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Bora – of purple colour. Most Korean names have 3 elements - surname, first name, second name. Korean feminine names ending with the character 子 (a fashionable name suffix in Japan, read as -ko in Japanese) declined in popularity after 1945 when Korea was liberated from Japanese rule.

All rights reserved. Ha-Eun comes from the Sino-Korean ha meaning “summer; great, grand, big” and eun meaning “kindness, mercy, charity”. Haw-Young – A beautiful flower. Have a great day, Anon!

It is always good to choose a great moniker that will make the child feel good growing up and develop a sense of greatness in all life occasions. Korea is really a different country and this is also reflected in their names. Nevertheless, they still managed to have unique and remarkable Korean girl names. Often, Korean names are made up of two Sino-Korean morphemes, like Chinese names, except in Korean, the first "word" is the surname, while the second is the individual name. Traditionally, family names consisted of only one syllable which was later sub-divided into clans that are identified by specific places and origin. See a medical professional for personalized consultation.

Perhaps use those colors to write the names that you are using.

It is one of a number of Japanese-style names ending in ja that were popular when Korea was under Japanese rule, but declined in popularity afterwards. Ha-Eun comes from the Sino-Korean ha meaning “summer; great, grand, big” and eun meaning “kindness, mercy, charity”. Well, unique Korean girl names often come with subtle nuances in their meanings. Seo-Yun means “felicitous omen, soft and sleek.” Seo-yun was the most popular name for girls in 2015. i was looking for a female first name that would go good with the surname “Kim” could you help me? These are all monosyllabic and represented by one hangul cluster and (usually) corresponding hanja character each.

I want a feminine first name that is 2 syllables, is compatible with the surname “Min” (민) and the meaning isn’t girly. Have a great day, Maya!

Soft colours are so relaxing to see. And certain songs to listen to from them. We will keep your ideas in mind for our future articles. This information is for educational purposes only and not a substitute for professional health services. Yuna is a unisex moniker that is largely used by different people across the globe, ranging from Korean, Japanese, Portuguese, and Brazilian to Breton. Looking for a beautiful Japanese girl name? What’s your favorite color?

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The first syllable can also come from 하나님 (Hana-nim), the Korean name for God, for meanings like “God’s grace”.”, Ha-Yoon was the 5th most popular name for newborn girls in Korea in 2015.

Thank you for sharing your knowledge. It is the same case when it comes to naming. I really like the names, and I don’t know which one I want to use. © 2016-2020 EverydayKnow.com | All rights reserved.

80 Beautiful Korean Names for Your Baby Girl, 80 Awesome Korean Names for Your Baby Boy.

There is a wide variety of nice Korean names to choose for you little bundle of joy. Image: instagram.com@, korean.kidsSource: UGC. I am seeking a Korean name of beauty, gracefulness, gentleness and purity. Name Archive Wikia is a FANDOM Lifestyle Community.

Ae-Ra – means net for catching birds and love, Ae-Ri – means advantage, profit, gains, and love, Eo-Jin – this is a unisex name that means benevolent or compassionate, Eui – refers to a girl who is right, has moral, has a good conscious. Please share more of your thoughts and feelings in the future. I’m also typing this for fun because I have nothing to do.

Here are 80 of the most beautiful and popular ones! Check out the best ones here. All rights reserved, 103 beautiful Korean baby girl names you will absolutely fall in love with, The one who seeks truth and goodness in everything.

I never understood my name but here it’s on the verge of success and graceful, which my father did say. The name Ji is a Korean name and means Wisdom and Itelect.

You have entered an incorrect email address! I’m looking for a name for the main character in my BTS story. Have a great day, Park! Get ready for my randomness. Please share with us in a comment. You will find many known faces with this name. . Young – Valient.

Famous bearers of this name include actress Song Ha-yoon, and Lee Ha-Yoon from the girl band Brave Girls.”, Hae-Won means “raceful and beautiful garden.”, Hee-Young means “joy and prosperity” and “a girl who brings joy and prosperity wherever she goes.”, Hye-Ja comes from the Sino-Korean hye meaning “favor, benefit, confer kindness” and ja meaning “child”. But for us living in Asia, these names might come across as too  Western. Have a great day, Elizabeth! Do you know BTS? Famous bearers of this name include singer and actress Seohyun (from Girls Generation), singer Katie Kim, and actress Ahn Seo-hyun.


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