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Ex U.S. Ranger turned gun for hire. Family had her stationed in Bulgaria. Introducing the best in the business; the Operators. Call of Duty Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Mace finally joins Call of Duty: Modern Warfare’s Allegiance Operator cast. A man of the cities, night-life, and excess.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is out now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One. "sizes": [

You can unlock additional Operator skins in the Store, via the Battle Pass system, and by completing Missions in the “Missions & Challenges” menu, as you progress through the Battle Pass system.

Serves Nikolai under exclusive contract with Chimera.

Background: Former FSB deep cover agent; captured and tortured at the hands of “Mr. In fact, you can obtain an initial Operator Skin just for completing the mandatory Warzone Orientation Tutorial! }); window['nitroAds'].createAd('29', {

We will update this piece when the Mace bundle for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is officially available for the community to purchase. When making callouts to teammates in Warzone, especially when scouting ahead with a high magnification optic, it may be wise to note what Operators your opponents are using, or even what they are wearing. Called back into service by Cpt Bale to expel Al Qatala from Verdansk. Ghost, the first new Operator, was added at the start of the season and is available as a reward for the first tier of the Season 2 Battle Pass.Unlocking Mace, on the other hand, requires players to purchase the new “Mace Operator Bundle” in the in-game Store. I have been waiting for a good 3 weeks now and nothing.

One of these three new Operators is known as Mace, and he is one formidable-looking soldier that will no doubt strike fear into your enemies. Marked with traditional scars to honor his heritage. I‘m struggling to keep myself alive, but still there! Minotaur, for example, prefers brute strength while Charly favors a baton.

Sorry, but we cannot access your COD Points at this time. Find a list of all operator skins, mil-sim variants, factions, how to unlock, & more! Modern Warfare fans can jump into the action with Mace today, instilling fear into the hearts of your opponents. Unlock By: Complete the Into the Furnace Campaign mission (Modern Warfare full game). Classified as terrorist. Background: Fourth generation Korean-French.

Mace Operator Bundle. "50" Volunteered for US SOF training. We will update this piece when the Mace bundle … Sex Joined Army at 18. The South African soldier has a reputation for being “vicious,” according to today’s Activision blog post. Nikto came with a custom Kilo 141 that fired [ **Each Operator Pack includes a themed Operator skin, cosmetic weapon variant, and additional bonus content. Joined Jackals cutting his teeth in the slums of Soweto, South Africa. Due to the temporary truce between factions, your Warzone squad can be comprised of any Operator from either faction and any Fire Team.

Expert tracker. Finishing Moves can be interrupted during their animation. Earned commendations in daring midnight raid of an AQ encampment. Z.” Face disfigured, diagnosed with acute dissociative disorder. Joined Jackals cutting his teeth in the slums of Soweto, South Africa. Sold/downloaded separately. Introducing the best in the business; the Operators of Modern Warfare.

"renderVisibleOnly": true, Unlock By: Complete the Proxy War Campaign mission (Modern Warfare full game). Check which items are in this bundle and what it costs.

Identity discovered, escaped custody before court-martial. Ulterior agenda suspected. Plus there are plenty of glitches and technical issues still marring the game that should at least make for some fun stories to peruse online until then. Race Let us know over on Facebook and Twitter! . about Explore Verdansk, the massive Warzone map, Click here to reopen your platform's store, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare – Blockbuster Campaign, Multiplayer, and Co-Op, Call of Duty: Warzone – Massive combat arena, Battle Royale, and Plunder, 3,000 Call of Duty Points* that can be redeemed in-game for the Battle Pass, “All Ghillied Up”, “Crew Expendable” and “War Pig” Operator Packs**.

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You already own the Battle Pass.

Unlock By: Complete all launch day Special Ops – Operations (Modern Warfare full game). Top; Double XP; Warzone; WZ Weapon; WZ Loadout; S6 Battle … You can view the revised policy, PS4 Version Playable via Backward Compatibility, Xbox One Version Playable via Backward Compatibility.

When the roadmap for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare's Season 2 was released earlier this month, Mace was revealed alongside Canadian Special Forces soldier Talon, who will be a member of the Coalition opposing the Allegiance. Operator Dossier on the way, check back soon!

Get those Operators some skins and they’ll enter the Warzone with some serious style!

Here’s how: Once purchased or unlocked, you have a variety of cosmetic skins you can collect and choose from for every Operator. He lives with a redacted past and an undercover present, marked by a concealed appearance to hide his identity and maintain anonymity in the field. How do I get the mace bundle to show in my store? Extremely competitive. Check out your progress by clicking below. When you queue up into a Warzone match, you will be the Operator that is on your preferred faction. There isn’t a set price for Mace at the time of writing, but the Nikto Operator Bundle was priced at 2400 COD Points, so Mace will likely cost a similar amount. } Reassigned to Spetsnaz to utilize skill set. One of the hardest parts of performing these moves is setting yourself up to perform one. Due to the temporary truce between factions, your Warzone squad can be comprised of any Operator from either faction and any Fire Team.

Background: Ex U.S. Ranger turned gun for hire. Unlock By: Purchase “Mace Operator” Bundle in Store. The Season 2 roadmap stated that this particular Operator would be added into the game later on in the new period of content, so it may be a week or two before Infinity Ward gives players the ability to purchase this Operator's bundle from the game's store. Traveled 5 years off-grid, fighting in conflict zones from Eastern Europe to Africa.

"wording": "Report Ad", Me and more people want to buy it. Blockbuster Campaign, Multiplayer, and Co-Op. Mace was released on February 25th, 2020 In Call of Duty: Modern Warfare with the "Mace Operator Bundle". Appears in Unlock By: Win 5 Matches of Gunfight (Modern Warfare full game).

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Mace Operator Bundle.


Performing a Finishing Move is as simple as holding down the Melee button behind an enemy. Season 2 has brought a treasure trove of new content for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare players to enjoy. Background: Orphaned as a child, raised in and out of foster care. Sorry, you do not meet the minimum requirements, Xbox Series X and Series S Versions of the game, We’ve updated our Privacy Policy. By using our site you agree to our privacy policy.


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