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Passages in the cave system can be narrow and difficult to pass or wide and very large. Our hope was to find a path past 2,000 meters (6,562 feet). My main passion is exploration, going where none have gone before.

He was one of the founders of APME Club (Asociación Potosina de Montañismo y Espeleología) and has explored over 500 caves in the Sierra de Álvarez alone. He is Co-Founder of the Moroccan Explorers Society, has huge interest in Cave-Rescue techniques and had the opportunity to cave in France, Japan, Tunisia and Palestine and took part in several international expeditions in Morocco, USA, Mexico, Laos, Canada and currently in Chilean Patagonia. Yvonne spends her free time caving and helping with caving publications, and also enjoys hiking, skiing, backpacking and mountain bicycling. Past Expeditions  

After participating in Romania's most alpine vertical cave expedition, I couldn't get enough. Two decades later, I organized a series of expeditions to investigate new deep caves, using dye traces in cave streams to probe Arabika’s potential depth. Kanin). Krubera Cave, also referred to as Voronya Cave, is the world's deepest (known) cave, located in Abkhazia, Georgia. Matthew Garrett, USA Upload your photo of Krubera Cave! Arcadia Oaks-pedia is a FANDOM TV Community.

Underwater River of Mud and Sand Tells Tale of Climate Change and Ocean Gateways, Bismuth Crystal “Artificially grown bismuth crystal”, Incredible moment Anak Krakatau erupts, Oct 2018, Otman Bozdagh Mud Volcano Eruption “Sep23, 2018”, SAGA GIS – System for Automated Geoscientific Analyses, ParaView “Open Source Visualization For Geoscience”, The Great Unconformity : A billion years is missing from the geologic record, Top Ten Spectacular Geological Sites in the USA, Rare gas find solves African landscape puzzle, A new study shows the evolution and changes of the vegetation of the Orinoco Delta of the last 6200 years, Pompeii-Style Volcanic Ash Fall Preserved ‘Nursery’ of Earliest Animals. In combination with the existence of the Arabika Submarine Depression, all these facts point to the possibility that karst systems in Arabika could have originated in response to the Messinian salinity crisis (5.96–5.33 Ma) when the Black Sea (Eastern Paratethys) could have almost dried up, as did the adjacent Mediterranean, where the dramatic sea level drop of ~1,500 m is well established. There was a promising downward tunnel, he reported.

But it would have to wait. During the subsequent 50 years no special studies were undertaken of the karst and caves in the region, although the karst of Arabika was referre… We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. The highest peak is the Peak of Speleologists (2,705 m (8,875 ft)) but the dominant summit is a typical pyramidal horn of the Arabika Mount (2,695 m (8,842 ft)). During these trips he has assisted in the exploration of many of México's 1000m deep caves.

© 2020, All Rights Reserved. Flush with our success and relieved that team members had incurred only minor injuries, I opened my arms to welcome each of the cavers as he or she emerged back on the surface. Kasia has been exploring deep caves for 16 years, mainly in Spain (Picos de Europa) and in Mexico. Ten years ago I took my first step into a cave by the light of my and my colleagues’ torches alone, and since then, my attraction to the unknown has only gotten stronger. Crows Cave was appropriate because the Kiev speleologists noted the presence of several crows at the entrance in the 1980s. He is fond of a big cave with a small heart in Hart County, Kentucky, known as Fisher Ridge. The difference in the altitude of the cave's entrance and its deepest explored point is 2,191 ± 20 metres (7,188 ± 66 ft). A cave in Mexico's Oaxaca region is set to be explored in 2017 and some believe it may be deeper than Krubera Cave's depth record. Since then she has moved to the DC area and is currently involved in the Kimble Pit survey in Germany Valley, West Virginia. Jurij Mihajlovič Kasjan (also spelled Yuriy Mikhailovich Kasyan, Iurii Mihajlovič Kasian, pron. I have been involved in several explorations since, especially in the depths of Germany Valley, WV, but sometimes I get to travel around the country too with the goal of discovering more virgin passage. Reilly has been on expeditions in Montana and Utah and goes project caving all over the southeastern US. Krubera Cave has an extremely steep profile and reveals a huge thickness of the vadose zone. Sonia began her adventure with caves in 2015. Among several hundred caves known in the Arabika Massif, fifteen have been explored deeper than 400 m and five deeper than 1,000 m. Špela Borko, Slovenia He is an avid rock climber, and for the past year has been on a 23-country tour around the world with USDCT member Kristen Anderson. Low-TDS groundwater is tapped by boreholes in the shore area at depths of 40–280, 500, 1,750, and 2,250 m below sea level, which suggests the existence of a deep flow system with vigorous flow.

and Gega waterfall in the Gega canyon (1 m3/s or 35 cu ft/s; 540 m or 1,770 ft a.s.l.). This has been interpreted as an indication of the connection of the cave with the submarine discharge. Krubera Cave is the deepest known cave on Earth. Jake Kandl, USA Jake is a world traveling adventure seeker. Tracers injected in the Kujbyshevskaja Cave and the Iljukhina System were detected in the Kholodnaja Rechka and Reproa springs, proving groundwater flow to the south-southwest across major tectonic structures over a distance of 13–16 km as the crow flies (Figure 1). He actively participates in many national and foreign workshops/trainings as a main coordinator of the Polish Cave Rescue Group (GRJ). Yvonne Droms, Switzerland Mike has participated in around 30 caving expeditions which have included trips led by American, Swiss, British, Canadian, and joint Mexican/Austrailian teams. All Krubera share a deep connection with one another, to the point where they are able to perceive when one of their kind is dying. During this time he has done trips in over a dozen US states as well as a handful of countries, including bottoming Lukina Jama/Trojama in Croatia at about -1400m. Marjan Vilhar, Slovenia Marjan Vilhar was born in Slovenia and has been a member of Cave Club Luka Cec since 2005. The depth of the Voronya cave is … Do you know this place?

Outside of caving she also enjoys rock climbing, backpacking, and ceramics. Some of the passageways in Krubera Cave had to be widened to make it possible for cave divers and explorers to venture further.


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