marseille soap vs castile soap

The mixture is allowed to sit until ready, then poured into a mold and allowed to set slightly. The pure stuff is hypo-allergenic and has no perfumes or additives. I always have two soap making crock pots going at the same time, so I made both of these soap recipes at once. Plus, I was able to put them in the same soap mold too. The differences between Castile, Aleppo, and Marseille soaps are mainly four. It is REALLY good for your skin. What made me wonder about Bastille vs. Castile soap was I was considering making some more of my Bastille-Honey soap which really is a lovely, skin soothing soap. Castile Soap has long been heralded for its gentle skin loving nature.

Here are the differences: Castile soap is made ONLY with pure olive oil, lye, and water. It’s super hard, very green, and great for your skin! In fact, it can be a bit drying.

Just saying. Well, here are two recipes, one for Bastille soap and one for Castile soap. It has a very creamy lather, but it's NOT bubbly, and it is not very cleansing either. Each of these recipes makes only one pound of soap. safe eggs, homestead skills, chickens, refrigerating eggs, summer salad, fiesta salad, party salad, Mexican themed salad, quinoa salad, healthy salad, 20 Best Oils to Use in Your Homemade Skincare Products, How to Make Hot Process Soap in 12 Easy Steps. It took awhile to come to trace, but it cooled and hardened really fast. What is this, I wondered? She told me Castile soap requires a VERY long cure time, like up to a year! By 1688, Louis XIV introduced regulations in the Edict of Colbert limiting the use of the name savon de Marseille to olive oil based soaps. Second, the period of time when their recipes were first elaborated. The soap on the left is Castile soap--pure olive oil. I didn't add any colorants or additives---except for a bit of Clove & Grapefruit essential oils at the end (because they happen to repel wasps (which we’re battling right now), besides smelling delicious). Castile soap can be a bit finicky to make, I have heard. That's for sure. My ebook, How to Make Hot Process Soap, was her jumping off point on her soap making journey, and I'm really excited for her! Lavender-Rosemary-Vanilla Hot Process Soap. When I created my very simple Bastille soap recipe, I decided to use Coconut oil, which is a very common oil used in soap making. I was surprised! For Pete's Sake: What is the difference, anyway? Click to get started now! What the heck? No more. While still soft it is cut into bars, stamped, and left to completely harden. You’ll be able to tell if you want to invest time into this time-honored skill! What are they made of?

This high level of olive oil STILL leaves you with a super conditioning bar of soap. That's all. It’s more expensive than mass-market soaps, but those in the know say it’s well worth it. Today, there are two main varieties of Marseille soap, a greenish hued made with olive oil and a white made of palm oil or a palm and coconut oil mixture. You’ll also get access to the Free Resource Library, where you can download your copy of the Hot Process Soap Making Checklist and LOTS more! FREE 5-Day Home Remedy and Herbal Foundations email course. Marseille soap or Savon de Marseille (French pronunciation: ​[savɔ̃ də maʁsɛj]) is a traditional hard soap made from vegetable oils that has been produced around Marseille, France, for about 600 years. Here is a comparison of two traditional handmade soaps that you can make too! Making more than one batch at a time is great because it's very easy to see the different behaviors of the various oils and lye solutions. You can find excellent directions in these articles and book: How to Make Hot Process Soap in 12 Easy Steps., Privacy Policy, Affiliate Disclosures, Disclaimers. Please note, comments must be approved before they are published, Use left/right arrows to navigate the slideshow or swipe left/right if using a mobile device. The whole process can take up to a month. Depending on the richness of the soil and the seasons some olives won’t saponify at cold temperatures thus requiring boiling.

Coconut oil is excellent in the cleansing and lathering areas---which means it's not the greatest choice for a skin conditioning oil. So, if you are willing to give on the cleansing and lathering soap qualities in exchange for some terrific skin softening and conditioning, perhaps Castile soap is for you! Is very cleansing while still being extremely conditioning and soothing for your skin. What are these special handmade soaps all about?

What you can do is add the kind of oil that will help give your Bastille soap extra qualities that Castile soap just doesn't have. By the way---Bastille soap may not always have great qualities that offset the lack of cleansing of a Castile bar of soap. What do you think of the differences between Castile and Bastille soap? **Now this eBook is included as a free bonus in my soap making course! I found out the answers to this one when I made my first Bastille-Honey Handmade Soap. The first documented soapmaker was recorded there in about 1370. I'd sure love your opinions! Today there are only a few. But the Bastille soap is just wonderful, as it combines the rich skin soothing qualities of Castile soap, but you still have the cleansing ability and great lather that other oils can provide! The first documented soapmaker was recorded there in about 1370. How to make them? Also, if you are wanting to make soap, you’ll love to have the FREE life-saving Soap Making Checklist! It was a dark olive green, and for some reason, it just didn't smell that great---the olive oil was probably more pure (or not virgin) or something. In its liquid form, it is commonly sold as a hand soap. choosing a selection results in a full page refresh. Bastille soap is ALMOST like Castile soap except it has additional oils added to it. The sodium hydroxide (lye) and water solution effectively turns that lovely, rich olive oil into Castile soap. By 1913 production had reached 180,000 tons, and in 1924 there were 132 soapmaking companies in the Marseille and Salon-de-Provence areas combined, but by 2000 only five remained.

