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Remember this guy?

(Well, all except for the top two names on this list.) pic.twitter.com/LPlqeigpvc. Crunchtime miscues are also keeping Curry from being higher on this list, the most infamous one being the 2016 Game 7 flimsy behind-the-back pass to Klay Thompson. Your email address will not be published.

Looking at inpredictable’s shot logs, Curry has missed his last eight “double clutch” shots in the playoffs, most recently the potential go-ahead 3-pointer with six seconds left in Game 6, a miss that sealed the championship for Toronto (Double clutch, a term that Beuoy also called “clutch squared”, is the top one percent of the highest-leveraged shots -- the shots that really swing games.).

But even the Black Mamba doesn't hold a candle to the King. eval(ez_write_tag([[728,90],'theballzone_com-box-3','ezslot_2',128,'0','0']));When debating which NBA player is the one true GOAT, the name of Kobe Bean Bryant often comes up alongside Michael Jordan and LeBron James. Not impressive on efficiency, CRAZY usage. It is often debated on whether or not LeBron James qualifies as a "clutch" player. Made another video: @Dame_Lillard’s OKC game-winner with flashbacks to some of his other clutch shots at the same time ⏰ pic.twitter.com/pNKNmdNFKS. In a recent Twitter discussion of who the NBA's best purer scorer is, a suggestion of Kobe Bryant led Rotoworld's ​Michael Gallagher down a path to further King James enlightenment of how good he is ​in the clutch. Required fields are marked *, LeBron James Clutch Stats vs Kobe Bryant Clutch Stats. The analysis made by 12up notably shows that LeBron James is the more clutch player. Here are his numbers this postseason in clutch situations, which is designated as the last five minutes game within five points on NBA.com stats pages: 34 points on 9-for-16 shooting from the floor (56.3 percent), 2-for-5 from downtown (40 percent) and 14-for-15 at the free throw line (93.3 percent). Rockets-Warriors tonight.Last time they played, Harden hit one of the most ridiculous shots of the year—and predicted another MVP pic.twitter.com/2QVOFDhSUd. The Miami Heat wing has never shied away from the big stage and this postseason has been no exception.

Huh? 3 overall pick will be at the top of the list in no time.

This season, Paul took 27 such shots -- tied for the highest in the league and made a bunch of them. If he keeps this up, the former No.

Déjà vu! That postseason, Tatum made five of his six “double clutch” shots and displayed poise well beyond his years. Yes, it’s Dame Time. Yeah, I was surprised to see Harden this high on the list, too.

Expanding further, he has shot 58 of 101 on “double clutch” shots in the regular season in his career, for a conversion percentage of 57.4 percent.

Efficient in the clutch during the season year after year after year after year after year.

He was awful in crunchtime this season but ranked No.

The 22-year-old ranks this high despite a brutal Game 1 against the Miami Heat, Bam Adebayo block included. James owns three of the top four most-clutch seasons in the inpredictable.com database since 2003 only Isaiah Thomas’ insane 2016-17 season bests James’ seasonal best). We’ve already seen four game-winners in these playoffs, tying the most for any postseason -- and we’re not even in the Finals yet. It’s good to see Paul show he can still bring it at the end of games.

Yes, Anthony Davis -- the guy who, according to Charles Barkley, apparently lacked killer instinct.

The analysis made by 12up notably shows that LeBron James is the more clutch player. Tatum was simply incredible in the regular season for Boston, posting an NBA-best 62.5 percent effective shooting percentage on “double clutch” shots (more than 10 shots taken minimum). ​The legend that is LeBron James just keeps on growing every day. We only remember the makes, but if we’re being fair, we should incorporate the misses, too. Check out Chris Paul's game winner against the Blazers and a few others from his past.

Turns out Butler isn’t the top player by clutch WPA, but he has terrorized opponents for years with the game on the line.

Kyrie's Game 7 dagger is always a must watch pic.twitter.com/jubT3AOIDj.

He has the full bag -- 30-foot double-pump 3-pointers, alley-oop dunks, putbacks -- you name it. Postseason win shares/48 minutes: .143. THE 'G' STANDS FOR GETS!Relive @JimmyButler's top 10 career clutch shots before the Eastern Conference Finals start Tuesday at 6:30pm/et on ESPN! Let’s take a look.

Postseason stats/game: 16.1 PTS, 3.8 REB, 2.6 AST, 1.0 STL.

If so, how much? Mamba Moments! LeBron is amazing. ... the discussion was about how LeBron wasn’t clutch. ‘Like’ if you are true Patriots supporter! James hasn’t taken a “double clutch” shot this postseason yet, but that’s mostly due to the Lakers having a mostly drama-free postseason slate. Warriors' Stephen Curry hits deep, deep, deep last-second three, his 12th of the game, to beat Thunder in OT pic.twitter.com/1ooiRUEC00. Beuoy’s Clutch WPA looks at field goal attempts, free throw attempts and turnovers in crunchtime, which doesn’t cast the widest net for end-of-game scenarios.

