marlin 1895 tactical
They said they would set up a refund if needed. The top tang of the Model 1895 was drilled and tapped for a peep sight. I think a Marbles aperture sight mounted on the top tang would be perfect for one of these except not sure if a) it would fit and b) the recoil would be an issue. Lever gun aficionados are familiar with the “Marlin red” finish of the wood on the older guns as well as many custom Marlins. Subscribe now to get the latest news on guns, gear, gun rights, and personal defense delivered straight to your inbox daily! It also helps that, in the 1970’s and 80’s, there simply weren’t many options for lever action .45-70s to choose from.

Just new to us since it was absorbed into the farm.) I put in one of Jim West’s extractors and pondered sending mine to him to convert to a Co Pilot. There is no rubber butt pad, but instead a hard plastic checkered plate with the Marlin logo.

Thanks for the review. The contrast between your experience, similar to that of many YouTube posters, and that of JWT suggests to me that Marlin is capable of building a proper rifle, but they can’t do it predictably so they hold onto the good ones for when they need a ringer to send off to a gun journalist. While it didn’t necessarily set the world afire with sales records, the new Model 1895 enjoyed a brisk acceptance.

Short time later I was taking it home with me. Appreciate the note. Weight: 7 lbs. Finally, there is an 1895SBL made in stainless with an 18 1/2" barrel, full-length, 6-shot magazine, a laminated stock and the Wild West Guns Big Loop lever. This firearm has the rare distinction of being two separate and different rifles with the same model number. Marlin Model 1895 Lever Action Rifle - The venerable big-game-dropping performance of the 45-70 Gov´,t. If you wade into the den of the Dark Lord, bring your guts and a Marlin 1895. the Model 1895 was and remains the woods hunter’s dream gun. Neither grip is more traditional than the other, at least not on the 1895s. In June I bought my first Marlin, .45-70 1895GBL, new. I shot all of the jacketed rounds after I shot the lead rounds.

Cycling was smooth, indicative of over 100 years of product refinement. 1895 Brush Gun Build. “Sharp edges on the lever is one of the things I noticed on the Marlin guns”. The Model 336 is an unqualified success, with more than 5 million copies made. The practically ancient black powder cartridge is really at least two, and more like three different cartridges, depending on the firearm it’s used in. There’s very, very little creep or mush.

I’ll take half a star off for standard wood and a good, but nothing special finish. So in 1972 it sort of reintroduced the Model 1895 rifle. That’s because the heart of the Marlin lever action center fire rifles changed quite a bit in 1948, with the Marlin 36. This hasn’t been without notice at Marlin. is now available in a compact gun that weighs only 7 lbs. After I had everything in hand I sped off to the range to see how the newest thunder stick would perform at 50 yards. But I realize this rifle is targeted at cowboy action shooters. 1 in .375.

Consider retreat. I bought the gun and I can’t wait to get a Soule sight set for it and get back to the range as well as bear hunting this Fall and Spring. Never had an issue with any lever guns until this point and my Henry in 45 Colt has ran like a champ since I got it in 2016. Tops. energy of the hottest loads you shot through it? I’ve only shot two loads through it, a 430 “Bear” load that hurts like hell, and a 405 cowboy load that’s a pu&&ycat. But the other three old ponds only hold 6 footers. I still want a Florida gator. Cycles well, Skinner peeps are accurate, I have been very pleased with it, thankfully. Nonetheless, the Model 1895 was a solidly built and accurate rifle.

Stock finish looks like someone laid a rag on it while drying and there is a lot of varnish clogging the checkering.

on your Marlin. The rail allows for a quick-detachable scope mount. It’s pretty easy to tell the 19th century Marlins from the later versions.

The new production Marlin 1895CB is just as good as any Marlins produced in decades. Having shot Garrett’s loads and their handloaded equivalent in a 1970s 1895, I can attest to the recoil. The obvious question is how does it compare to the current Henry’s in .45-70? For all of the things that went wrong, Marlin seems to have gotten back to building guns right, and the quality control to keep it consistent. Who doesn’t love a Marlin 1895 in 45-70?

Rick, it’s called bent.

Much easier to take apart than the 1894 Winchester. Delay after delay despite them saying once they got the FFL info they’d ship (hint, they lied). Action: Lever action, side ejection, solid-top receiver

There are a few folks now that can color case harden these guns. in terms of velocity—and consequently recoil—that pad helps to take the sting out shooting those loads in a 7 lb. (The new pond isn’t new. Gun was probably $250 new back then and the conversion cost more than the gun but it’s a cool trick. Great review of a really nice rifle.

While these numbers might not seem impressive, it was obvious that this was a product of the chosen factory sights. Although it has the improved action of the Model 336, the current 1895CB shares a lot of features with the original rifle. Sending a few boxes of that old thumper downrange is sure to wake you right up, so skip the coffee that day. The lever is a standard narrow style, and it’s blued. What was the ft./lb. This classic lever-action has put meat on the table and chased away its fair share of predators who sought to make a quick meal out of unsuspecting livestock.

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The problems you describe must be very frustrating. With the right bullet, the 1895CB is capable of more precision than most would expect. Guessing not much change in recoil from the other patterns based on the weight listed. Like every other modern production rifle with a brass bead front sight, this one works much better with a little bit of hand polishing. Aside from the jet-black Birchwood furniture, the new Dark series of rifles are exceptionally short— 34.5 inches, to be precise. It works perfectly, but does spoil a bit of the aesthetic of the receiver. Sure it works like his, but it looks more like something out of the latest John Wick installment. Caliber: 45-70 Gov’t. Out of the box, this is a gun I’d stake my life on.

I always enjoyed shooting a friend’s 1895, and treasure my 1990s vintage 1894. For me the “new” Marlin has been a big hot turd.”. I don’t think he paid an arm and a leg for the gun but if I was looking for smithing I’d contact West’s Wild West Guns in Anchorage. The Model 1895G—or 1895GS in stainless steel—is often referred to as the Guide Gun. Sent back a second time.

But, they’re so common; why would he?

The 1895 requires a solid tug to get the action open, followed by a strong pull to get it back started home again, and there are a couple of little hitches along the way. I seriously doubt it’ll come to that. Sharp edges on the lever is one of the things I noticed on the Marlin guns immediately after Remington purchased them.

I sold the guide gun after figuring the cost of all the mods to make the gun work right for me. I haven’t checked out the new pond. A nice 10 footer. Both the 19th century Marlin and the current CB come with a 26″ blued octagonal barrel. That open receiver housed a round bolt with a corresponding cut for it to travel through the receiver.

Capacity: 9-shot tubular magazine A Marlin action can be smoothed out, but it takes someone who really knows what they are doing to make a big difference. I cautiously bought the 1895 Trapper SBL 45-70 in stainless a year ago February, it is comparable to my older Marlins, superior in some ways.


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