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In 1981, she championed the cause of Howard Goldberg, a Santa Monica marketing consultant who challenged the exclusion of men from that city’s Commission on the Status of Women. A look at California’s November ballot propositions. I am a mix of everything I grew up with and a blend of all the flavors in my city. Where to vote. TV Reporter Says Firing Was Based on His Sex, Age : Civil rights: The former Channel 34 news writer files suit. “Noticias 34: Primera Edicion” (Noticias 34: First Edition), hosted by former weekend anchors Antonio Valverde and Nancy Agosto, will begin at 6 a.m. and serve as a local lead-in to the already popular “Despierta America” (“Wake Up America”), a three-hour news and entertainment program broadcast nationally by Univision. Plus he’s got a helicopter, mobile units with microwave transmitters and the backing of Univision, the nation’s fifth-largest television network, at his disposal. The Times endorses one incumbent and three newcomers for the Los Angeles Community College District Board of Trustees. Twenty-one months ago, Univision made its first serious foray into original morning programming, replacing reruns of a decades-old Mexican comedy series with “Despierta America,” which is modeled after English-language network morning shows such as ABC’s “Good Morning America,” though brighter, more family oriented and faster paced. “KMEX is not alone in that category.”. At the same time, Marin increased the number of stories each half-hour by more than a third by limiting the length of some reports and wrapping others into roundups. “On the contrary, many times I was congratulated.”. This is the time to respond to those needs.”. It’s more relaxed. What has been your favorite and/or toughest work assignment? “It’s clear that many stations are looking for more youthful images,” Allred said. What issues are on the ballot in California and Los Angeles County. A veteran male reporter with KMEX Channel 34 television filed suit against the station Monday, charging that he was fired last year because of his age and sex.

And starting Jan. 4, Marin will add the most valuable resource any news director could have--more air time--when KMEX debuts an hourlong weekday morning newscast.

In many ways “Noticias 34: Primera Edicion” will be just like KNBC-TV’s “Today in L.A."--which leads into the network’s national “Today” show--or KTTV’s “Good Day L.A.”. . | Univision 34 Los Angeles KMEX | Univision In those days 20 years ago, the news staff wasn’t big enough to field a relay team and they could have held their Christmas party in a Volkswagen. “In the over 10 years that I worked for this company, I was never once reprimanded for my work as (a) news writer or news reporter,” Mario Lechuga, 57, told a news conference in front of the station’s offices in Hollywood. We strive and we fight for good education, we value intelligence. Nonetheless, Lechuga said, on Jan. 4, 1991, he was fired after being told that he no longer fit “the new image” of the Spanish-language station. “The new image is easy to see,” Lechuga said. They made it happen, they made it work. I am a reflection of my environment, a connection of my community, a representative of my people, of my family. The moves have caused some unhappiness among the staff, according to one member of the news team. But even that growth failed to meet the network’s expectations, so in an effort to make the show--which is taped live in Miami and broadcast on a delayed basis in much of the country--more relevant in markets such as Texas and Los Angeles, Univision began planning regular cut-ins, during which local stations could report breaking news or give weather updates. “I am extremely happy about moving over,” says Javier.

Voters must chose among 33 candidates for four seats on the the Los Angeles Community College District’s seven-member board. “With the arrival of ‘Despierta America,’ we started to see that there were people there that were depending on this information.”. Endorsements. Endorsement: The Times endorses Hoffman, Anderson, Henderson and Han for LACCD. My biggest dream is to live the happiest and most wonderful life I can live. A look at California’s November ballot propositions. Endorsements. Evening News Anchor at Univision 41, New York. Voters must chose among 33 candidates for four seats on the the Los Angeles Community College District’s seven-member board. There will be some differences, however, since KMEX’s target audience of younger, Spanish-speaking viewers is different than KNBC’s viewership.

Judicial seats on the Superior Court may seem the most obscure ballot items, but they now loom large as building blocks in a foundation of justice. My parents both came from really small towns in Mexico, undocumented with very little means and at very young ages. How to vote. It is all here. Fast paced, dynamic, digitally connected, fun and always informative. His lawyer, Gloria Allred, was asked whether his firing was indicative of an industrywide trend toward replacing older reporters with younger--and usually less expensive-- personnel. Who is your hero? “Noticias 34: Primera Edicion” will carry daily currency exchanges for selected Latin American countries, for example, and its traffic reports will include updates on public-transportation systems, which KMEX says many of its viewers use. Los Angeles Community College District elections: Everything you need to know. I am an American dreamer.

