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Knowing how to figure out lumber weight comes in handy for a number of applications. Lumber Weights Weights are per 1000 board feet. Calculate the weight of lumber and hardwood given the size of the boards or the volume of wood in board feet. 0000002804 00000 n Only emails and answers are saved in our archive. Google use cookies for serving our ads and handling visitor statistics. The following data is standard reference and size … Do not enter fractions, and do not enter the percentage sign after the value. In green hardwoods the difference in moisture content between heartwood and sapwood depends on the species. of Board Feet:

From the chart above we can estimate the moisture content in the wood in the house at summer time to be 12%. After you have the density and the volume, multiply them together to find the total weight. 0000006903 00000 n APPROXIMATE WEIGHTS OF WOOD IN Lbs./Cu. Calculate the Merchantable Volume and Green Weight of a Log. Lumber Weight (Air Dried Lumber) Freshly Treated Lumber Weight (Maximum Weight) Treated Lumber Weight After Drying: 12 x 12 x 12: 41 pounds per Cubic Foot: 73 pounds per Cubic Foot: 41.6 pounds per Cubic Foot: 12 x 12 x 1: 3.42 pounds per Board Foot: 6.08 pounds per Board Foot: 3.47 pounds per Board Foot: Per Linear Foot: Per Linear Foot: Per Linear Foot: 1 x 2: 0.75 x 1.5: 0.32 … The density will vary based on the moisture content of the wood. USA, Permission granted to copy and re-distribute PROVIDED proper credit is given to Compton Lumber & Hardware. H��W�N�0}�W�q�X�{���R�rQ7R+U��� G}s��Q��7L �b���d����m�o:^�9-�/�^��"�2�(A���5Awn�r3��,4��>n� !�K@��3B� D��p1�na��f��������76vaƷ�.����ƹ֟y׺w�/5����F`�М�VHԿp�i���.��g Lumber Dimensions Table (has dimensions in millimeters). �T ~ Figure out the dimensions of one of the units you wish to weigh -- say, a nominal 2-by-12 beam measuring 16 feet long, remembering that a 2-by-12 is actually 1 1/2 inches by 11 1/4 inches. 0000008763 00000 n Typical wood shrinkage from green to ovendry moisture content is typical 3-8% in radial grain direction and 6-12% in tangential grain direction. H�b```f``�a`e`��� Ȁ �@16�-��900D=��1�8�ŶEnl� �_�>+v�L����� ���4�4Hw4@5;�7K -Ī`Q�-�� 6 �%�mT��&(00Hi00��000��� Please read Google Privacy & Terms for more information about how you can control adserving and the information collected. Find the answers to your questions about roofs and roofing. On average, a 4′ x 8′ sheet of 3/4″ softwood plywood weighs about 61 pounds.

If you want to promote your products or services in the Engineering ToolBox - please use Google Adwords. 1 Cord = 2.4070 m3. The actual weight of plywood varies by product and manufacturer which can make it challenging to predict the weight perfectly. A 12-foot length of treated, yellow pine 5/4-by-6 decking will weigh an average of 13.87 pounds (within a range of 10.65 to 17.08 pounds). Typical density values for fresh green wood versus air-dried seasoned wood: In green softwoods the moisture content of sapwood is usually greater than that of heartwood. She's also a property manager and writes on DIY projects. The moisture content of green wood can range from less than 30% to more than 200%. If you have a spreadsheet, you can plug this formula into it to calculate the weight: =62.4_(0.55/(1+0.55_0.009_0.12)_(1+(0.12/100))), substituting the specific gravity of your wood for the "0.55" figure. The beam measures 3,240 cubic inches, based on 1.5 x 11.25 x 16 x 12. of Board Feet: Weights for Sitka Spruce, Douglas Fir, and Southern Yellow Pine lumber. *APPROXIMATE WEIGHT CHART* ... Fire Retardant Lumber & Ply 2x4 Fire Retardant 1.5#/LF 2250#/MBF 2x6 Fire Retardant 2.25#/LF 2250#/MBF ... Lumber & plywood weights can vary widely depending on the time of year the material was produced and the location of the producing mill. The density or hardness of wood varies by species, and the value is necessary to approximate the weight of lumber by volume. Species Green Airdry Alder, red 46 28 Ash, black 52 34 Ash, commercial white 48 41 Ash, Oregon 46 38 Aspen 43 26 Basswood 42 26 Beech 54 45 Birch 57 44 Birch, paper 50 38 Cedar, Alaska 36 31 Cedar, eastern red 37 33 Cedar, northern white 28 22 Cedar, southern white 26 23 Cedar, western red 27 23 Cherry, black 45 35 Chestnut 55 30 Cottonwood, … Instead its actually 1.5 inches by 3.5 inches. 1 cord = 128 ft3 x 4' x 4' x 8' (85 ft3 solid wood, 15ft3 air, and 28ft3 of bark) 1 tonne - 1000 kilograms = 1.1023 tons. 1MFBM = 5.1282 m3. �n̑"c2�����D�z^��}u������?���y���7-�BB7�e��7�v�Bq}����`���g�����O�ػ���%���R������ This will get the volume in cubic inches. Southern pine weighs 34.4 pounds per 1 cubic foot, and 1 cubic foot is 1,728 cubic inches. You can also calculate the volume of lumber by measuring the length, width, and thickness in inches and multiplying them together. The beam measures 3,240 cubic inches, based on 1.5 x 11.25 x 16 x 12. The values given in the table are meant to provide a general idea of typical lumber weights, and should not be used if precise values are needed for critical engineering calculations. Wood changes dimensions with moisture - it swells when it gains moisture - and it shrinks when it loses moisture. * The approximate weights of the actual pieces of lumber for sale are often given in the product descriptions, so this can be a pretty good resource for calculating lumber weights. Copyright © 2014 - 2020, Roof Online. H�T�=o�0�w~ō�:�#R)bI:d� 1 ton = 200 lbs - 0.9072 tonnes. Calculate the green weight of this log using the green combined weight of wood and bark in lbs/cf value for the species you are calculating for. The amount of bounded water in wood is determined by the relative humidity (RH) of the surrounding atmosphere. 0000004226 00000 n Calculate the size of a cabinet door based on the opening and generate a cut list of parts, including rail, stile, and panel dimensions. © 2020.

Decimal values are acceptable. Ft. All rights reserved. APPROXIMATE WEIGHTS OF WOOD IN Lbs./Cu. Round Wood. Top. The following table provides the approximate weight (dead load, self-weight) per linear foot of the various sizes of dimensional lumber (also called “structural lumber” or “finished lumber”) used in building construction in the US. 1 cunit = 100 ft3. © 2020 Compton Lumber & Hardware - Seattle, WA. Out cubic inches to cubic feet conversion utility can help with this. 0000006924 00000 n Wood choice. 0000006044 00000 n The weight of wood varies by the species of wood and the moisture content of the lumber. Engineering ToolBox - Resources, Tools and Basic Information for Engineering and Design of Technical Applications! Compton Lumber & Hardware - Seattle, WA. 0000005144 00000 n Ft. trailer << /Size 53 /Info 18 0 R /Root 21 0 R /Prev 165731 /ID[<4f197f14ea2c7e2b1c0b058d834e84d5><126edb22ba07d3b59caff6b92eb274e3>] >> startxref 0 %%EOF 21 0 obj << /Type /Catalog /Pages 17 0 R /Metadata 19 0 R /PageLabels 16 0 R >> endobj 51 0 obj << /S 106 /L 214 /Filter /FlateDecode /Length 52 0 R >> stream


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