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I really don't think this is worth at all. Some years back I checked the then-past twenty years of awards by the main professional geography society for their "geographer of the year"; 19 of 20 of these people were in MWW (the only one who wasn't was a known 'radical' who though an important figure probably felt such listing was beneath him). Hamilton, William, L., "Who Are You? Over the then-past twenty years, all but one (a well-known radical who may have rejected an offer to be included out of hand) were in fact listed in WW. Second, feel free to review the bios of the scholars on MWW. "We are pleased to inform you that your biography has been accepted into Marquis Who's Who for the 2019 Edition, which is comprised of the top 3% of the professionals in the world. In my opinion (as I've stated many times) as long as you don't have to purchase the books or pay any money for the media blitz in order to be listed or get their award, I believe that it is a legitimate organization. There is no way they can find my publications but they gave me this award!

Consider it a pat on the back. [18], In 1999, Forbes magazine published "The Hall of Lame" by Tucker Carlson, in which Carlson reported that the selection process was neither rigorous nor meaningful; self-nominators and thousands of people who are not particularly notable were included; and that Marquis profited by selling subscriber addresses to direct mail marketers.

An orthodox firm not only doing service but also sure, will be acquired money. Developed and developing country's governments are requesting USER FEE for their services. I don't know those people who are grumbling or calling it undeserved names, but it sounds to me like there might be a bit of sour grapes involved because they did not qualify to be listed or receive the award. Again, this has nothing to do with estimating my accomplishments--or lack thereof--although the "accomplishments" that were expressed to me as being the basis for the award were certainly not worthy of a lifetime achievement award. Sheesh! To me, the various Marquis Who's Who editions (... in the World, of Science and Engineering, in America, etc.) Why Are You Here?"

this post was very helpful thank you everybody for your contribution. It is still the oldest such listing in the US. Doesn't make sense to me, at least. He made a living as a writer, editor, and literary critic and published one of his most well-known pieces, “The Raven” in 1845, making him a household name. This does not only concern contemporary scientists, but also those who have already deceased (especially in older volumes). So I don't feel 'embarrassed' at being in MWW (nor did I self-nominate; I still don't know whether someone else nominated me, or the company simply 'found' me). Andy Warhol was a visionary artist, director, and producer who has greatly influenced contemporary American culture. I disagree with you that they didn't know anything about you since 2001. The information had never been updated and there was little I had done at that time which would qualify me for any sort of lifetime achievement award. Reed Publishing bought Marquis and National Register from Macmillan in 1991. [21], Forbes adopted Who’s Who in America as a source for compiling information on post-graduate success when it began ranking America's most prestigious colleges in 2007. Your convoluted defense of unsolicited calls is absurd. If I am getting an award that I never applied for to an email address that is just a junk email address and sent to me with no name, it is not hard to conclude that is merely spam and bogus. I have recently been honored to receive the Albert Nelson Leadership award, though I have so many other awards it probably won't even get listed in my resume. Google is my history (if not curated) – e.g., I found this where I posted what I like to feel is a classic comment. While my opinion is that it's not, because although people don't pay to be listed, the criteria for determining who deserves to be listed are opaque and questionable at best. Librarians, students, researchers, corporate executives, journalists, personnel recruiters, and many others rely on Marquis Who’s Who every day for in-depth biographical information they can use with confidence. That's why attempts to devalue the the organization by lumping it in with the fraudulent ones who are only after your money is unfair and irresponsible. Over 1.5 million biographies – larger than any database of its kind! Visit Marquis Who’s Who Testimonials to see what our members have to say about us. ", Marquis calls its selection criteria "stringent" and claims that biographical data on candidates for listing are reviewed by its editors to confirm that its requirements are met. Most employers go to LinkedIn, and that is the primary place I use for professional activities and communication. Had anyone found any benefit from belonging to this? Go ahead - ask them. Many, many thanks for your wonderful editing of the feature, and for your help... Have you made strides in your career that deserve to be showcased to the world? The books are usually titled Who's Who in... followed by some subject, such as Who's Who in America, Who's Who of American Women, Who's Who in the World, Who's Who in Science and Engineering, Who's Who in American Politics, etc. All the document is still with me. So - get listed, don't get listed, or tell them to stop bothering you. And just to be clear, I declined the "award. An individual's desire to be listed is not sufficient reason for inclusion. Marquis Who’s Who was established in 1898 and promptly began publishing biographical data in 1899. If my memory is correct, I had been list on Who's Who in XXXX for more than 10 times, but I am really just a professor in a small-town university! [6][17], Some insight into the selection process can be obtained from William L Hamilton's article entitled "Who Are You? They're going to online searchable databases now anyway. He gained recognition as a commercial artist, and in the 1960s pioneered the iconic concept of pop art, meant to focus on the mass-production and consumption of goods that was taking over at the time. Have you checked every single biography in the MWW and have made a conclusion based on an extensive analysis or you are making an opinion based on the basis that you are a holder of this award? I steadily moved up the ladder -- received invitations to more and different publications. Which way to the buffet? All rights reserved. There is a fee for the website development, listing, and maintenance, which could be useful as a marketing tool for some, or just getting your name out there.

