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If you have those nailed down, you're bound to make a great hire. Les describes the album as, “A bunch of songs about dead bodies.” The opening cut “ditch a body in the laundry” is a patient, piercing, and melancholy ballad with a heartfelt feature verse from Dylan Brady. The only time I would consider myself failing is when I don’t listen to my gut when I’m doing something I know in the back of my mind probably isn’t the right thing. The best moments are when you’re bent over laughing about something stupid. I really love that idea though. I love walking. This is a group for transgender people, and people that support transgender people. You’re like: ‘Rocky racoooon.’”, Dylan: “We’re trying to be really big — trying to be as big as Ed Sheeran.”, Laura: “Adele didn’t get that big just by signing to a label [laughs]. I’ve been into the idea of reusing good ideas that I wasn’t able to execute at the time for a while. Problem is, the all-too-common questions aren't always the right ones. You’re almost creating a separate place for the two of you to find your own footing.

I don’t have that luxury [in L.A.] so I have to make it. Laura: I think that has to be how it is if you say “in love.” Because we’re ever-evolving. Me: I’ll listen to tunes a lot, but I’ll stop and take notes of my thoughts. Obviously having some sort of physical exercise is really good, but I think when I’m walking on my own, it feels like time just for me in a way that I just enjoy seeing the houses or the trees.

All Rights Reserved. Huh?” It can be written off as a meme, or ironic — but the duo both insist that it is “anything but.” Instead, 100 gecs are effectively stripping away the majority of musical conventions as they combine their favorite elements from their beloved genres, and the result is one invigoratingly anarchic record.

My head mind and my body mind. If they can articulate these elements, you've likely got a great fit. When I lived in London it was built in.

Like Rico [Nasty] reached out saying that she really liked ‘Ringtone’ and we were like: “Oh, well we’re doing this remix album: why don’t you get on the remix?’ There are also remixes from fans and people that we didn’t know before we put out the stems — we loved their remixes, so we used those, too.”, Laura: “We had a meeting with Pete [Wentz, Fall Out Boy bassist] and he was asking us whether we would possibly want to do something in the future. We made a whole trip out to actually sign the deal and they were like: ‘Whatever you guys want for lunch, we’re down.’ I was like: ‘I want caviar, ‘cos I’ve never had it before and this seems like the perfect time.’ So I had caviar and champagne.”, Laura: “That we are deeply ironic people.”, Dylan: “Oh yeah, that’s true. I wouldn’t say we make ironic music.”, Laura: “People think that we’ve staked our entire career on the fact that we can be ironic really well. This fervent fan base is best attributed to the idiosyncratic sound of Laura and Dylan’s dual project, 100 gecs. Me: That’s an awesome idea. – and tell?”. Les agrees: “We’re not doing this to be ironic.

“We had no idea what it was going to sound like.” Dylan adds: “We just looked at it as a one-off.” For a time, they both continued to work on their solo releases while also producing for others. The sounds of their teenage years are in the DNA of Gecs: Brady loved ambient music such as Burial and the Warped Tour metalcore likes of Attack Attack! Vice named it its album of the year, concluding that “you just have to turn yourself over to it and embrace the chaos”. I’ve been thinking a lot about love lately. It was our first time playing [live] ever and they’re already fucking massive, so our first shows were to 6000 people at a fucking hockey stadium. Their track, “800db cloud,” begins as an abrasive electronic song about weed and ends with a brutal grindcore breakdown. You should only know what you should know. Now, I just throw my efforts in a hundred different directions and when I’m happy with something that manifests naturally, I put it out.

Whatever you shouldn’t is probably not meant for you to know. The distance didn’t seem to affect either party, however.

Gecs appeal ... Laura Les and Dylan Brady.

Me: You play a lot and tour a lot. Laura: “We’re working on an album of new music [at the moment], but the response to the first album was just so good that we thought we could do something else with the material and, you know, let other people put their spin on it. “I’ve been whittling,” he says. A list of fundraisers you can support right now. It's also rare for candidates to have the self-awareness and confidence needed to be honest about whether or not the role is truly a good fit. A little bit. “It was all very normal suburban-type shit,” Dylan says. Like, I’m going to pee my pants.’ The nerves mean you really think that. “Neighbors, dogs, high school, football team — all of that.” The two first met in 2012 at a mutual friend’s house, where Dylan was playing songs he had just recently made. We sat down with Laura Les to talk about her musical process, her three upcoming albums, and her daily grind. I haven’t heard that acronym before, I say. But producing for other musicians can be constraining. Tue 23 Jun 2020 04.00 EDT. ... 1000 Gecs and the Tree of Clues, the band were supposed to play at Coachella, where this interview was going to …

In fact, the harder you fail the more badass it is. There are times when—I’m of two minds. Lead The 4 Interview Questions That Will Help You Hire the Right People, Every Single Time They'll help you better understand if the candidate is a good fit. “I made my girlfriend a strawberry and a jalapeño pepper.” They’ve found other ways to boost their profile during lockdown, hosting a charity Minecraft festival called Square Garden, the same as their previous Minecraft shows but with a blocky digital venue for players to jump around in. If 1000 Gecs was the logical conclusion of the late-2010s’ post-genre experimentalism, the remix album is that worldview taken to its absurdist extreme. I read it four times that year. When it’s slow, I still try to plan and write lyrics and make little beats on my pocket synths as much as possible.