That declaration had some historic backing, but, mainly, Butler has been incredible in the bubble. How could anyone forget? Not only did he make more shots in these situations, but he did so in fewer attempts.eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'theballzone_com-medrectangle-4','ezslot_5',129,'0','0'])); At this point in his career, LeBron James has proven that he is a better player than Kobe Bryant was during his career—at any point and as a whole. This data ​​is a career's worth of proof to illustrate that LBJ more trustworthy in the clutch than most people give him credit for. His performance in Game 1 against the Boston Celtics was a masterpiece. The Oklahoma City buzzerbeater from just inside halfcourt. pic.twitter.com/tCoqCFl9Ce. Later that night, Davis promptly won Game 2 at the buzzer with a go-ahead 3-pointer.

The metric doesn’t account for assists, rebounds or steals, which, ideally, would be included. What I love about this metric is it takes into account the instances when a player screws up. Sure enough, Davis hit the game-winner at the buzzer, making the Lakers’ odds 100.0 percent. Pair that with seven assists and a league-high four steals in those circumstances and you have one of the nastiest game-on-the-line players in the league.

Good luck doling out credit for every shot.

Last week, after Jimmy Butler made a ridiculous crunchtime drive, including an and-one finish, against Jayson Tatum at the end of Game 2, I was convinced Butler held the title.

In case you did, this season Kyrie produced almost a carbon copy of the shot to beat the New York Knicks in Brooklyn. It’s a tough question made more difficult by the incredible display of clutch shotmaking in the bubble.

For this exercise, we’ll keep it simple and look at which players have raised or lowered their team’s odds of winning by possession-ending plays -- shooting or turning the ball over. Your email address will not be published. way to really tell is by using analytics.

Today, we give a full breakdown of what it means to be clutch.

It’s a loaded question and the best (only?) Four of Lillard’s seven “double clutch” made baskets this season came within five feet of the hoop. KD cooking in the clutch #NBAFinals pic.twitter.com/wDdKzT0As5.

The TS% drops in the playoffs, which is no less incredible considering the massive amounts of trips he makes to the free throw line (where he is arguably at his worst). Keep in mind, LeBron has much more time to further improve his legacy in the league. The clutch time is defined as the last five minutes of an NBA match.

It’s been a while since we’ve seen Curry in a big moment, but he’s had his fair share of them. After an uncharacteristically off regular season, Butler is showing once again why he’s a killer in big moments.

To be clear, no two people will have identical opinions of when a basketball game enters the proverbial game-on-the-line territory. If he missed the shot, he’d lose 18.2 percent because his shot lowered the Lakers’ chance of winning from 18.2 percent to zero. What about LeBron’s “screen” on Mason Plumlee? LeBron also has a slightly better percentage when it comes to clutch shots, landing 47 percent of his attempted game-winning shots, compared with Jordan's 45 percent. All hail, Jimmy Buckets.

Irving boasts one of the most clutch shots in NBA history and it was delivered against the guy at No.

Let’s see if it leads to a championship.

Chris Paul Prefers His ‘Next Basketball Home’ to be in Los Angeles or New York, Bill Belichick Declares Patriots’ Top Free Agent Addition Out For Season, Cam Newton Addresses His Critics and Why He’s Still Optimistic About the Patriots’ Season, Former Coach Reveals What LeBron James Learned at Miami Heat, Report: Patriots Listening To Trade Offers For ‘Almost Everyone’ On Roster. Davis’ track record in crunchtime is absurd. I downloaded the data for each active player and crunched the numbers to see which player, with a minimum of 250 games played, on average most raised his team’s odds of winning down the stretch.

10. He also turned the ball over an average 0.3 times and held a plus-minus of 0.8. Otherwise, the most clutch player is the one who simply fired up the most shots. Contrary to popular belief, LeBron James is a better clutch performer than Kobe Bryant. NBA championships: 2 (2008, 2013) Bottom line: "Ray can be 0-for-99 in a game, and if he gets an open look late in the game, it's going down," his Miami Heat teammate LeBron James once said. Though 11 of those makes are dunks, he has nearly twice as many, 21, that are jumpers outside of 10 feet.

In his postseason career, Butler is 5-of-10 on “double clutch” shots in his playoff career, which is baffling. The overtime-forcing corner 3-pointer in the playoffs against the New Orleans Pelicans while being pancaked by Anthony Davis. It’s just not fair that the top two names on this list play for the same team.

A player might have 200 clutch buckets, but if he missed another 2,000 and threw the ball away another 100 times, we should account for those miscues.

He delivered an encore in Game 3 of the 2018 Finals when he stepped into a 3-pointer to put the Warriors up six with 49.9 seconds left. NBA fans may not be able to agree on who the greatest of all time is, but they can sure agree that LeBron James is the best ever to play the game. The Oklahoma City Thunder were the most clutch team in the regular season for a reason: The Point God was running their team instead of Russell Westbrook, who ranks as one of the worst clutch players of this generation. Per Stathead.com tracking, Davis is now 14 of 29 on shots to tie or take the lead in the final 24 seconds of a game, which is the best field goal percentage among all players since 1997 with more than 25 field goal attempts. LeBron, Butler among most clutch players in NBA.

pic.twitter.com/DWpgiXnTYJ. In time, these may go down as the clutchest playoffs ever. Kobe definitely got the rock and definitely jacked it up his fair share.


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