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All rights reserved.v2.4.2. [3], Throughout his life, Kyle Katarn wielded at least three lightsabers. Katarn and Ors were on opposite sides of the war, but they experienced a strange connection that led Katarn to spare her life as well as the lives of many of the station's inhabitants. Ever! 07-13-07 08:37 PM She rejected his proposals on the basis of not wanting to get married because every day might be their last. Biographie [modifier | modifier le wikicode] Kyle Katarn est l'un des premiers Jedi du nouvel Ordre.

Remove this message when finished. Star Wars Wiki est une communauté de FANDOM appartenant à la catégorie Cinéma. When Tekli and Lowbacca informed the Council about the origins of Abeloth, Katarn gave several theories about what her endgame would be, and how Ben Skywalker figured into those plans.

When Katarn learned the truth about his father Morgan's death, his personality underwent a dramatic change. La princesse Leia est au début pareille à la princesse traditionnelle des contes.

Was he in any new game or did you just create him?

This training, along with a natural intuition, allowed him to effectively use every weapon he came across in his travels.

Kyle Katarn is a fictional character in the Star Wars expanded universe, who appears in the five video games of the Jedi Knight series, the video game Star Wars: Lethal Alliance, and in several books and other material.

EDT (US)     2 / 40, posted He still wore them even at formal gatherings, like Mara Jade's funeral. Unfortunately for the severely wounded Master, Solo's blade had punctured his lung, and Katarn's lowered immune system was unable to prevent the incursion of an infectious plague that the Commenori, opposed to the Galactic Alliance, had unleashed on Coruscant. Mysteries of the Sith follows Kyle's apprentice Mara Jade as she searches for Kyle after he goes missing. EDT (US)     07-13-07 07:46 PM En complément aux évènements se déroulant entre 32 av.

Darren Allanson et al., Dossiers Officiels Star Wars, Évreux, Éditions Atlas, 2002-2004 (OCLC 474494070, notice BnF no FRBNF40010550), Simon Beecroft, Les Héros de la saga, Paris, Nathan, 2012 (ISBN 978-2-0925-3865-4), Simon Beecroft et Pablo Hidalgo, Star Wars L'encyclopédie des personnages, Paris, Hachette Jeunesse, 2016, 224 p. (ISBN 978-2-0194-9657-9), Ryder Windham et al., Ultimate Star Wars, Paris, Hachette, 2015 (ISBN 978-2-0122-0631-1).

Katarn showed great skill dueling Sariss, the best lightsaber duelist of Jerec's Dark Jedi. [3], Katarn was also a member of a SpecForce group assembled by the ex-Jedi Knight Corwin Shelvay, in which he teamed up with Force-sensitives Shira Brie and Erling Tredway to sabotage the superlaser of the second Death Star en route to D'rinba IV. TalQu RahnLuke SkywalkerMara Jade "[9] Morgan could have been that knight, but chose instead to keep the knowledge of the valley safe, telling only the Jedi Rahn of its existence. God. 21 / 40, posted [15] Mara later sought out Katarn[5] and persuaded him to train her in the ways of the Force, taking up the rare bond of reciprocal apprenticeship, a facet of the Concordance of Fealty little practiced since the Cleansing of the Nine Houses. Following the mysterious death of Mara Jade Skywalker, his former apprentice, Katarn attended the funeral of his close friend. 77 Favourites.

Although created only for the needs of a video game, Katarn became surprisingly popular, having the most appearances of all of the Inaugural Class Jedi Masters. La version du 31 juillet 2017 de cet article a été reconnue comme «, Caractérisation des principaux personnages, Le simple fait d'apparaitre dans un film ou dans un produit dérivé, Son nom est donné en référence au constructeur de, chasseur de primes spécialisé dans les esclaves en fuite,édiques_de_Star_Wars&oldid=176109486#K, Catégorie Commons avec lien local identique sur Wikidata, licence Creative Commons attribution, partage dans les mêmes conditions, comment citer les auteurs et mentionner la licence.

Luke Skywalker est le héros éternel des mythes et des contes comme l'a défini l'anthropologue Joseph Campbell dans son livre Le Héros aux mille et un visages (1949).

It was eventually destroyed during his mission to the Valley of the Jedi.[9]. Although perhaps unintentional, it felt like a way to mirror Kyle’s frustration with himself: Why couldn’t Kyle just use his powers again, fling his lightsaber around slicing limbs off with badass abandon, like they had empowered him to in Jedi Knight?

Killing the Reborn Twins, Vil and Dasariah Kothos, Korr overcame Penin and closed in on him. By subscribing you agree to our Terms of Use and Katarn hijacked this ship and used it to sneak onto the Executor, which was the only ship with the information regarding the location of the Arc Hammer which was where the third and final stage of the Dark Trooper was being manufactured. But regardless of what he did, Kyle was his own person — a Jedi, yes, but a flawed one. Human[3]

Korr later dueled Katarn, overpowering his master with the Scepter of Ragnos he had stolen from Tavion, and escaped. Katarn declined, at least for the moment.

