately after this whole thing transpired, if I am not mistaken.

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