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Are these individuals competent as an ASQ black belt? It’s a six sigma certification. Honestly, our VPS team isn’t even ready for DMAIC but I was wondering if the cert would look good on my resume/make me stand out. It's meaningless, but looks impressive to the sort of people that value an outdated cert without looking in to what body certified it. In the end it's up to you but take it from me ASQ is definitely worth it. What industries or roles are you interested in?

I think from someone outside the IE, Six Sigma, Lean Community this looks decent on a resume. From what I’ve read for this issuer the difference between black belt and master black belt is how many units of simulated projects you’ve completed. Password Forgot password? In my opinion, it’s associate level (I don’t decide our job title system). It doesn’t appear he has any projects for six sigma. The black belt is just a week long course. You learn some high level concepts but there's nothing covered that you can't find online. Apologies if this is the wrong sub to be posting. In the place I previously worked at (huge company), six sigma and the belts were very desirable traits across the organization. Is this legit? I need someone the QM can train (he’s like twice my age, so it came to me to figure out what the cert meant, and I’m his supervisor).

Welcome to the Management and Strategy Institute. And I don't know of many recent grads that hold these certs, so it seems appealing to do. Also it's not that much more expensive. I’ve already taken a quality management course in college and have a good understanding of VPS. As of right now, I have not found my long-term career niche in the corporate world and will be exploring.

I just got it through my employer and it was much better. Did they do a ... uh... simulated project? Press J to jump to the feed. I am honestly not sure what career path suits me the best. Thanks.

The black belt typically means you are a capable of leading a project.

So to respond to your advice.

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Don't think that just because they aren't experienced they aren't smart and can't learn fast. Considering you need to complete 2 real world projects and have significant savings on each (upwards of $40,000) to earn a black belt, if he/she says they don't have project experience, that's a red flag. I perfectly understand that it is meaningless in the sense that anyone can learn this information for free online and know it by hand. He has an MSI Six Sigma Black Belt.

It is solely for the reason of adding value to my resume and separating me from the herd of recent grads. My broad interests as of right now are Brand Strategy, Information Management and Operational Effectiveness/Lean coaching.

Management and Strategy Institute P: 610-200-5224 E: Contact form . It was the new hotness a decade ago, while agile is the new buzzword that you just have to have on your resume.

I have a LSS black belt from one of those bullshit companies that charged like $150 for an open book test.

This one is a MSI Six Sigma Black Belt Professional certification.

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Press J to jump to the feed. All of our certifications are exclusive, and we are the only company that can issue them. I know 2-3 engineers that lied about their experience (fresh grads) that got jobs and kept them. In the world of Six Sigma, there is no singular certification body. Our quality engineers are either quality techs who have been promoted or green graduates. I have a LSS black belt from one of those bullshit companies that charged like $150 for an open book test.

No promotion and links allowed for commercial tools, training, books, etc. I’ve already taken a quality management course in college and have a good understanding of VPS. I feel like it may not be. The Management and Strategy Institute is a certifying body for all the certifications we issue.

I've done the lean six sigma yellow belt course and enjoyed it but I wouldn't self fund it.

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If you are going to spend time and money on a certification make sure its the one from ASQ. I forgot to mention, but yea searching up any green belt course online leads me to all these shady sites. The way our title goes if it’s not entry level it’s senior. However, I can’t find much in the competency of individuals with these certs. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the AskEngineers community. I would like to know if it is worth self-investing in the Lean Six Sigma Green belt and doing this myself without any company support. I am a recent graduate and worked my last job in a project management supporting role for a large company. No they didn’t. Likewise, the IASSC is also a certifying body and they issue their own Six Sigma certifications. It requires you to score a 580 out of 750 on their proctored 150 question 4 hour exam (not recognize by the council of six sigma).

If its Aviation and or pharmaceuticals its a MUST. They cant hurt having in other words. Which one is the real deal?

Don't you have to do a Lean project to get a black belt? Is this legit? 1 year ago.

If process improvement or statistics doesn’t sound fun to you, I would explore other certs. Courses pre-approved for credit: BBHR, GBHR, HRCM, CCM, DMC The use of this seal is not an endorsement by HR Certification Institute of the quality of the program. I graduated as an ME a few years ago and love the all around fun stuff I get to do at work in a startup. I’ve had two different ones come across my desk.

He must really know it!". Outside of that most IT orgs love having belts within their organization but you wont heavily apply what you learn in these courses.

Let your professional goals guide you to relevant certifications.

Yep what was your dpmo dpu decrease, cost savings, revenue growth... Oughta shut them up pretty quick. I just had another fresh grad applicationcome across my desk for a Senior Quality Engineer. This certification is recognized by the six sigma council. It also made it through the computer and HR to make it to me. It’s hard to commit to a prep course without having tested it out first. I'd personally be wary that a fresh grad would actually understand how to apply six sigma to a role even if they jumped through the hoops for the cert.

IASSC Lean Six Sigma Black Belt. Can you elaborate on why it didnt work out well on your own? I tried going at it on my own and it didn’t work out well. I literally just want those buzzwords/certs on my resume and profile so I am more desirable. I feel that six-sigma/Lean is very general and can be applied to most roles. I feel like it may not be. It’s an online course and exam that counts as continued education credits for a bunch of different certs and licenses.

We are an accredited BBB member and our certifications are recognized by industry-leading organizations. The Management and Strategy Institute is an industry leader in professional development certifications. ASQ has its weight.

Fresh grad applying for a Senior QE position. I got my Six Sigma Black Belt from ASQ because it's worth it. The problem I found is that there is no international certification board which could provide validity to this certification. Management and Strategy Institute Six Sigma Course Features White Belt Free Trial Course. You can just sign up and write a test and last I checked you get to retake the exam for like 75 $. I plan on making a pivot in the corporate world, but I honestly don't know where I would fit best. After getting my certification I started volunteering with ASQ local chapter here and now I'm the IT Chair of my chapter. Definitely.

That makes no sense. Would those roles or industries value this cert?

Sometimes I’m designing new products and fixtures, sometimes I’m testing, sometimes I’m assembling, sometimes I’m in meetings making making resource allocation and lower level management decisions.

I just had another fresh grad application come across my desk for a Senior ... Don't attempt a forensic analysis of a spam resume. I have the opportunity to receive a Six Sigma Green Belt Certification from Management and Strategy Institute. Depends the industry you want to work in.

People that really understand lean and six sigma know this certificate really isn't all that meaningful. My company also provides internal certification for completing GB projects. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. A place for Industrial Engineers to talk about efficiency, 6σ and more.


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