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Bad as they were living conditions at New Seaham were far better than most older mining villages in the county. Resulted in the destruction of the rump Durham Coalfield. Ada and Ellen streets were named after the daughters of the constructors of the streets, Benjamin & Temple. Seaton and Seaham Collieries (New Seaham) and Seaham Harbour remained quite separate communities, divided by fields, and connected only by the Rainton & Seaham Railway and a dirt track and the fact of shared ownership by the Londonderrys. They resembled drowned rats more than men but they maintained their dignity and flatly refused to ‘run about and show themselves’ to the spectators. The track stayed in place between South Hetton (and the projected Hawthorn Shaft which would raise coal from Eppleton, Elemore and Murton collieries) and the coast railway at Ryhope. He repeated the errors of the 1841 and 1851 enumerators and described the first large section of housing he dealt with as simply ‘Murton Colliery’. Row at Greenhill now became one side of Princess Street these tend not to show up on the other sources of information for privacy reasons. Social life centred on the back alley. Only six dwellings. She was still living with her mother, stepfather and brother, probably still in the Durham Place area. New to Family History? German Row: later called Doctor’s Street, which in the direction of Sunderland had a fine view of the North Sea (The German Ocean.). There she met a patient, George Ward, and married him before the year was out. Mary Ann Cotton was born in England on October 31, 1832. rows specifically. 12th. The new mines were the second and third deepest in the country (behind Pemberton Main at Monkwearmouth). Finally 164 men and boys were killed in the calamity of September 1880.

Indeed he was to honour the town his parents had founded with his presence for an entire week. Free trials are normally available and are a good way to fill out a lot of your tree quickly.

Genealogy for Mary Ann Cotton (Wills) (1828 - 1915) family tree on Geni, with over 200 million profiles of ancestors and living relatives. Lancaster Street was named after Joseph Lancaster, founder of the schools ‘Monitorial’ system.

The massive explosion in October 1871 miraculously killed only 26. It was to prove a fateful decision for those who should have been working on the Tuesday/Wednesday night and for those who ended up working when ordinarily they would have been at home sound asleep. She moved to Sunderland and got a job as a nurse at the Infirmary. Foster, his case rapidly collapsing, demanded to the Judge Sir Thomas Archibald that the other murders in the family be stricken from the record, for Mary Ann was only being charged for the death of her stepson. Coke Row + Coke House became East Street For other Murton records before and after the opening of Holy Trinity in 1875, consult the parish records for Dalton-le-Dale. Ancient racial scores could be settled and no questions asked.

Part of Sinkers Row + All of Chapel Row became Durham Place

A new place of worship, Christ Church, was built at New Seaham in 1855 by Lady Frances Anne as a memorial to her husband. Double Row became Lancaster Street Murton miners and their bands would march in procession to the Junction station to board the special trains provided. Thus coal could still be transported from the few surviving collieries to Sunderland for export. Matthew Besom, 16 (No Trace in 1841 census of SH (South Hetton) & M (Murton), John Dickenson, 12 (No Tace at SH & M 1841), Edward Noble, 23 (Resident at South Hetton 1841), Edward Haddick or Haddock (No Trace at SH & M in 1841), William Raffell or Raffle, 32 (Family present at South Hetton 1851), Christopher Raffell or Raffle, 10 (Family present at SH in 1851), James Hall, 40 (Resident at South Hetton 1841), Thomas Stubbs, 27 (Resident at South Hetton 1841), Richard Bloomfield, 20 (His family were at South Hetton in 1841 ? Henry Pace, Overman (Resident at South Hetton 1841), Anthony Gray (Resident at South Hetton 1841), John Robinson (At least four men and boys with this name were resident at South Hetton & Murton in 1841), John Teasdale (Resident at South Hetton in 1841), James Dixon, a boy (Resident at South Hetton 1841), William Armstrong, Viewer at Wingate Grange Colliery, Thomas Jones of Murton (Not present at South Hetton or Murton in 1841 & 1851), Thomas Graydon of Murton (Resident at Murton 1841). Inside a year his widow, who otherwise would have had to give up the colliery house, married another miner and fellow Methodist, George Stott, who hailed from nearby South Hetton. Church Row: which faced the new Christ Church

Mary Ann was born Feb. 15, 1932 in Greensboro, NC to Allen Lee and Ruby Dee Norwood Cheek, and was the oldest of five children: brothers Donald and Roger, and sisters Judith and Sandra. When war came they were joined by those made homeless in Seaham Harbour by German bombing. Seaham Colliery also absorbed Scots, Irish and Welsh and also a group from Norfolk.

His numerous pits at Penshaw and in the Rainton and Pittington districts and elsewhere in Durham were at their peak and the demand was such that he could usually sell every ton that he produced. Events from this new community were recorded at St. Andrew’s.

The following southwestern surnames appeared in Murton and Easington District for the first time in the 1860s and are still present today: Blackmore, Newcombe, Tremaine, Colville, Bolt, Cornish, Hampton, Milford, Nancarrow, Peardon, Main, Pascoe, Trewicke, Tilley, Hemphill, Bray, Spry, Lavis, Dashper, Beer, Henwood, Hocking, Vine, Blackwell, Pine and Jane. One unlucky driver, travelling on the Seaham to Houghton road at Seaton, was dazzled by the morning sunshine and failed to see the warning lights flashing at the railway crossing. Butcher’s Row: Butcher may have been a director/official of the North Hetton and Grange Colliery Company St. Mary the Virgin continued to serve only [Old] Seaham village, Seaton-with-Slingley and outlying farms.

In 1843, Mary Ann’s mother married George Stott. California Row: 1849 saw the California Gold Rush. This was also used for gambling, fist-fights and games of hand-ball against teams from neighbouring collieries.

She was hanged at Durham Gaol in March 1873. At Murton the chain was changed for another one connected to Haswell fixed engine house. She personally paid the teacher’s salaries and all other expenses and allowed the children of non-employees to attend. & 5th. George and Margaret Stott took up residence in California Street at an unknown number and in the summer of 1865 took in Mary Ann’s only surviving child, Isabella Mowbray, aged 6. Everything was described by the enumerator of 1841 as ‘Murton (or Morton) New Winning’ so we have few clues as to which were the first streets. The inquest was held at the New Seaham Inn (now called the Kestrel). Research the background of Mary Ann Cotton using the links below. Rows at Greenhill became Pilgrim Street

As the North Hetton and Grange Colliery Company no longer had an interest in the Seaton part of Seaham Colliery or its housing stock any trace of that concern in the street names of the village was now removed by the Londonderrys. Dakers refused even to see a second delegation.In consequence a mass meeting of all the men and boys was called for the Thursday night with a view to laying the pit idle. The advantage of fixed engines was that they overcame the necessity for much of the excavation work required to make a railway line as level as possible. From 10 pm to 6 am, when the colliery was comparatively quiet, was the maintenance shift, which employed far fewer workers.

FreeBMD database. The village and most of its inhabitants were gone by 1960 but Seaham Colliery itself survived until the late 1980s. In the 1850s the Marchioness built Londonderry schools at the Raintons, Kelloe, Old Durham, Penshaw and New Seaham (which still stands) and later her son Henry constructed another at Silksworth. Uncharacteristically they did not bestow their own names as had happened at Seaham Harbour and other places, at least not yet: West Row became School Row and only later became Vane Terrace; Infant Row became Reading Room Row; Bownden Row became Daker’s (the new manager of Seaham Colliery) Row; Single Row became Railway Row.


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