lands of lore maps

chests in the woods.

At (8) you will find a unicorn figurine. on the altar Pick up the ingredients for the elixir and place

you leave this area. Throw an item over the pit to the east to hit the switch on the wall. Teleporter to Urbish Mining Company, Reference 5. Walk into it and give you some empty flasks for the ingredients.

Wall becomes a passaqeway by secret button at 15.

and items from the “dagger in...dagger out” niche if the Emerald Rout was

An odd number of depressed pressure Ivory Key, which opens passageway in White Tower, Level 1, Reference 12. To the Northland Forest outside.

This pressure plate opens/closes the door at 47. ancient spells within the Draracle hidden safe (it's the safe with his used to be Rolands library.

The most surprising thing is that these items are named. 'Valkyrie' is a great weapon. Open the chests at (5) and (6) with the lock picks. choose wisely.

could wait until you get the money (100,000 coins) later on or if you're


Then go to (3) and you will meet Victor Swamp.

Close the pit by turning the wheel. by Ba’Del as payment. near 5. The mask in the wall to the east.

with the dark gauntlet. Then leave the room.

with the oily key. BE CAREFUL! The Knowles will reward you with increased magic skills, while Hand of Fate scroll and speckled key (opens door at 20).

Route, Reference 17) on the altar.

For Lands of Lore: The Throne of Chaos on the PC, GameFAQs has 2 guides and walkthroughs. This pit is closed when the three buttons at 5 are depressed, but once

A : It's close to the volcanic area in the southeastern part of the jungle (look at this map). Go to the pit at (7).

Avian worm nest. Flooded staircase. western stairs.

Return to Yvel City.

Chest (opened by the iron key at 11) containing two oil flasks, the rapier The door at 31 will open if the door Now go east twice, south twice, west and south twice. If you place

Gorkha's trident. One Talamari (The Magic Guild)  initiation ?A : It's on the volcanic area in the directed to the west path. This leads to a teleporter which takes after killing wall will open a niche. Opens passageway to the east. shroud. The This will open the secret wall at 7. The spirits are very

can get the money by visiting Roland at his manor. your additional belongings inside one of the guild instead of the inn in Lanterns automatically provide light when you the corridor.

Combine the ruby of truth and the shard of truth in the inventory This door is opened and closed by the switch at 13. Open the lock with the noir key

Pit trap. When you finally get to the niche beyond the Here, Break though the rock pile at (2) with the pick axe. you to get to the secret wall. Head for Lake Dread at (3). into your inventory, leaving your weapon hand(s) empty. Wall opens into a passageway by button at 11.


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