AVGNJr1985. Katarn with 8t88's arm clutching his father's holodisc.

[8][9], After Katarn defeated Sariss, he rushed to the Valley of the Jedi and rescued Ors. 07-14-07 01:02 AM I hear you thinking. After a mission on Tatooine, he had only left one Imperial survivor for questioning who was so distressed from his ordeal that he could barely relate what little information he had while under interrogation. Because Kyle himself didn’t feel he deserved to anymore. EDT (US)     One reason is that the computer games he appears in became quite successful and widely referenced. Viennent ensuite les héros Luke et Leia, le fidèle compagnon d’Han, Chewbacca et les deux mentors Jedi Obi-Wan Kenobi et Yoda. Afterwards, Katarn carved statues of Rahn and his father, and thanked the spirit of his father. Disguising himself as one of the statues that littered the Valley, Boc revealed himself and attacked Katarn. En 32 av. Il a les cheveux et les yeux bruns. [19], The Jedi Order discovered that the leader of the Cult was none other than Tavion Axmis,[10] the former apprentice of Desann.

After Saren successfully completed this mission, Katarn revealed to her that he was a Rebel agent and introduced her to Leia Organa.[12]. EDT (US)     6 / 40, posted When suddenly, Axmis emerged and stated her role as the leader of the cult. However the developers of Dark Forces realized that this decision would add constraints to the storyline and gameplay, so the character of Kyle Katarn was created instead.

A defector from the Empire turned mercenary for hire, Kyle’s initial backstory, before being hired by the Rebellion to steal the plans for the Death Star (well, part of them — it, like a lot of things in the Expanded Universe, is a long, convoluted story) is one of, well, dark forces. Why do I even care? Il tire d'ailleurs son inspiration du chien de George Lucas : Indiana.

In the facilities below, Katarn sensed his precarious position and telepathically urged Jaden to spare Penin's life.

Sont importants également les deux enfants de celui-ci Luke Skywalker et Leia Organa, mais également le contrebandier Han Solo qui constitue avec eux le trio de héros de la première trilogie. Elle est ensuite présentée comme une guerrière proche des Amazones et même une chef de guerre comme Jeanne d'Arc. Kyle Katarn était un Humain de Sulon sensible à La Force, il rejoignit l'Alliance Rebelle puis la Nouvelle République et fut un Jedi du Nouvel Ordre Jedi de Luke Skywalker.

It is in the wake of this choice that Jedi Outcast (with Raven Software taking over the reins from Lucasarts directly) opens, and the true intrigue of Kyle Katarn’s journey as a character really begins to shine. Katarn joined the other Jedi Masters on Endor, where they discussed their next actions against Jacen. Yoda, Qui-Gon Jinn, Obi-Wan Kenobi, les mentors Jedi d'Anakin et de Luke sont aussi importants ainsi que Palpatine, le maléfique mentor Sith qui achemine Anakin du statut de héros à celui de vilain de la saga. After Desann's defeat, Katarn was promoted to Jedi Master and continued in the ways of the Force as an instructor at Skywalker's Academy. 10 / 40, posted In the Jedi Knight series, Katarn debuts in Star Wars: Dark Forces, appears in Star Wars Jedi Knight: Dark Forces II, is one of two playable characters in Star Wars Jedi Knight: Mysteries of the Sith, appears in Star Wars Jedi Knight …

But not as a main character in all of them, unlike Kyle Katarn. Re: Kyle Katarn … Ce n'est qu'en 1 000 av. When a new threat, a Dark Jedi cult known as the Disciples of Ragnos, began threatening the galaxy, Katarn and his apprentices investigated numerous worlds on the trail of the Disciples. Après l’annonce du rachat de Lucasfilm par Disney et jusqu’à la sortie du septième épisode de la saga, les personnages ont souvent été mis en avant dans des classements réalisés par la presse afin de les présenter aux lecteurs méconnaissant la saga Star Wars. 1m 80 The most accurate copy of the lightsaber Kyle Katarn – the main character of the game “Star Wars Jedi Knight”. Physiquement, elle a le même type de coiffure que les femmes guerrières pendant la révolution mexicaine (1910-1920)[a 32].

He was among those present in Senator Wuul's office during the Council meeting to discuss further military action against the Lost Tribe and their new master, Abeloth. on November 8th 2019, 12:17 pm. BY par les cruels Yuuzhan Vong[a 11] ou en 138 ap. When Katarn pressed about the deal, Kenth revealed that Bwua'tu had promised no military action would be taken against the Jedi as long as they didn't launch their Stealth X's from the Temple. He participated in the offensives against the Yuuzhan Vong and became a part of the Jedi High Council in the New Jedi Order.

The same option is available to Jaden Korr in Star Wars: Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy.


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