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As many Loomians have a substantial difference between their Melee and Ranged Defense, trainers should try to use moves which take advantage of their opponent's weakest stat. Unique Points range from 0 to 40, and Loomians have a different number of Unique Points for each stat. In the Loomian Legacy Fevine Guide we provide you all the information about one of the starter Loomians you can choose and evolve. FIFA 21 Best CDM – Center Defensive Midfielders, FIFA 21 Best CAM – Center Attacking Midfielders, Long Live the Princess Walkthrough & Guide, Resist against: Water, Plant, Earth, Electric, and also Light type loomians, Weak against: Fire, Ice, Dark, Bug, and also Toxic type loomians, Strong against: Water and also Earth type loomians, Weak against: Fire, Plant, Toxic, and also Ancient type loomians.

This is created to document information and discuss the Loomian Legacy game series.

Loomian Legacy • Dragon Ball Online Generations •

Shiguto • In the Loomian Legacy Rabburn Guide we provide you all the information about one of the Loomians you can get evolving one of the starters. Some moves may change a stat by more than one stage, and the number of stages a move alters causes different messages to be displayed. Here you can find the latest information about the game, Loomians, and much more.This is a wiki where anyone can contribute to this community and add to the growing source of information about the game.

The Advanced Stat View in the Overview section of the Loomians app. The Most Cheerful Citizens in Loomian Legacy. In battle, HP determines how much damage a Loomian can take and is represented by a green bar. •

Entry Point • Price. This includes exact number values for a species' Base stats, Training Points, and even Unique Points! Build A Boat For Treasure • Tease makes a Loomian unable to use the same move twice in a row.

Rumble Quest •

Loomian Legacy Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. For more Loomian Legacy guides, you can also check: Your email address will not be published. A must-have tool for competitive Loomian Legacy battling. Energy determines the maximum amount of energy a Loomian can have in battle. Monsters of Etheria • Select One To Show Detailed Results. The base stats of a Loomian can roughly be seen on the radar chart in the Loomians LoomiWatch app as the solid shape in the middle of the chart.

Vehicle Simulator •

Elemental Battlegrounds • Robeats • “A new adventure is in development by Llama Train Studio.”. Quicksand, in addition to its initial effect, damages the target for multiple turns. Pestilence, in addition to its initial effect, damages the target for four to five turns. Notoriety, Pet Simulator •

Eaglit has also good ranged def and speed stats. Copyright © 2020 | WordPress Theme by MH Themes, Helping gamers with walkthroughs, guides, cheats & console commands and codes lists since 2005, Iratus Lord of the Dead Minions Recipes & Unlock requirements. Power Siphon, in addition to its initial effect, drains the target's energy each turn. Welcome to the unofficial Loomian Legacy fan subreddit! If its HP is reduced to half or below, the bar turns yellow; once it is further decreased to 1/5 or below, it turns red.

But is only fast, Vambat doesn’t have good attacks or defense stats, so for now a little weak, Vambat evolutions: Dimpire al level 18 and Vesperatu at level 34, If you want to check Vambat ‘s attacks, evolution line and more, go to Vambat ‘s guide. Déjà Vu forces the afflicted Loomian to use the same move it used the previous turn for three turns. The premier Loomian Legacy Damage Calculator.

Game Store Tycoon • Fevine has 6 known attacks, so here we give you all the details: You can check all the Type Effectiveness in the Type Effectiveness guide. Mad City • Dungeon Quest • Paralysis reduces a Loomian's speed by 50% and gives them a 25% chance to be unable to move in their turn.

Trainers capture, bond, and battle with them to learn more about these creatures while growing up alongside them.

