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"I know you couldn't, but did you want to?" I wonder if he's gone,'" Mary replied. … He instructed her, you know, to use soap, to use toothpaste, to basically wash away, or take away any of the evidence that we needed to -- to solve the case.". She was quiet at first. When the plaintiff arrived to move in his belongings, he was met with a shot-gum toting Brother Killelea sitting in the television room of the community residence. And I was told that probably no one ever will.". "I said, 'My victim had a pink Sony Cyber-shot camera that was stolen from her.' But first, he needed to make sure no one else was home. "That was that 'aha' moment.". Galbraith said.

…Like, I knew what he liked and what turned him on," she explained. "And he just turned around, went down the stairs -- went out to the back, climbed over the fence, and left.". I won't let him instill fear in me. And that wasn't all. "Other than that they were women," said Maher. "Absolutely, there's more," said Hendershot. "I suppose because I wasn't looking for that, it just never occurred to me that it could happen.". Among the hundreds of photos found in Marc O'Leary's home, a picture of a young woman bound and gagged stood out. "And I still remember this moment -- that's when he leaned back … and smiled," said Grusing. "We didn't even know he had a brother until that moment.". "And first I didn't believe him, said, 'You sure?' She was able to sketch an image of a masked man and a distinctive egg shaped birthmark she saw on his calf. "He was pretty chivalrous and protective," she said.

A serial rapist on the loose in the Denver area. "She's willing it not to happen at this point?" Lawrence is best known for his role as Big Mike on the NBC series Chuck. "We were thinking potentially military … he knew what he was doing. But there were pieces of a puzzle: that gloveprint on a railing in Westminster, the Adidas shoeprint in the snow in Golden, and a pink camera used to photograph them during the attacks. "We had outside groups come in to teach officers and detectives ways to investigate sexual assaults. "We discovered another victim," said Galbraith. Mary said. I actually haven't seen these things beyond pictures," she said. Grace was born in 1830, in Ireland. "And what he picked up on was that they were made to shower for a certain time period … and basically wash away the evidence.". Teddy and I will miss you. Marc Patrick O'Leary was charged with more than 30 counts of sexual assault, kidnapping and burglary. Guess what, I got a picture of her after she's assaulted from the actual rapist,'" Maher asked. Her husband just happened to be a police officer over in a neighboring town. I knew that was wrong, because I could prove their case now," she said. Very sorry to read about Mark's too soon passing. He was armed with a knife. "I said, 'Turn around, put your hands behind your back, you're under arrest,'" said Galbraith. He was born in New Orleans, Louisiana. The victim in Aurora was in her 60s. Two years later and 25 miles away, Golden, Colorado, police detective Stacy Galbraith was just starting her shift when a call came in. "I definitely felt like we were up against the clock.

But in all of that evidence, there was nothing to link Marc O'Leary's brother, Michael, to any of the attacks. She waited like he told her in that bathtub, cold and frightened, for more than an hour.

In tenth grade, he became involved with his high school’s debate team—immersing himself in forensics competitions and theater. At age three, his mother started to bring him into NY city with her and his brother Joseph. All of this begs the question, if Marc O'Leary was willing to give such explicit details about the terrible crimes they already knew he had committed, what possible horrific things was he still hiding on those hard drives? "… around 2:33 in the morning she heard a dragging sound coming down the hall … that woke her up and she saw a large, masked man in her doorway holding a knife," Grusing said. "At this point in time, you do not believe he was involved with it in any way," Maher noted to the detectives, who replied, "No.". "He looked a little surprised. Maher asked. "I just knew in my heart that that was -- that was it.

"Had you ever heard that name before?"

He was an alumnus of De La Salle High School in New Orleans, Louisiana. "Walking in and out of your house, taking things from your place?" "And so we knew if we could … find the right person and they were wearing that shoe or had that shoe … we could be a little bit closer.". It was hard for Amy to believe. "She was isolated. Is he gone? Marc O'Leary to Grusing: You know, you'll hear psychologists and shrinks will say that rape is a crime about power and control. …we waited and watched.". Whatever he told me to do, I did it," she said.

"Nobody can get into it.

That's what he was counting on," said Det. "It sounds to me like maybe he's protecting somebody else if he's willing to fess up to everything that he's done, but he's not willing to turn over all of the information that he has," she said. "I never felt like I had the opportunity," Mary replied. "In some crazy way felt sorry for him," Mary said. He was even in their homes without attacking them. O'Leary brought up one woman he'd been planning to attack. Maher quipped. And in the snow, a single shoeprint. "Well, I think the big thing is just that rape victims don't have to be ashamed," Mary said. "I try not to live a paranoid life. A search warrant of his home yielded a gold mine. But Detectives Galbraith and Hendershot believe it doesn't stop there. "48 Hours" goes inside the mind of a serial rapist hunting his victims while two detectives were hunting him, Produced by Chris O'Connell, Lauren Clark and Lindsey Schwartz, [This story first aired on Nov. 19, 2016.]. O'Leary to Grusing: If Washington had just paid attention a little bit more, you know they'd probably – I probably would have been a person of interest, you know, earlier on. You got the guy. Mark Ortega, born in Orange California, served in the U.S. Air Force as a radar operator before entering the Capuchin Order in 1961. He had a military career that took him all over the world, from Washington State to Korea. "No idea whatsoever.". And he says, 'Yeah. Mark Christopher Lawrence, Actor: The Island. And it looks like the registered owner gets in it with a female," said Det. The rapist wore a mask and was meticulous in not leaving behind any physical evidence. Galbraith explained. © 2017 CBS Interactive Inc. All Rights Reserved. "I'd walked up through this driveway. Marc O'Leary to Grusing: …checked out her house a couple of times. Hendershot.

In May 1997, he was arrested in Adelaide and extradited to Western Australia on charges of unlawful carnal knowledge and indecent dealing at the orphanages.

What's more, Detective Hendershot was able to link the rape of 65-year-old Mary, in Aurora, to the same attacker.

Crime scene technicians found little evidence. Ranger Rocket himself, the amazing Jeff Krapf, joins the show! The description of the attacker was almost exactly the same.

"And they see … the truck leave. "And did you contact that police department in Washington?" "He never won any of these battles with the monster," said Grusing. "It went to Quantico. "It's gratifying to finally put someone like that in handcuffs," said Grusing. He is also featured on the Radio Series Adventures in Odyssey as "Ed Washington".[1]. "Did he have any prior criminal history whatsoever?" In O'Leary's phone, they found that he had called one woman numerous times. And he was so sick.". I mean, I wanna think that people are good … And so, I don't look for bad things," Pech told Maher. "And it was of a person we were looking for in another investigation. Right? "Turned out to be glove impressions that were alongside the railing outside of the apartment where the Westminster victim lived," she said. And this pattern was also found in the Westminster case. "And ultimately, she was given a citation for false reporting.". "There were so many victims.

"There were photographs … that depicted … other women in what I think can only be characterized as a rape scenario," said Jefferson County Deputy District Attorney Bob Weiner. And he seemed to like that," said Grusing.

Outside the victim's apartment, a security camera recorded a suspicious white Mazda truck, but the plates were not visible. San Diego Talent Spotlight The Intellexual 0 "No, we couldn't do that yet," she replied. "…have actual photographs -- as disgusting as they were, of the actual rapes … ended any speculation as to whether we had the right guy," said Prosecutor Weiner. And I saw the egg-shaped birthmark on his calf," she continued. "I mean, you got the truck. "He said, 'I am sure you know what is going on with Marc O'Leary,' and I said, 'No, actually I don't.' But he, thoughtfully, photographed her with her driver's license on her," said Galbraith.


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