logitech k380 vs k780

The goal of this subreddit is to provide daily links to interesting keyboard content. If you really think you can make use of the dial, then go for the Craft, but if you think it'll wear our it's novelty pretty fast, then the MX Keys is definitely the way to go. Given affordable pricing and the ample range of features to choose from, one could easily spend several hours narrowing down on the perfect typing tool. The Logitech K780 is an okay keyboard for programmers but isn't designed for this use. But one other major difference is that the Logitech K780 sports a triangle-shaped ridge behind the top row of keys. The keyboard comes with 2x AAA batteries, and the manufacturer rates the battery life at 24 months. At around $80 currently, it doesn't have the same versatility as the similarly priced K780, however, and it can't switch between paired devices, nor does it have a built-in smartphone/tablet stand. And as for the keys, they are exactly the same so you don't have to worry about that. Log in • Sign up. The K780 can pair to devices using Bluetooth or a unifying USB receiver, and it has a cradle for mobile devices. When used with a compatible Logitech mouse, Flow lets you hop between multiple computers on the same network (you can even copy and paste or drag and drop files from one machine to another) as you move your mouse from screen to screen. If you have tried all 3 keyboard, please chime in? These keyboards are pleasant to use, compact, and versatile, and nothing else we tested offers the same balance of price and features. As for the MX Keys and Craft difference, they are almost literally the same except for the dial. Learn more. This version of the K380 has a macOS-specific layout with a Cmd key, so the Fn and Ctrl keys are where Mac users expect. We first examined which sources rated each of these best and found that the Logitech K380 got its highest, 8, rating from CNET, while the Logitech K780 (2016) earned its best, 8.4, score from Lifewire.

Work from home setup. After three weeks of using the Logitech K780 keyboard all day, every day, it's hard to miss or want anything else. Add Question. The one feature we would have loved to have seen in the K780 keyboard is backlit keys. The Logitech K780 is better than the Logitech K380. First about the differences between logitech k375s and k780, when i read the specs in logitech site it have the same feature and the only difference is form factor. But if you're looking for a unit that ditches wires, plays nice with mobile devices, and can reduce your desktop clutter, the latest K780 keyboard from Logitech may be the one for you. It can also automatically detect which kind of device you're connected to and adjusts the keys accordingly. I am also looking into reliability, too.

After that, we spent more time using each of our picks at work, sometimes moving between locations—from home to coffee shop, coffee shop to office, office to home.

We also had issues with the palm rest, which adds bulk to the keyboard, can't be removed, and sports tiny perforations, which can easily trap dust and other particles. On the other hand, the K360 has dedicated media keys and may represent better value for some people. How does the Logitech k780 compare to the MX Keys? Apple’s Magic Keyboard charges its internal battery using an included Lightning-to-USB cable and weighs only half a pound, but it costs $100. The K780 feels much better-built, supports Bluetooth and multi-device pairing, and offers a quieter and more enjoyable typing experience. The Logitech K780 is compatible with Logitech Options, although there aren't many customization options available. in "Best keyboards to go with Ghost case? Both devices have a lot in common, the Logitech K780 is an extended version of the K380, the K780 included the device cradle (as I mentioned above) and also numeric keyboard, it covers more desk area than the K380, it is not portable… and I would want to bring it anywhere i go.


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