It's like winning "Best Paper Award" from some obscure conference. And Terence - I'm not sure why you reached the conclusion you did. The service is considered an important reference source, and at a fairly low price. Provide your patrons and students with the most comprehensive and current biographical database available... Use as a networking tool, and identify candidates for executive boards and committees. It is the link that people use only after they have said they wanted the Press Release and Official Certificate after they've been nominate and vetted. The fact that I was listed among the other qualified winners (no matter how many) made me "credible" when it came to the top awards like the Athena award. My father's wife was listed in six different Who's Who books, but when I offered them to her children and grandchildren after she died, not a single one wanted the books. More to the point, no one is obliged to pay $800 to find me on Google Scholar or Researchgate. I do not begrudge the company trying to make some bucks on the side to support what is basically a useful service.

However the libraries of academic institutions are. May you have a lifetime of inventing and/or discovering many things totally new and groundbreaking. Each year, we strive to continue the tradition established by company founder, Albert Nelson Marquis, more than 120 years ago with the first publication of Who’s Who in America. Ignore the fluffery (which unfortunately is a needed revenue source for the company) and consider the second matter. He said he often received their mailings, and generally didn't respond. So it's the listing that is the recognition of your accomplishments. The importance of nominations, even self-nominations, is not to be ignored, either, as it can alert the compilers to awards or honors or other accomplishments that they might have missed.

I agee with Chris, there is no obligation to pay for the award, it is confered to the recpient in any way. I've been listed there for over 20 years, and it has been an honor to do so. However I didn't get any good impression of the process. I have no idea who nominated me (Thank you).

Alas, the amount of biographical information obtainable over the internet has replaced that available to readers of published volumes in 1898, and any legitimately interested person (journalist, etc.) I was told by Marquis in the 1990s that simply responding to their mail/request constituted accepting the award. The question was - is Marquis Who's Who a reputable listing? If you pay for an award, it's not an award - that's a purchased advertisement. Thank sooooo much. However, he had a good laugh, and said he clearly didn't qualify for that publication.

In the US, according to the census, only 2% of the population have PhDs. Just like a sleazy use car salesman. It seems a legit organization but maybe they shouldn't be spamming.

Awards never mean anything other than the person has figured out the game. While Marquis continue the time-honored tradition of publishing print titles, an emphasis is placed on creating powerful online tools and products and exceptional branding services and networking opportunities! MBO is the only resource to contain the over 1.5 million biographies from the Marquis Who’s Who Publications such as Who’s Who in America®, Who’s Who in the World®, and many more! I received Marquis Who's Who email that I have been selected by their committee for 2018 edition. It is clear they are running a business, however, and I have shunned (and cringed at) the 800 dollar charges for fluffery. Now that everything is electronic and online, it is probably useful to be in their databases. Some years ago a noted reference works authority did a survey to identify librarians' opinions as to the fifty most important reference titles of the twentieth century--WW did not quite make that list, but it is actually held by more libraries nationally than almost all of the titles that did. The discussion here is very helpful.

Putting such things on your CV no doubt looks naive to anyone else who has had a similar experience, and especially since the bios are such a mess there is no other possible benefit.


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