logitech g915 tactile reddit

It has a steel bar running through the inside of the keyboard to make it even more rigid, all the while remaining incredibly thin. G815 they had a non retard designer that made it so the spacebar is much more ergonomic: https://www.reddit.com/r/Corsair/comments/clyt5k/cant_invert_k70_mk2_low_profile_rapidfire/.

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Tbh most reviewers I’ve read had said there’s not that much difference between the two. This is all the gear I have right now, I already have a separate headphone sound system and my keyboard tray is too small to fit the Powerplay mouse pad properly, but battery doesn't seem like a problem since I would only have to charge once every few weeks or monthsv (The G913 kinda bothers me a tiny bit, by not saying "G915 Lightspeed").

I've never liked mechanical keyboards because of that loud clicky sound, it just annoys the crap out of me, and most mechanical keyboards had normal and tall keys. i kinda agree. The soft-touch rubber controls feel comfortable to use and add even more to the quality feel. Additionally ESDF is the natural resting place for your left hand while typing with your left index finger on the F key which is usually if not always textured / marked in a way to remind you that is the resting place for your left hand which makes returning your left hand to the keyboard intuitive as you can just feel for that key). This is another of my favorites about this keyboard, is it's flexible battery life, that you can change how long it lasts, based on your preference. So fast, good mechanical feel (not mushy at all) and quiet. But this clicky sound is just so satisfying to hear when I'm typing, that I put my headphones aside and let the music become background noise (Instead of in my head), while I can keep listening to the clicky sound of the keyboard. It's impossibly thin design is unlike any other on the market and might be the best looking keyboard I have ever laid my eyes on. People that are used to the regular tall mechanical keys will likely have some trouble getting used to the GL switches. Which will also allow you to sync the G915 with the rest of your Logitech G devices to have matching RGB patterns. It is an impressive accomplishment in both esthetic and technical design, and in some ways, it is leaps and bounds ahead of its competitors. Its not a big deal and tbh I kinda like it. [Facebook](https://www.facebook.com/logitechgaming) It is harder to locate specific buttons from touch alone, and if your hand leaves the keyboard, you sometimes have to take a glance to relocate your default hand position. Every inch of it looks absolutely stunning, and aluminum-magnesium alloy for the top case feels unbelievably qualitative. They sound and feel different from other keys. What keyboard mat / wrist rest is that in the picture? The media control buttons are also taken to the next level.

It is a costly gadget, but I don’t feel like it is all that overpriced at all. The Speeds feel like absolute trash compared to the Blues on G815. It has a steel bar running through the inside of the keyboard to make it even more rigid, all the while remaining incredibly thin. The G915 is unlike most other mechanical keyboards as it uses a thin key design with minimal travel and actuation distance.

No wireless keyboard that I have tested to date can keep up with the G915 in terms of raw performance and certainly not in terms of design. I have the 915 with the brown Tactiles. I could go on. Not quite as loud as mx blues, but loud enough that if you think it will annoy you, it eventually will.

Which is both good & bad, it is good because that means the G915 is really made of some solid and strong metal, and that if someone or something accidentally knocks onto your desk, the keyboard is staying put, the weight is keeping it from moving anywhere, to prevent it from ever falling off the desk. If the tactiles are almost linear then the linears must be even more smooth . Before the G915, I was using the Razer Deathstalker Chroma (I like low keys), based on how heavy the G915 is compared to my Razer keyboard, without looking at some numbers or precisely weighing them, I'd say the G915 feels at least 3 times heavier than my Razer keyboard.

Let me know if anyone has any questions about anything that I might've missed!

The media control buttons are also taken to the next level. Let me elaborate. You pick up an entire row of characters to the left of your ring finger (i.e. Like the right arrow key r the windows key or the control key? When I got my keyboard, the very first thing I did was check every key for inconsistency and functionality, or any flaws that I can see, fortunately it seems I have received a flawless unit.


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