Loomian Legacy is a series of Roblox games, currently in development by Lando64000, Tbradm and many other talented developers in the group Llama Train Studio, released on July 20th, 2019, with updates of new content gradually rolling out. RoCitizens •

4.2k Electric State DarkRP • Loomians cannot get more than 500 Training Points in total. Plant-type Loomians are unaffected by this ailment. This Game Pass enables you to view your Loomians' stats in much more detail. The first form inflicts 1/8th of a Loomian's maximum health as damage each turn. There are 551 articles on this wiki, but we always need help! Ninja Legends • Flamethrower 65-50%.

Everything else is quite low, so as we told you is a lethal assassin and nothing else. 4.2k members in the LoomianLegacy community. Training Points range from 0 to 200, and Loomians gain Training Points separately in each stat. So, Eaglit is like a Ranger Lomian, with the best ranged attack stats. https://loomian-legacy.fandom.com/wiki/Status_Ailment?oldid=116943. And to finish, a gameplay of Embit, from the youtuber Gaming Dan: Your email address will not be published. Status ailments are effects that impair a Loomian during battle. Fevine evolutions: Felver al level 18 and Tahtab at level 34, If you want to check Fevine’s attacks, evolution line and more, go to Fevine‘s guide. Your email address will not be published. Mining Simulator •

Loomian Legacy Damage Calculator. And to finish, a gameplay of Fevine, from the youtuber Armenti: Your email address will not be published. Embit has 6 known attacks, so here we give you all the details: You can check all the Type Effectiveness in the Type Effectiveness guide. ROLVe • Lumber Tycoon 2 •

Booga Booga • Super Bomb Survival • The power of each Loomian species is measured by its Loomian Statistics, or Stats.

Follow @Llama_Train_S or join the Llama Train Studio Roblox group for updates on the game. The corresponding stat is used for damage calculation according to the Attack Category. LL - A Trainer Disaster (Discussion Post Parts), https://loomian-legacy.fandom.com/wiki/Loomian_Legacy_Wiki?oldid=114479, The Sepharite City Update has been released!

Follow @Llama_Train_S or join the Llama Train Studio Roblox group for updates on the game. Pinewood Builders • Ro-Ghoul • Zombie Attack. It lasts 1–3 turns normally, except for Beast's Slumber, which makes the user sleep for exactly 3 turns. Required fields are marked *. Use this Game Pass in: Halloween Event - Loomian Legacy . Miner's Haven • Players without it can get a rough idea using the radar chart in the Overview screen using the Loomians LoomiWatch app.

The exact number of Unique Points can only be seen by a player with the Advanced Stat View game pass, and Unique Points are indicated by up to five colored stars under each stat in the Overview screen of the Loomians LoomiWatch app: Training Points (TPs) are earned whenever a Loomian earns experience from defeating an enemy or is fed Training Gummies. In general, stronger moves require more energy.[1]. The messages displayed depending on the number of stages altered is as follows: The stats listed in the Overview section of the Loomians app. There has been a total of 118,354 edits on this wiki since it was created on January 20th, 2019, and it has 279 active members editing, commenting and helping out. Sometimes, Loomians can have very similar Speed stats, meaning that small differences can change the result between going first or second, thus making it common to see Trainers investing in a Loomian's Speed wherever possible. But compared with Snocub, the other ranger has more speed and less health, Eaglit evolutions: Torprey al level 18 and Falkyrie at level 34, If you want to check Eaglit’s attacks, evolution line and more, go to Eaglit‘s guide.

Crown Academy • And all other stats are calculated using the formula: In all calculations, if the result is a decimal, it is rounded down. Snow Shoveling Simulator • Volatile ailments are ailments that a Loomian is cured of after battle or when switching out.

It is split into Melee Attack and Ranged Attack. Pilot Training Flight Simulator • It is also possible to reset a Loomian's Training Points to 0 in a given stat by purchasing Stat Reset items for 20 CP each in Colosseum Marketplace. Is a small bunny like Lomian, and these are its stats: If you want to compare Embit with the rest of the starters, you can also check the Starters Guide, Embit evolves at level 18 and also at level 34, You can also check here all the evolutions in the game. Arsenal •


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