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The geographical area a mission actually covers is often much larger than the name may indicate; most areas of the world are within the jurisdiction of a mission of the church. It is toooo complicated. Hours: M-F, 9am-3pm NEW Nativity Ornament Set - Includes Story Instructions. We couldn't get a fix on your location. Oklahoma Mission 1970-1974; Oklahoma Tulsa Mission 1974-2015; Mission headquarters moved from Tulsa to Bentonville in 2015. Is there anyway or any place to see these maps without being a member of the Church and having and LDS account?

California Fresno Mission), Mission Start + End Date (ex. or show our own list of apps, or redirect to Maps Classic then in the future show our all layers map app?

And I am signed in as it shows my name. I found that it was hard to see the mission boundary lines because the map was also cluttered up with chapel icons. It was even nicer than pictured and the neutral choice was beautiful with a black frame. Missionary Momma. The Youtube URL is: My boys live in a different ward. Text Message: 385-240-4551 The subheads Facilities and Boundaries show up for me. Find Mission using the Map Click on a region above to view the missions in the specific country or state. Several of the maps are available without logging in to

LDS missionaries never forget the places they serve, but we make it even easier with our personalized LDS mission maps. Email:, CTR Rings / LDS Art / LDS Daily / LDS Scriptures Delaware-Maryland Mission 1970-1974; Washington D. C. Mission 1974-1986; The mission primarily consists of the Northern Virginia suburbs of Washington, D.C., it does not include any of Washington D.C. Florida South Mission 1971-1974; Florida Fort Lauderdale Mission 1960-1983; This mission covered all operations of the Church in the Caribbean at least until the early 1980s and still covered many of them when disestablished, among the missions it was split into in 1983 was the new West Indies Mission, also split to the Florida Tampa Mission, Consolidated into the New Zealand Mission, missionary work continues in the Cook Islands, but it is not deemed enough to justify a separate mission, partly because improved communications make it easier to supervise the mission from New Zealand than it was in the early 1960s, Alaska-British Columbia Mission 1970-1974, France-Switzerland Mission 1970-1974; Switzerland Geneva Mission 1974-2011, Scottish Mission 1962-1970; Scotland Mission 1970-1974; Scotland Edinburgh Mission 1970-2010, England Central Mission 1970-1974; England Birmingham Mission 1974-1983, Germany Central Mission 1970-1974; Germany Düsseldorf Mission 1974-1983. Also, anyone can sign up for an LDS Account, even without being a member of the Church. Peru—Ecuador Mission 1970; Peru Mission 1970-1971; Peru Andes Mission 1971; Andes Peru Mission 1971-1974; Peru Lima Mission 1974-1977; The mission initially included Argentina and Bolivia as well. Individually customizing each map allows it to be large enough for you to actually find most of the cities that have been served in. Please click the link in that email to complete your free subscription. I’m not sure where you’re getting your information, but great topic.

We carry individual LDS mission area maps that can be personalized with your mission area, mission name, and more. Find out where a mission is located for a missionary from your ward, See mission boundaries throughout the world. This was an administrative mission overseeing all the missions in Europe. We had trouble sending your report, would you please try again? Each poster has a size option of either 11 x 17 inches or 18 x 24 inches and is printed professionally on high-quality paper. Each poster has a size option of either 11 x 17 inches or 18 x 24 inches and is printed professionally on high-quality paper. This mission covered both Hong Kong and Taiwan, Indiana-Michigan Mission 1970-1973; Indiana Mission 1973-1974; it was headquartered in Fort Wayne, Indiana when the Indiana-Michigan Mission, Organized from North Central States Mission, Northwestern States Mission and Western States Mission, Southern Australian Mission 1958-1968; Australia South Mission 1968-1974, This mission originally covered Japan, South Korea and Okinawa, the South Korea part was soon made a separate mission, it was split in 1968 into the Japan and Okinawa missions, Hong Kong Taiwan 1969-1971; Hong Kong 1971-1997; This mission initially also covered the Philippines, and South Vietnam, in several areas of the mission most members were U.S. servicemen and missionary work was often primarily also among U.S. military personnel, Mexico North Mission 1970-1974; Mexico Monterrey Mission 1974-1992, This mission covered teaching in Spanish in California, Nevada and Arizona, in 1970 missions were realigned to cover all teaching within a given geography, Brazil South Mission 1970-1974; Brazil Porto Alegre Mission 1974-1991, Germany South Mission 1970-1974; Germany Munich Mission 1974-2002; Muchich Germany/Austria Mission 2002-2010, Organized from Uruguay Mission and Argentine Mission.

