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Once done with his high school, he moved to Shanghai to join the Shanghai Theatre Academy, and that was where he actually started opening up more.

Due to this behaviour, Lin earned the nickname ‘dog’ in college. Along with the posts, he uploaded screenshots of him searching “Mark Chao ugly pictures” on Weibo and the results that showed up were prior posts and pictures of Mark Chao posted by Lin Gengxin. The film was set in the post World War 2 times and was based on the successful novel titled ‘Tracks in the Snowy Forest’.,, This year he wrote, “Blessings might be late, but it’ll never be absent. “When Janine was taking the train and realised Christopher was sitting opposite her, she asked excitedly: ‘Who is that? Good friend, Lin Gengxin, continued his birthday tribute tradition to Mark Chao. Hmm, sounds like they just stayed away from the radar for a little while. It turns out Bai Jingting and Lin Gengxin really followed each other. Black & White: The Dawn of Justice opens in cinemas on October 9. The film however, turned out to be a moderate box office success. Read her review in the latest issue. His career was slowly picking up pace and he appeared in ‘Black & White: The Dawn of Justice’, a film which wasn’t although a major success, but performed better than expected. Wang Likun’s gown, jewellry, shoes and Lin Gengxin’s suit. Good news for Lin Gengxin fans because the actor has wrapped his new drama Love and Lost 最初的相遇,最后的别离 after four … 13 Comments Actresses Who Bring Luck to Their Onscreen ‘Husbands’ Did you know that there’s a term called Wang Fu (旺夫) which means to bring fortune to your husband. Amidst the …, Gao Yuanyuan and Mark Chao have just welcomed the arrival of their baby girl.

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The Taking Of Tiger Mountain 5. Mark Chao Doesn’t Mind Being Called “Gao Yuanyuan’s Husband”, Bai Jingting Had Some Thoughts about Jackson Wang’s Wardrobe Choices, Netizens also pushed Bai Jingting’s comments all the way to the top. They met while filming 'Princess Agent'《特工皇妃楚乔传》in Sep 2016.

In the movie – the latest installment of the successful Black & White police-themed productions, Mark revealed he has more action scenes this time and the cast engaged in physical training three months before filming began. “It’s too late to be worried!

© Mediacorp | 8 Days.All rights reserved. The English language film was a US-China co-production and starred Matt Damon and Pedro Pascal alongside Lin, who played a commander in the film. Good friend, Lin Gengxin, continued his birthday tribute tradition to Mark Chao. Mark Chao, Happy birthday, brother. The director saw that we were on good terms, but often squabble on set, so he included that in the plot too.”. Amidst the wedding bells that we’ve been hearing, the newest talk of the town is that Lin Gengxin and rumored girlfriend Wang Likun are planning to tie the knot too! A netizen posted the wedding deets like Wang Likun’s gown, jewellry, shoes and Lin Gengxin’s suit. But the period action film ‘The Taking of Tiger Mountain’ took Lin on a massive success high and proved a turning point.

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When it was mentioned at the press conference that Mark did not have any love interests in the movie, he playfully responded, “Don’t you see that our female lead is Lin Gengxin?”. I did not know …, It looks like the picture war between the two besties continue with their latest antics. It makes you wonder what other rumors could …, These days, rumors are coming out left and right with some are downright strange.


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Taiwanese actress Janine Chang returned to Black & White: The Dawn of Justice following the television series of the production in 2009. (laughs) But both of us are honest with each other so she knows everything.”. One person even said to Lin Gengxin, “I don’t have his [ugly pictures], but I have a lot of yours.”. In later interviews, Lin also said that one of the reasons he was shy was due to the fact that he was a person with very low level of self-confidence and that he considered himself ugly and if anyone complemented him on his looks, Lin would think that they were making fun of him.

It was Mark Chao’s 36th birthday on September 25.


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