lake trout rig
Let us know about it in the comments below. Fishing this lure is all about colour, depth and speed. Instructional video on how to use Blue Fox Classic Vibrax Spinners: If you feel that lake trouts are hard to catch like I was experiencing when I was starting seizing lake trouts, using the lures listed in this article is a must-try for you. While the equipment, lure, and bait are imperative to complete a proper rig, the actual way to rig a fishing pole is done by doing the following: Just because reeling in a trout is a bit more difficult than other fish doesn’t mean it’s impossible. The first thing to do is begin using a set of gang hooks.

Then slide on your bobber 4. When you include Mepps Aglia in your fishing tackle box, it will just cost you $3.23 - $27.15 depending on the size of your choice and the size of the fish you want to catch. But not everybody has access to a boat, so the following is some of the gear you will need before you head off fishing. I like this lure because it gives you a feeling of the fish's first grab on the lure.Its size is from 0-6; its flash and action make it hard for fish to resist. Best yet, it’s only $5. The most simple way to catch trout is with a weighted trout rig. We recommend getting ultralight to medium tackle when fishing for trout. Traditional hammered steel or brass spoons were all the rage but advances in engineering and design have seen this lure change over the years. Slightly different action is required when on the lake because most of these lures are for fishing in shallower waters.

Little Cleo is available in different colors. The Grey Ghost of The Flats, Winter Trout Fishing with Spinners: The Ultimate Guide. We still prefer the silver or gold patterns but add in a rattle and a weedless hook and you are going to land some serious keepers – even from the bank of the lake. Demonstrative video on how Mepps Aglia works: Little Cleo is one of the attractive lures that fascinate lake trouts in both shallow and deep water. Product to Consider: 10pcs-50pcs/lot Hard ABS Fishing Bobbers Set are easy to use snap-on bobbers that are about 1-2  inches in diameter, making them a great option for perfect trout fishing. Lucky Craft Blade Cross is available in two types (110 and 90 mm). Here is a great video on setting up the rig if you need additional help: Related Posts: Best Fishing Line for Trout Rainbow Trout Fishing Tips. It also has a reasonable price. This allows you to adjust where the bobber is.

Demonstrative video on the what Lucky Craft Blade Cross does in the water: This inline spinner is an effective lure which spins flawlessly and smoothly at all speeds. Typically, if the trout are not biting it’s because they’re holding deep with a small strike zone. Either use a fish finder or talk with the local bait shop to determine what depth the trout like to hang out at where you’re fishing. If you are closer to shore in 40 to 60-feet of water and not catching anything, drop your line down to the bottom so you know how deep you are and then leave your rig at that depth and head out into the open water. Just enter your first name and email address in the form below, and we'll email you your first Trout Fishing Secret right now. All rights reserved.

Another great option for trout fishing in lakes is the flatfish lure. The one that I use is the Rainbow trout spoon which made me catch five large trouts when I last used it. Trout often like to wait in these pools for food to come to them without spending too much energy. A silver or gold lure will do just fine but if you fancy something flashier then you have plenty of options to choose from. Keep the speed down on the retrieval and the bait drops down the water column to the cooler areas where the big lurkers are hanging out.

Mustad UltraPoint O’Shaughnessy Short Shank Hook, Berkley Trilene Smooth Casting Monofilament.

Whenever I use this trout lure, it always gives me what I expect as I always catch different kinds of fishes especially lake trouts that, for some fishers, are undoubtedly hard to seize. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to

Not only is Rapala X-Rap one of my favorite and most trusted tools, but also says that this type of fishing lure offers a lot of colors to match any situation or location. It is long casting so perfect if you are targeting lake trout from the bank. We like the silver pattern for fishing trout but some of the coloured variety have landed some crackers as well. It has a hook size that is just right for the lake trout that you are trying to catch. There are two main differences with Rapala lures – aside from color and pattern. For only $65 you can get a reel that allows for utmost sensitivity while fishing with enough strength to catch species from small to large. Add your bait of choice and you’re ready to go! The lure and bait will be the main components leading the fish to your hook, which ultimately catches the trout. When I am battling with extreme cold fronts, Rapala X-Rap is one of the few lures that will surely save my rear. In order to rig this trout line, you’ll need a hook, bobber, bobber stopper, fishing line, split-shot weight, a barrel swivel, and bait.

While there are a few different ways to set up a trout rig, this is by far a tried and true method that is used by a majority of fishermen: Product to Consider: The Tailored Tackle Universal Multispecies Rod and Reel Combo is a great option for beginners and novice fishermen alike. Fishing for lake trout, you could pick from 100’s of different lures, pick from different action, worry about how deep to fish, are you trolling, what hook type to use and what speed should your retrieve be.

Floating Bait Rig for Catching Trout The best method for catching trout here is known as the Floating Bait Rig.

They are usually in close proximity to schools of bait-fish.

Trout are some of the most common fish to fish for – and for good reason, you can catch them on many different types of baits and lures.There are also many different species of trout that live in a variety of habitats, which means you can likely catch them in your local river or lake. To put it simply, you can find trout just about anywhere.

Since you only need a low test fishing line, monofilament is also the most affordable to use. Then, thread the remaining line through the bobber. Obviously anglers know about hooks, but gang hooks are a bit different. There are several options when it comes to rigging a fish line and hook for trout, but the above-mentioned process is the most ideal.

Blue Fox is another ideal tool for trapping lake trout and panfish. That will allow you to know exactly what depth the fish are sitting at. We’re going to break it down step by step so you can spend less time dealing with your fishing equipment and more time out on the open waters: As you can see, putting together a great tour fishing rig is easier than you think. Trout are eaten by all types of wild animals found in the woods, including bears, raccoons, and more. A trout rig can mean several different kinds of rigs, but the most common one is a. . Depending on if you’re fishing in a stream or lake you’ll want to try casting your rig in different locations.

Then slowly reel in any slack line, and wait. However, the favorite waters for trout seem to be moving bodies of water with colder water temperatures. Lake trout normally don't like the warmer waters of the shallows but in the colder spring waters they will have no problems laying in ambush of smaller fish that prefer to shoal along sand and gravel bottoms. Catching trout in a lake means that you will be fishing for stocked trout much of the time, and stocked trout mean that they shouldn’t be terribly difficult to catch.


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