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Galactic Empire[1]Secret Order of the Emperor[3]Imperial Remnant[2] Get updated with us about your Favorite Celebs.We update our data from time to time. Details; Name: Mark Steele: Age (as of 2018) 41 years: Profession: Celebrity: Birth Date: 13-Nov-76: Birth Place: Corby, Northamptonshire : Nationality: Corby: Mark Steele Net Worth. Stele begged the Secret Order to see to his father's release, promising to serve them in any way they required, but the Order seemed reluctant to help. Stele's TIE Defender, aided by escort shuttles from Red Knight and Dragonfly groups, fended off Zaarin's forces while the Empire was forced to evacuate the two facility's two remaining TIE Defender prototypes and personnel on the BFF-1 bulk freighter Mharsup and the shuttle G'nabgib. Eventually his basic training was complete, and he was then relocated back to the Vengeance for flight training. [2] However, just as he was getting used to life on the Fogger, he received a sudden transfer to the Victory-class Star Destroyer Protector, serving in Admiral Harkov's campaign to end a civil war in the Sepan system.

PROJECT CAMELOT aka  –  is a leader in the alternative media sector, with a Youtube channel that has over 900 video interviews over past 15 years, plus 5 years of radio show interviews and over 69 million unique viewers worldwide with over 283,000 subscribers. After Thrawn arrived in the Grey Wolf, along with the Star Destroyer Resolution, Zaarin ordered a retreat. Stele flew one of several Assault Gunboats charged with disabling the freighters before the Garrett arrived to oversee their capture. [8], As the Mharsup rendezvoused with Assassin-class corvette group Hashim to transfer the three TIE Defenders (including Stele's), they came under attack from Rebel forces and Stele had to cover the transfer before fleeing himself. If the player defeated Stele, the Imperial was not destroyed. Stele received a transfer to a TIE Avenger squadron under Thrawn to help the Grand Admiral defeat Zaarin. Were he to succeed, he would be rewarded with the opportunity of joining the Order. A wiki Profile is a perfect way to brand Yourself which helps to grow your Audience. He also received advanced training in the TIE Defender and was among the first pilots to use the starfighter in combat.

Though Stele's involvement with the swoop gangs allowed him to develop his piloting abilities, it was ultimately the cause of his discovery by the Bordali. For these actions, Stele was presented with the Medal of Liberty. [8], Assassin-class corvette group Chemeti was dispatched to deliver the parts needed to repair the Red Claw and to take possession of the scientists. If you continue to use this website without changing your cookie settings or you click "Accept" below then you are consenting to this. The cookie settings on this website are set to "allow cookies" to give you the best browsing experience possible. Human[2]

Stele was questioned about his relationship with Mordon, and offered all he knew. Maarek Stele flies a TIE Fighter against a Rebel shuttle. It soon became clear that Xeal had doubts about the Empire and why he should hate the Rebellion and, though Stele defended the Empire, he too found himself wondering if he was on the right side. Even so, his love of flying remained and after joining the Empire he found a sense of freedom while in the cockpit of a starfighter[1] and that it helped him to forget his problems. [3] He was instructed to check with one of their envoys before missions as they would often have additional tasks that required doing, beyond those set by his superiors. As a result he was surprised when he was approached by Xeal, a young pilot who asked Stele to teach him how to survive. [8] After the raid Stele was finally reunited with his father. He awoke several hours later in a medical facility to learn that Thrawn had arrived and the second stage of the battle had been a success. As of 2018 Mark Steele is 41 years years old. He helped out when he bumped into the offices of Big Idea. Kuan[1] To make matters worse, Zaarin sent his own TIE Defenders to attack the transfer. As a mechanic aboard the Vengeance, Stele had the opportunity to conduct test flights in Imperial starfighters. Under the command of Thrawn, Stele participated in an attack against the Rebel station RS-32, which led to its capture and the Empire's acquisition of the new warhead. After almost a week on the Protector he was asked to demonstrate to a pair of rookies how to destroy a minefield with an unshielded craft. Only thanks to Stele's old friend Pargo, now a stormtrooper, did he learn of his father's fate. [8] While on patrol, Stele identified a group of ten Alliance fugitives aboard Onece 3, disabled it for boarding, and destroyed its escort. [16] Stele eventually resurfaced in 43 ABY, when he was approached by former Rebel general Lando Calrissian for a mission to prevent the destruction of Kessel, no longer in Imperial hands and now owned and administered by Calrissian, his wife Tendra Risant Calrissian and the Sullustan Nien Nunb. Affiliation(s) His initial debriefing revealed Stele's experience as both a swoop pilot and mechanic along with his father's teachings on astrophysics, skills which caused him to be identified as potentially useful to the Empire. Stele quickly became an ace pilot and went on to be considered one of the greatest pilots in the Empire. [3], Harkov's act of treason was evidence enough for the Emperor to send the Supreme Commander of the Imperial Fleet, Lord Darth Vader, to personally deal with Harkov. After the Suprosa was traced back to the Bothan station Kothlis II, Stele participated in a mission to the station but was informed by the Secret Order that the Emperor was more interested in learning of what had happened to the freighter than recovering it. [6], In Star Wars: TIE Fighter, Emperor's Hand is depicted as a senior rank in the Secret Order of the Emperor. More alarmingly, the Nami were using TIE Defenders and the raid was being observed by the Rebel Carrack-class cruiser Jester. We will update you soon. [8], Stele had impressed Grand Admiral Zaarin during the Habeen negotiations[10] and soon found himself back under the command of Zaarin when he was transferred to the Grand Admiral's research facility. [8], Stele's time on the Protector had been successful, seeing him receive two quick promotions to lieutenant and then captain and, after this final mission, the Secret Order rewarded him for his loyalty, bringing him further into their ranks. Gender [1] Occurring frequently as dreams while he slept, the strange images Stele saw left him confused, though one consistent factor in his visions was Palpatine's voice, seemingly filling his mind. This article is in need of some assistance! Under an alias, he began participating in competitions for money, undertaking dangerous stunts among the ruined high-rise buildings on his homeworld. In the event that the auto ejection system fails, the player sees a cutscene showing Stele's funeral. Stele participated in an operation to capture the Zeplin but came out of hyperspace to find the Star Destroyer had already rendezvoused with the Rebel cruiser Link. Stele was leading one such patrol, which included an Interdictor and its compliment of TIE fighters, when they encountered a New Republic convoy attempting to pass through Imperial space. The Rebels attacked again as the Dargon came out of hyperspace near the Garrett and suffered engine failure, the result of suspected sabotage. Say there, good citizen! After becoming an Emperor's Hand, the player can continue to achieve the ranks of Emperor's Eyes, Emperor's Voice and Emperor's Reach. However, while the Imperial forces routed the Rneekii, a group of Nami pirates arrived and were able to damage the Red Claw's hyperdrive before Stele could stop them, leaving the ship stranded near Kiilimaar. However, Thrawn had prepared a contingency plan, planting a tracking device on the corvette. When he reached it he saw the debris of the shuttle's escorts and two Y-wings shooting at the shuttle. [8], Stele received his battle medal in a small ceremony after the Nharwaak meeting with the Rebels was thwarted. Although he initially served as a mechanic, Stele was offered the opportunity to train as a TIE pilot after saving the life of Admiral Mordon. [15][17], Stele had an understanding of science and astrophysics that he inherited from his father and, during his time as a swoop racer and later an Imperial mechanic, demonstrated his skills as an engineer in maintaining and upgrading both his own swoop and Imperial starfighters.


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