kidkraft supermodel dollhouse assembly instructions

***Requires 2 people for assembly. If used improperly, your dollhouse may be pulled over or fall, creating risk of injury or damage. View and Download KidKraft 65022 assembling instructions online. How do I find this?

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40 27 Uptown Dollhouse. parts out of the reach of small children. �*+ @�rt400 Savannah Dollhouse. Customer Service. trailer �9�~���@^��@J�����46���S���CF��}����������gO깻2�L �x�{.��Ƥ�������䏼GS��vDUR��tI�e�G�XB��d�G���"-�W�'� �y?�ȋL�rcj��9�����o2����|k\4O���d '7��u�=/�����z��9�u"�$���~��Ȫ�['ʮbm� Uptown Dollhouse. ���9�b=UޔY��wY"*r��� L�q�z816�}ZkҎ.6|-�1�b3��#���P��X��̭ơ]����/��/ul�0��+f�i�8�����5���s�z���VS��ˇUT����}[��VF�C2S�Y���+����.M. Before calling customer service, please. [0�����H�A���П� x��W���_���6e��1O�CR�#v׍��fָZ�g This dollhouse stands over four feet tall, with two balconies, an extended porch and set an enchanting forest, this sweet little home everything anything a doll could want. %PDF-1.5 %���� If maintenance is not carried. �DWy��f=�� �r�xp�&���ý�o� 0000004387 00000 n <]/Prev 1511985>> View and Download KidKraft 65833 assembly instructions manual online. View and Download KidKraft 65022 assembling instructions online. 0000115574 00000 n 0000001689 00000 n

Document Details: 18 pages, 1.4 MB filesize. In the magical KidKraft Storybook Mansion Dollhouse, kids can explore three levels and five rooms of fairytale fun. 0000067277 00000 n

In addition, children should not be permitted to climb or pull on the dollhouse. 0000034886 00000 n Fun explorers rocket ship play set (7 pages), Glamour dollhouse with lights and sound (23 pages), Interactive dollhouse with 14 pc furniture set (27 pages), Waterfall mountain train table and set/waterfall mountain train table and set/ waterfall mountain train table and set/ waterfall mountain train table and set (6 pages), Radiator springs race track set & table (15 pages), Manual will be automatically added to "My Manuals", Toy KidKraft 65022 Assembling Instructions, Toy KidKraft 63213 Assembly Instructions Manual, Toy KidKraft 65078B Assembly Instructions Manual, Toy KidKraft 65023C Assembly Instructions, Toy KidKraft 65023D Assembly Instructions, Toy KidKraft 65823 Assembly Instructions Manual, Toy KidKraft 65833 Assembly Instructions Manual, Toy KidKraft 62043 Assembly Instructions Manual, Toy KidKraft 65055 Assembly Instructions Manual, Toy KidKraft 65033 Assembly Instructions Manual, Toy KidKraft Large Pastel Kitchen 53181 Assembly Instructions Manual, Toy KidKraft 17850 Assembly Instructions Manual, Toy KidKraft Harley Davidson Roaring Softail Rocker Assembly Instructions Manual, Toy KidKraft 17979 Assembly Instruction Manual, Toy KidKraft 53220 Assembly Instructions Manual. we recommend that you use the enclosed wall anchor kit, which gives you the option of attaching the dollhouse to a wall. 0000154795 00000 n For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser.

CHOKING HAZARD. You can find the batch code in the back of the assembly sheet. startxref 0000001277 00000 n Assembly Instructions Item #65826 Sparkle Mansion Dollhouse Customer Service 1-800-933-0771 2 Before calling customer service, please locate the batch code number (example: 105906/65006/04) found on the bottom or back of your product.


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