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It was a way out of it.”, Since then, I’ve come to regard My Beauty as one of the most misunderstood albums of all time. Would I still wear those clothes? “We certainly didn’t get bottled off at Reading,” he says. The family moved to Harrow when he was 11 years old and he left school at the age of 15. “Like, maybe I am mad? At the time it felt like I’d never get better. “I’m so proud of him,” he says. I think Alan [McGee] thought the confrontation would be punk rock, but I didn’t want that. Rowland has always identified strongly with his Irish background and in 2016 Dexys released their fifth album, Let the Record Show: Dexys Do Irish and Country Soul, featuring interpretations of Irish folk songs such as "Women Of Ireland" and "Carrickfergus", among others.

In 2003, Rowland reformed Dexys Midnight Runners—featuring only one other original member, bassist Pete Williams, who fulfilled the role as Rowland's co-vocalist—and embarked on a successful comeback tour backed up with a greatest hits compilation album including two newly recorded songs, "Manhood" and "My Life in England".

His next release was not until 1999 when he recorded a collection of interpretations of classic songs called My Beauty, the album cover of which depicted a heavily made-up Rowland in a dress and women's lingerie. To promote this re-release, Kevin has worked closely with director Jack Satchell to … ‘I’m back in touch with my femininity’ … Rowland in 2016. “I thought it had been a triumph” he remembers, “a few plastic bottles were thrown, half a … Rowland was born in Wednesfield, Wolverhampton, England on 17 August 1953 to Irish parents from Crossmolina, Co. Mayo, Ireland,[2][3] and he lived for three years in Ireland between the ages of one and four before returning to Wolverhampton. [4], Before his music career, Rowland worked as a hairdresser.[5]. If there’s anybody next to you about to throw a bottle do me a favour – stop.’ And a big round of applause came out from the crowd. Does this mean Springsteen has heard it himself? But I do feel more positive.

“I just get on so much better with young people,” says Rowland.  Two new videos have been filmed. “You can’t pretend to be a murderer … but you can find something, a memory within you, that will make you very angry so that you feel like you could murder.” He built a little cocoon in the studio around the microphone, decorated it with clothes and photographs that triggered the painful memories, and sang his heart out: Greatest Love of All offers striking vulnerability (“It’s over, no more. “Am I hell!” he says forcefully, before shifting to a more vulnerable position.

 The album was released on Oasis’ label Creation, after Kevin was signed by Alan McGee (who loved Kevin’s new look and labelled it “punk rock”).

Because I’m not the kind of guy to go, ‘This is a statement and it means this.’ It was all intuitive.”, Still, Rowland took the negative reactions personally. I think that’s what it was for me when I heard Greatest Love in the car.

However, My Beauty was to be the last record released before Creation folded and the chaos that surrounded the label meant they hadn’t secured approval for the cover of Bruce Springsteen’s ‘Thunder Road’. Yet the criticism still got to him. “I mean, I love lots of my old friends, but if I stick around them too much I get a bit negative, you know?”. Heartwarmingly, it turns out this is Rowland’s grandson, Roo.

It’s not a gimmick.”, Besides, he adds, “the people saying the dress was all part of my craziness and that I was mad – well, not to be disparaging, but they wouldn’t exactly be the people I was going to for style tips.”. … introduced me. [7], My Beauty will be re-released in September 2020.

For a period of time I probably did deny that feminine side of myself, because of the reaction. I’d started having panic attacks – traumatic events where I’d be out of the house and suddenly feel like I had no control over my body or mind – and when I received medication for those I was left bed-bound with depression.

“Just so patronising.”, Indeed, what really strikes you, as My Beauty gears up for a 21st-birthday reissue on pink vinyl, is just how well it chimes with the current times. “I was about to go on, and then a woman called Hobbs … Mary Anne Hobbs?

From the bolshy vision of Searching for the Young Soul Rebels through the celtic-gumbo of Too-Rye-Ay and '85's neglected masterpiece, Don't Stand Me Down, his is a towering contribution to British music, both visually and musically. “Irvine Welsh, who is a friend and I respect him, put a tweet up recently saying it was an amazing album but the cover was a mistake. WEDNESDAY 16TH JUNE 2021. “Definitely, man.”, Kevin Rowland on the My Beauty furore: 'I wasn't cracking up. Kevin Rowland (born 17 August 1953) is a British singer-songwriter of Irish descent and frontman for the pop band Dexys Midnight Runners (currently called Dexys), which had several hits in the early 1980s, … When Creation records signed him to make another Dexys record, Rowland told label boss Alan McGee he needed to record a solo album of covers first, documenting his bleakest period. SUNDAY MARCH 28TH 2021 “That’s exactly it.”, Rowland says there are plentiful stories of people being floored by the album: co-producer Pete Schwier’s wife burst into tears on hearing The Greatest Love of All; Billy Adams from Dexys sobbed to Reflections of My Life on a train in India; a Swedish man in his 50s told him it was his favourite ever album (“He was holding a vinyl copy of me in a dress, showing my underwear, asking me to sign it … I thought, you’d never see this in England”).


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