klamath river gold claims for sale
Any individual unlawfully mining on legally staked claims will be violating federal mining laws.

The downriver boundary is located downriver near mile marker 3.0 along Hwy 96.

Range 6E. on Previous Auctions: $8400. High Quality California Mining Properties, California dredging moratorium in effect. Located in Sec. If you have this type of silver or gold property for sale and would like to list it with us please contact Jason Inks. Oregon DEQ web site?. Originally, it was part of Long Forgotten Gold. Buy Now Price: $8,400. Located in the Somes Bar Mining District, County of Siskiyou, State of California. learn more…, Home » Gold Mining Claims for Sale » Gold Mining Claim – Channel Gold – CAMC 0291808, click thumbnails for larger gallery view…. 3. What Craig Colt has to say about this area. Gold claims of this quality will not be available for long. The Channel Gold mining claim (on the Klamath River) is located approximately 36 miles downriver from Happy Camp. please visit our gold and silver mines consignment listings page, Gold & Silver Mines consignment listings page…, Gold Claim for Sale “Eagles Haven” CAMC 0291809, Gold Claim for Sale “Channel Gold” CAMC 0291808, Gold Claim for Sale “Long Golden Path” CAMC 0287911, Gold Claim for Sale “Paradise Reward” CAMC 0288461, Gold Claim for Sale “Home Gold” CAMC 0292710, Gold Claim for Sale “Orleans Reward” CAMC 0292709. Located in Sec. 21 Township 12N. We may never see claims for sale of this caliber at these prices again! Listed below are all currently available gold claims for sale. Big natural bars and excellent river diversity create fantastic potential for high-banking, shallow dredging, sluicing and metal detecting. It was created in 1851 by gold miners on claims on the river near the site. This breakdown can be seen on the overview map?.

Located in Sec. The Happy Camp was an important gold mining camp on the Klamath River starting in 1851. Approximate length along river: 2.2 miles. The Klamath River district is a large area along the Klamath River in the Northwest part of Siskiyou County. However, gold prices are near record levels and are expected to continue to rise. Range 6E. The name of this placer claim is “Channel Gold” 2. Siskiyou County. Located in the Orleans Mining District, County of Humbolt, State of California. 3. Natural stream-bends and rapids along the claim provide the type of diversity that normally produce rich high-grade gold deposits for surface prospectors. Range 6E. HUM. A corporation is considered a single locator. Klamath River HUM. 31 Township 11N. After being legally located by an association, a mining claim may be sold and the title transferred to one individual. Located in the Orleans Mining District, County of Humbolt, State of California. The name of this placer claim is “Eagles Haven” 2. William B. Clark. 3. Approximate length along river: 3/10ths of a mile. Click HERE to see the Channel Gold highway map in .PDF format. 1. Please see overview ma?p. It is very convenient that the primary access to this mining claim for sale is located just upstream from Orleans, which is the second largest town along the Klamath River. There are ongoing negotiations currently in progress which will affect how claim owners may mine on their properties in California.

Approximate length along river: 1.8 miles. Channel Gold is one of 6 small gold mining claims as a result. PROSPECTS: This is within a historically-rich section of the Klamath River. 2. The adjoining gold mining claims located just up and down river (“Long Forgotten Gold,” “Grand Bar,” “Mile 70,” & “Otter Run”) have all been sold. Located in Kern County California – NI-43-101 available. Range 5E. There are basically two ways to gain access to the claims: One is by exiting Interstate 5 at exit #786, which is where the Colliers Rest Stop is located, and where Interstate 5 crosses the Klamath River. Work Cited: “Gold Districts of California” Edition 193. It enters the Klamath Mountains in the vicinity of Hornbrook, flowing Southwest and then generally West for more than 50 miles, crossing anumber of well-known mining districts. Located in the Somes Bar Mining District, County of Siskiyou, State of California. 1. Located in Sec. The name of this placer claim is “Home Gold” For more information please contact Jason Inks . The benches were worked by hydraulicking, ground sluicing, and some by drift mining. The gold mining claim “Long Golden Path” is still available. Gold & Silver Mines consignment listings page…, Patented Gold and Silver Mine For Sale


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