Full-time missionaries and mission presidents can also access the Missionary Portal, where they can download a PDF copy of the map for their assigned mission.

LDS missionaries often form a deep bond with the land and the people they serve. Household location was successfully changed.

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Click Missions to see the boundaries of all the missions in the world. Try modifying what you're looking for. for my mission.

Please note: All mission area boundaries are current. Try Classic LDS Maps.

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Your email address will not be published. My son will love having a reminder of his mission 20 years ago. Click on the subhead Boundaries to see the option for wards, stakes, missions, etc.

NOTE: There are hundreds of LDS missions in the world, and the boundaries change often. I stumbled across this Youtube video about pre-missionary preparation for the 18 year old Elders and 19 year old Sisters. Using an official map for reference, a topographical map of the area with an outline of the approximate LDS mission map boundaries as shown on your map is created. The Church doesn’t print a map showing all the mission boundaries. If the map for your mission has already been created or is needs updating, you can simply order it it by mission name and we will create it. If you would like to have these cities highlighted,you will need to provide the name of each city and its approximate location. Follow the instructions for See mission boundaries throughout the world. Meetinghouses that match what you're looking for will be solid red.

Up until 1930 the president of this mission was normally also president of the British Mission. The mission primarily taught in German until 1939 when teaching was entirely shifted to Portuguese. LDS missionaries never forget the places they serve, but we make it even easier with our personalized LDS mission maps. Click the Map Layers icon (the icon in the top right that looks like a stack of papers) and a pop-up window will appear that shows the possibilities you can see, such as Temples and FamilySearch Centers.

Maps Find a Meetinghouse or Ward. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it.

Thanks! My son got call yesterday to the Colombia Barranquilla Mission, and the map in the booklet is a little sparse.

This was very helpful for me to find missionaries where my friend lives. Shop now. They are available online as noted above. We are not able to do outdated boundaries at this time. I’ve looked all over and can’t find anything. Sorry I didn’t make step 2 very clear. Each poster has a size option of either 11 x 17 inches or 18 x 24 inches and is printed professionally on high-quality paper. Click to Learn More and Order Now. The bottom of each map features the scripture Mark 16:15, which states "And he said unto them, Go ye into all the... LDS missionaries often form a deep bond with the land and the people they serve. Did you know that you can look up mission boundaries on LDS Maps?

Useful tool! If your CURRENT mission map is not on the list, simply request it on our order form.

