lab rats season 1 episode 15
Chase and Adam's pranks start getting out of hand when Tasha gets sprayed in the face with ketchup and mustard after she opens a cupboard.

After Krane and S-1 leave, Douglas and Perry recover and take Leo to a hospital.

Tasha visits the island after Leo's ankle is twisted on a mission, and she is upset when she realizes the frequently dangerous nature of the team's missions.

Davenport has replaced Eddy's disrespectful personality to make him nicer. Principal Perry tells them that Trent would have graduated if he had passed the test and they convince her to let him take it again. When Davenport catches Chase, Adam, Bree, and Leo coming home two hours past curfew, he grounds them for three weeks. The series was originally called Billion Dollar Freshman. Tasha is a technology genius, Davenport is her assistant, Principal Perry is nice, Chase is a jock, Adam is a nerd, and Bree is popular.

However, he changes his mind after he witnesses the soldiers transferring a minimal amount of their own energy to save Leo, who almost died of old age. Meanwhile, Douglas is put in charge of developing new technology for the academy. Leo likes a school student named Danielle, but is unsuccessful in asking her to an upcoming school dance.

Chase decides to make a deal with another company when its CEO comes to buy the transponder. When Tasha complains about Donald's addiction to technology, Donald proposes a tech-free beach day. 113 Through satellite imaging, Davenport learns of the girl's presence during the mission, but Chase is confused that he did not notice the girl as he thermal scanned the entire area. However, Chase begins to regret it when he loses Adam. However, the name was changed to Lab Rats, and added Bree, the only girl of the group. Meanwhile, Davenport is hacked by a mysterious hacker who later uses all of Davenport's credit cards and hacks his computer networks. Adam does not like Caitlin, and convinces her that her true crush is Chase, but he does not want to be with her either. To create an antidote, the others must retrieve venom from the spider, so they begin a search for it.

When weapons disappear from the academy, Perry becomes concerned and suspects that Sebastian took them, but no one believes her. Meanwhile, Davenport is irritated by interruptions from Eddy, his smart home security system which has its own personality. The students learn that Giselle has hacked into their chips and geo-leaped them into her chamber that blocks their bionic abilities. Add episode. When Bree scolds Leo for cheating, Principal Perry gives her an F for talking during the test. However, Bree finds it hard to handle when Perry decides to act like a student.

Chase, Adam and Bree invite several of their favorite entertainers to the party and forget to let Leo out so he can enjoy it, only realizing their mistake after the party ends. She then followed Adam's idea of returning home on a bus.

This page was last edited on 26 October 2020, at 16:53. Chase and Adam befriend a new student named Marcus at school and form a band with him, but Leo is suspicious of Marcus.


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