living in a prius

At these prices, everybody can afford a THOW! One Google search and an hour later, I was on my way there.”. Next I woke to a cop shining his flashlight through my windshield. You can’t just park overnight wherever you please. Yes, please! Hehe, thanks Michael. We like this semi-minimalist camping. You may be right so I appreciate the feedback! He answered these questions and more about a lifestyle we’ve all thought about in passing, but never really had the guts to make happen. This could be an option in various good sized hatchbacks/estate cars, especially in a tent, which would make it a better option for a coupl or small family. Have you ever thought of converting your car into a micro camper for traveling? there are certain amenities that are required to “live” someplace. My diet right now is in large part made up of healthy choices from Taco Bell.”. I look at it as the ultimate challenge to Live Tiny, Live Minimally. I tend to buy things as a vegan that I can use my cooler and just purchase ice from time to time and in some rv parks they have ice for less than normal prices. Please learn more using the resources below. Instead of doctors, Jordan uses “peppers to absorb my toxins and crystals I bought on Ebay to provide healing energy.” He’s just kidding though.. kind of. As previously mentioned, campgrounds felt safer. With water-tanks, we see a tiny chuck-wagon. With tinted windows I can stealth almost any where.

I am also a fan of Enigmatic Nomadics. Right now, finances are fine and life on the open road has only just begun.

Thank you! I’m a health person so I like keeping it along these lines. Jordan recommends the lifestyle for “those who seek to challenge themselves, collect less bullshit space-consumers, and live while they’re alive. Travelled from NC to Az and back in a Toyota RAV. (function(d, s, id) { both run him only $2 – $3 for a filling 300 calorie meal. Provide quiet aux power for off-duty OTR truckers? I wondered if there’s a car or van life culture that’s hidden to the untrained eye, and Jordan says he’s met a few others like him. We packed up the car and lived in someone else’s house while they lived in ours! “Ironically while I set out intending to escape routine, I ended up discovering its value. Go Back Home to See Our Latest Tiny Houses. With my Prius I feel like I’m lacking nothing, and the cramped space reinforces my motto: Sleep in your car, live in the world.”. I realized after I posted that I wrote “Toyota Gremlin” … a senior moment, no doubt. “Despite having all the gear I need to make meal magic, I can’t help myself from analyzing the time and resource investment it takes vs. optimized drive-thru fast food orders.

There were toys for the children to play with, which was great. We’re all wondering it, so I asked it. If you can get your ass out of bed early (not too hard when the morning sun is cooking you, Jordan says) these become convenient places to settle down for the night. No agenda to keep, new cities every week, and a weirdly strong opinion about Taco Bell. Most Priuses don’t come with an open kitchen plan, and cooking outside on the hitch on the back of a car sounds less than ideal. He’s slept outside the Prius just a dozen times, and feels most comfortable cozied up in …

Sweet, indeed. Many of the basic amenities we take for granted in an apartment are non-existent when you live in a Prius. How much do you REALLY need to live? Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Another Pryus providing juice for another section of that festival, and so on. Your email address will not be published. With my Prius I feel like I’m lacking nothing, and the cramped space reinforces my motto: Sleep in your car, live in the world.”. Jordan only owns a single fold up burner, a spoon and a pot.

Go for broke!”. Learn how your comment data is processed. I hatched the idea for this indefinite road trip to explore, teach, and inspire people to create freedom in their lives back in September. Sometimes true feelings come out in the unlikeliest of places. However, the lifestyle is so nomadic that he didn’t really see any common threads that tie them all together. I have always been wooed by the Challange of compactness: earth is finite, population is growing, —tiny may be the direction our globe is going..?i draw the line with aKarma Gia or a volks….though. We won't send you spam. I stay at Truck Stops and rest areas on my way to visit friends. It was awesome! After putting in my ear plugs and masking my eyes, I heard what was very clearly gunshots. A great way to experience different parts of our own country (UK), Europe and USA. Any road.”. Not much, really. As far as the worst parts about living in a Prius, Jordan says it’s hard to keep a healthy morning routine and (despite the amount of time he spends on Tinder), dating is difficult and the logistics of his love life have become pretty interesting. You can share this car camping story with your friends and family for free using the e-mail and social media re-share buttons below. Exchanging could help us gauge how small we are comfortable with and give us the change to try out an area you are thinking about living in. I have a tiny house on wheels now, which I love, as well as a bachelor apartment in the city downtown, but am eying the 2016 Prius as a fuel-efficient way to travel and ‘camp’. I lived in my car (Ford Taurus) and tent for three months the summer of 2008.

“On an ideal day I go to the gym, meditate with Headspace, chip away at a creative project, cook, journal, and read/listen to philosophically enriching or educational content.


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