Made from pure olive oil (and no other oils whatsoever), Castile soap is tremendously beneficial for your skin. I am just a hot process girl. Which is better: Bastille or Castile soap? Finally, the last difference between those soaps is the concentration of oils used in the mix. Honestly, I was not impressed. Aleppo soap is known to have laurel oil among its ingredients at varying concentrations while the other two are mainly 100% olive oil. Here are two recipes, one for bastille soap and the other for castile soap. However, because of this factor, it is also very weak in the cleansing and bubbling arena. There are also ALL the answers to your questions about bastille and castile soap: Which is best? What is the difference? Final Thoughts on Castile Soap vs. Bastille Soap. [3], "Association des Fabricants de Savon de Marseille", "Sapone di Marsiglia come antiparassitario per l'orto",, Articles with unsourced statements from September 2008, Articles with unsourced statements from December 2013, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 18 May 2020, at 20:25. You can find out all about Cold Process vs. Just three easy ingredients. Bastille soap? You waste less ingredients that way. First of all their geographic origins. The third difference between those soaps is the manufacturing technique. I love a good bar of real castile soap. Or Castile Honey soap? Expédition gratuite partout dans le monde. You'd be surprised at the differences in soap behavior!

Find out how to make bastille and castile soap---and which is the best for you! Follow the same directions for hot process soap as stated in the links above. And lots more! Bastille soap must have at least 75% olive oil, and the other oils can actually help offset the lack of cleansing of a pure Castile soap. What about the rustic appearance?

(Cleansing, anyone?). It can also be used in agriculture as a pesticide. I can then determine if my soap recipe will most likely be a good one or not. Or Bastille? OK, so I could truly compare the differences, I kept my recipes VERY simple. Which is best? Aleppo is in the Middle East while the other two are in Europe. But I love my Bastille-Honey Soap more! They should always be wooden or plastic (heat resistant). First of all their geographic origins. Then I thought: Maybe I should try Castile soap? To be true Bastille soap, it needs to be at least 75% Olive Oil. Marseille soap is frequently used for domestic cleaning, including hand washing of delicate garments such as wool and silk. You can get it at the end of the article. Production in that city started at least 2000 years ago, in Europe soap was introduced in the early 16th century. I love both of these soaps. I NOW have the answers! How are bastille and castile soap different? Click here to make your own natural handmade soaps! When I use this pure Castile bar, it feels like such a traditional (and Italian) way of bathing.

Even though historians are not sure of the exact date Middle Eastern soap was first produced, they all agree that it was first elaborated first in Aleppo, Syria. It may be the most conditioning soap available, as a matter of fact! Castile? She is now making cold process soap as well as hot process soap, and she recently decided to give some Castile soap a try. I'll be honest. Follow Hot Process Soap Making directions. Have you been wanting to learn how to use herbs for your natural home remedies…but you’re afraid to try? Castile soap is saponified at cold temperatures while the other two are boiled for an extended period of time. [1] Originally sold only in 5 kg and 20 kg blocks, today they come in sizes between 300 g and 1 kg, though larger sizes are often available, some up to 40 kg[citation needed].

If it takes that long for cold process Castile soap to cure, then MUST it take a long time for hot process Castile to cure too? (It turned out great, by the way.) A friend of mine, who has started her own soap making business made some Castile soap for the first time the other day.

By 1688, Louis XIV introduced regulations in the Edict of Colbert limiting the use of the name savon de Marseille to olive oil based soaps. P.S. Castile soap? It's all about the additional oils used in the recipe. Took some time to come to trace, and I had to wait until the next day for it to be hard enough to use in the shower.

Traditionally, the soap is made by mixing sea water from the Mediterranean Sea, olive oil, and the alkaline ash from sea plants together in a large cauldron (usually making about 8 tons). You know why I'm a hot process soap making girl? That's it.

Love this soap! Hot Process Soap Making in this link---and maybe you can see why. [2] This mixture is then heated for several days, stirring constantly.

** 2.06 ounces of Sodium Hydroxide (I use food grade because it just makes me feel better.) But then, who am I to judge?

Then I came across bastille soap. How does it compare to the original castile soap?

Otherwise, most folks I have run across are not fans of the stuff. [1] The law has since been amended to allow other vegetable oils to be used.

Get started now with my FREE 5-Day Home Remedy and Herbal Foundations email course. Aleppo is in the Middle East while the other two are in Europe. And which is better? How are they different? GREAT question! If I'm not sure how the soap will turn out, I try to create smaller batches. Well....except that I still don't know if it REALLY does take a whole year for Castile soap to cure using the cold process method.


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