... Ward Map. Argentina Buenos Aires South Mission Boundaries Map, Argentina Buenos Aires West Mission Boundaries Map, Argentina Neuquén Mission Boundaries Map, Arkansas Little Rock Mission Boundaries Map, Bolivia Cochabamba Mission Boundaries Map, Bolivia Santa Cruz Mission Boundaries Map, Brazil Joao Pessoa Mission Boundaries Map, Brazil Sao Paulo East Mission Boundaries Map, Brazil Sao Paulo South Mission Boundaries Map, California Carlsbad Mission Boundaries Map, California Oakland/San Francisco Mission Boundaries Map, California Sacramento Mission Boundaries Map, California San Diego Mission Boundaries Map, California San Fernando Mission Boundaries Map, California Santa Rosa Mission Boundaries Map, California Ventura Mission Boundaries Map, Chile Concepcion South Mission Boundaries Map, Chile Santiago North Mission Boundaries Map, Colombia Barranquilla Mission Boundaries Map, Colorado Denver South Mission Boundaries Map, Dominican Republic Santo Domingo East Mission Boundaries Map, El Salvador San Salvador Mission Boundaries Map, England Birmingham Mission Boundaries Map, England London South Mission Boundaries Map, England Manchester Mission Boundaries Map, Florida Fort Lauderdale Mission Boundaries Map, Florida Tallahassee Mission Boundaries Map, Georgia Atlanta North Mission Boundaries Map, Guatemala Guatemala City Central Mission Map, Guatemala Guatemala City South Mission Map, Honduras San Pedro Sula Mission Boundaries Map, Marshall Islands Majuro Mission Boundaries Map, Maryland Baltimore Mission Boundaries Map, Mexico Guadalajara East Mission Boundaries Map, Mexico Mexico City East Mission Boundaries Map, Mexico Mexico City North Mission Boundaries Map, Mexico Mexico City Southeast Mission Boundaries Map, Mexico Mexico City West Mission Boundaries Map, Mexico Monterrey West Mission Boundaries Map, Minnesota Minneapolis Mission Boundaries Map, Missouri Independence Mission Boundaries Map, Missouri St. Louis Mission Boundaries Map, Nevada Las Vegas West Mission Boundaries Map, New Mexico Albuquerque Mission Boundaries Map, New Mexico Farmington Mission Boundaries Map, New York New York North Mission Boundaries Map, New York New York South Mission Boundaries Map, New Zealand Auckland Mission Boundaries Map, North Carolina Charlotte Mission Boundaries Map, Paraguay Asuncion North Mission Boundaries Map, Philippines Angeles Mission Boundaries Map, Philippines Baguio MIssion Boundaries Map, South Africa Cape Town Mission Boundaries Map, South Africa Johannesburg Mission Boundaries Map, South Carolina Columbia Mission Boundaries Map, South Dakota Rapid City Mission Boundaries Map, Texas Houston East Mission Boundaries Map, Texas Houston South Mission Boundaries Map, Uruguay Montevideo Mission Boundaries Map, Uruguay Montevideo West Mission Boundaries Map, Utah Salt Lake City Mission Boundaries Map, Utah Salt Lake City South Mission Boundaries Map, Washington Kennewick Mission Boundaries Map, Washington Seattle Mission Boundaries Map, Washington Spokane Mission Boundaries Map. Please check your spelling or try modifying what you're looking for. A wide variety of beautiful art prints from a variety of LDS artists. In the list below, if the name of the mission does not include a specific city, the city where the mission headquarters is located is included in parentheses.

Tahitian Mission 1907-1959; French-Polynesian Mission 1959-1970; French-Polynesia Mission 1970-1974, Headquarters was in San Francisco until the 1906 earthquake when it was relocated to Los Angeles, New York New York Mission 1974-1993; New York New York North Mission 1993-2018, Western States Mission 1907-1970; Colorado-New Mexico Mission 1970-1972; Colorado Mission 1972-1974; Colorado Denver Mission 1974-1993, Mexico 1970-1974; Mexico Mexico City 1974-1978; from 1912-1936 it was headquartered in El Paso, Texas, and included missionaries serving in Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and California in the Spanish language, The discontinuance of this mission was partly a result of anti-American feeling in Japan due to U.S. policies against Japanese immigration, Organized from Eastern States Mission and Northern States Mission, Ontario-Quebec Mission 1970-1972; Ontario Mission 1972-1974; Canada Toronto Mission 1974-1993; Canada Toronto West Mission 1993-2011, Armenian Mission 1924-1933; Palestine-Syrian Mission 1933-1939, Organized from Northern States Mission, Western States Mission, Northwestern States Mission and Canadian Mission, Manitoba-Minnesota Mission 1970-1973; Minnesota-Wisconsin Mission 1973-1974, Split into the East German Mission and the West German Mission, Based in Buenos Aires, mainly concentrated on German immigrant population in Brazil and Argentina, split into missions in Brazil and Argentina, Organized from the Southern States Mission and the Eastern States Mission, Organized from the Central States Mission, Texas-Louisiana Mission 1945-1955; Gulf States Mission 1955-1974; Louisiana Shreveport Mission 1974-1975.


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