What's one piece of art, music, film, etc that has profoundly affected your life? You know, just being very vague, and we were like: ‘Yeah, yeah, totally — we’re both fans.’ And then, just days later, we got a text message with a .Zip folder of Patrick Stump vocals and we were like: ‘Beautiful.

I love you. They both cite John Zorn, Cannibal Corpse, YouTube, and “nightcore as a concept” as some of their main influences. Les, who still lives in Chicago with her husband, has spent lockdown watching The Sopranos for the first time, and Brady is apartment-bound in LA with his girlfriend. And that's exactly what you want. Eventually, Dylan came to stay with Laura in the winter of 2015, where they worked on their first self-titled EP, 100 gecs. The electronic duo, made up of Dylan Brady and Laura Les, are used to remote cross-country working, with Brady being based in LA and Les in Chicago (she’s currently in the process of moving). I’ve been really struggling in writing about love and trying to figure out how to represent it. The first solo show that we played brought some very shocking energy: like, everyone was going crazy-hard [and] knowing every song. Usually it’s a cold or bronchitis or I’m physically run down. How does stress manifest in you? In short, to find the right fit, you need to figure out how challenged and fulfilled someone will be with the problems and work that they'll be doing. It feels like if you were alone in this world the whole time, all of a sudden it’s like this energy has been with you the whole time, and it makes you feel like any moment that you felt alone, you weren’t, and now you know you have this thing.

Me: I’ve asked a lot of people this question and I haven’t heard it framed that way. Listen to BIG SUMMER JAMS 2018 below and keep an eye out for 1000 gecs, Pilot, and BIG SUMMER JAMS 2019.

I try to get out every day to walk. In 2019 they decided to make a full-length record under the Gecs name. Both using Logic Pro X, they each sent drafts upon drafts back and forth to one another easily, working on and expanding new ideas. MP3 audio - Standard Price: $0.99. That’s all present in the pounding 90s trance of xXXi_wud_nvrstop_üXXx (the title a typical nod to the garbled early-internet aesthetic). It’s a big, big problem and [an] anxiety that sort of isn’t as prevalent anymore.”, Dylan: “Yeah, [there’s] new anxieties now.”, Laura: “Out with the old and with the new!”, Laura: “ [Singing] ‘The long and winding road, duh duh, duh duh…’ You ever listened to The Beatles?”, Laura: “Just four lads. © 2017-2020 Underground Underdogs. “If we can push that agenda, that’s a good agenda: don’t be a dick – and we can try to live up to that.” The PENOGT surely awaits. I take on too much sometimes. Later, when we were halfway through the first song, I was like: ‘Cool. As Osno1, Laura collaborated with Night Lovell, Lil West, Umru, and more. ... 1000 Gecs and the Tree of Clues, the band were supposed to play at Coachella, where this interview was going to … “Pulitzer, Emmy, Nobel prize, Oscar, Grammy, Tony,” singer-instrumentalist Laura Les explains over video call. I used to paint in high school, so I thought it would be for that. It’s just more of a companion to the original.”, Dylan: “Some people we had relationships with previously: A. G. Cook was a friend, so we just reached out to him directly. What will you miss the most when you’re gone? So 1000 Gecs and the Tree of Clues was very much made in this spirit of collaboration.

Taking inspiration from the world. The opposite resonates as really true. ... Laura Schlessinger Interview. Like, “Shit. Why you should ask it: You'll learn what keeps this person challenged intellectually. Back in April, as many other artists were scrabbling to adapt to the new digital landscape, the duo utilised their digital nous to host their own online festival, Square Garden, within the game. As far as the content goes, I’m really happy with it. Les and Brady have a duo called 100 gecs, and their self-titled album is an animated venture into apocalyptic pop.

Me: Absolutely. Let’s run it! It was exciting, but I really wanted all of the tracks to be surprises for my Noisey set. What’s your relationship with pop music and the term “pop”? When someone's clear that this is the job for them, they should be able to tell you why with an enthusiastic and detailed response. There was never a point where we were like, ‘This is too crazy, I don’t think we can do this.’”, Earlier this year, the duo made the decision to release a second record together. This is what makes a great culture fit. We were like: ‘There’s so many things that they could help us accomplish.’ We did talk to some indie labels and we were meeting people that we loved and who we thought were super-sick people. Laura Lee (Khruangbin): Interview 48 Laura Lee is best known as the bassist of Khruangbin, a three-piece acid-funk-step-surf-chill-core-hop-sad-wave band formed in Houston, Texas.

Laura Schlessinger talked about her book, [Stop Whining, Start Living], and responded to viewer telephone calls.


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