Watching Univision 34 growing up inspired me. I am passionate about information, empowerment, books, kindness and giving back. Kevin Baxter writes about soccer and other things for the Los Angeles Times, where he has worked for 24 years. Not only will it give KMEX the nation’s only live Spanish-language morning newscast but, if it succeeds, it could provide a model for corporate parent Univision to duplicate in key markets around the country. I don’t take myself so seriously. Lechuga said he now works as a reporter with a Mexico-based television station at about half his former salary, which was between $50,000 and $60,000 a year. “We can add a little bit more, we can improvise a little bit more. ... Peabody and EMMY Award Winning Anchor-Reporter for KMEX Univision. There was a time when no news was good news for the news staff at KMEX-TV. “You’d have to ask John Marshall,” she said. The Times endorses one incumbent and three newcomers for the Los Angeles Community College District Board of Trustees. I am a reflection of everything they gave up in Mexico and everything they always wished for themselves but could never achieve. I hate talking about myself in these terms. They worked a lot, they worked hard, sometimes two jobs at a time and they never asked for any help. We embrace growth like no other generation. We have many layers and we don’t fit a mold.

Edición Digital California will air Monday-Friday at 12:30PST on Univision 34. This latest step is an important one for both the station and its network bosses. They were there for my siblings and me through it all, they sent us to college, they raised us with values and morals and a lot of goodness. This is the second reorganization of KMEX’s news operation since September, when Marin added weather reporter Francisco Javier Quiroz and entertainment reporter Blanca Garza. To go to every country I want to visit and learn about it by helping its people. “After investigation, AFTRA told him not to pursue the matter, and the charge before the EEOC was withdrawn. What issues are on the ballot in California and Los Angeles County. I am more than a journalist and a writer and a girl from Los Angeles. Marshall, a 49-year-old reporter with KNBC Channel 4, was fired last month after two decades with the station. That is why the immigrant experience hits so close to home because I lived it in my home, because I continue to see it in the faces of the students I talk to, in the community I grew up in.

“This is a format that nobody invented,” says Marin. Endorsement: Steve Morgan, David Berger, David Diamond for L.A. County Superior Court. Who is the most influential person in your life? . Edicion Digital California is a fresh new take on news. How to vote. What is your biggest dream? News Anchor and Reporter at Univision Communications Inc. In a market where many of KMEX’s English-language competitors have not only morning newscasts, but midday programs as well, Marin says expanding the news to other times of day is critical. The new show will be helmed by Yarel Ramos and in preparation for the launch the anchor shared her perspective on being an immigrant, a millennial, the role of social media and what it means to be an Angelino. Television 'Noticias 34' debuts at 6 a.m. Jan. 4, ... Andrea Kutyas and Eduardo Quezada, the senior member of the news team with 23 years at KMEX, will anchor both the 6 and 11 p.m. news weeknights. What are you most passionate about? Ah, this is a tough one.

Los Angeles Community College District elections: Everything you need to know. I would like to be a leader in my community, to be a beacon of hope and inspiration for the youth. I also admire the work of Oprah, Maria Elena Salinas, Dan Rather and Soledad O’Brien. LOS ANGELES, California.- Univision Communications will premiere Edicion Digital California, a dynamic, new 30-minute newscasts, this coming April 17th.

Although Channel 4 has declined comment, Marshall said he was told that he “didn’t fit” the team being assembled by the station’s new general manager and news director. What inspires your work with Corazón de Vida & Rayo? The weather was the top story for weeks and KMEX had a trained meteorologist in Quiroz to explain it. Well, perhaps “staff” isn’t the right term. What drew you to journalism? My favorite work assignment was the Democratic National Convention in 2008 and the toughest was the Republican National Convention that same year. My personal statement in college started with, "I want to change the world"- and I still hold that very close to my heart. Six weeks later, the Santa Monica City Council backed down and eliminated the prohibition against men, but Goldberg failed to get enough council votes for appointment to the commission. “Before ‘Despierta America,’ the morning was a territory that hadn’t been explored in Spanish-language TV,” says KMEX’s Marin. Endorsement: The Times endorses Hoffman, Anderson, Henderson and Han for LACCD. An essay he wrote in fifth grade was voted best in the class. I think that’s why I’m enjoying it more.”.

It is the community that shaped me, that made me. This is not the first time that Allred--a feminist well known for defending the rights of women in the marketplace--has defended men against what she sees as unfair sex discrimination. Where to vote. He claims he was told that he didn’t fit ‘the new image’ of the station. Election Results All of them were younger and less experienced than I.”, Michael Martinez, KMEX’s general manager, said Monday that he was “surprised to learn of Mr. Lechuga’s complaint.”, “He had previously filed complaints with his union, the American Federation of Radio and Television Artists, and with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission,” Martinez said.


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