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As soon as the wheels touched down on the runway, Pearson braked hard, skidding and promptly blowing out two of the aircraft's tires. Le planeur de Gimli a ensuite été programmé pour partir Tucson et faire le dernier vol vers l'aéroport de Mojave (KMHV) pour la retraite, mais a été retardé. [4], At Montreal, Captain Bob Pearson and First Officer Maurice Quintal took over the airplane for Flight 143 to Ottawa and Edmonton. L'avion a donc décollé pour la deuxième partie du vol, Ottawa – Edmonton, avec la moitié du carburant nécessaire[1]. pager: 0, As the gliding aircraft gained on the runway, the pair discovered they were too high, and they risked overshooting the landing strip.

Gimli Glider: les têtes à claques en vrai! If you would like to write a letter to the editor, please forward it to a{font-size:15px;line-height:15px}#advps_container1 .advps-slide À l'occasion du 25e anniversaire de l'incident en 2008, les pilotes Pearson et Quintal sont célébrés lors d'un défilé à Gimli, et une peinture murale commémorant l'atterrissage d'urgence est dévoilée. At 1:21 p.m., over Red Lake, Ontario, the 767 ran out of fuel and both engines … -Runs out of fuel. Le 24 janvier 2008, le planeur de Gimli entreprend son dernier voyage, AC7067, de Montréal-Trudeau à l'aéroport international de Tucson avant son départ à la retraite dans le désert des Mojaves. [7] Seconds later, the right-side engine also stopped and the 767 lost all power. These problems, plus a broken chain of communication, caused two experienced Air Canada pilots to leave the ground with only 9,144 of the requisite 20,400 kilograms of fuel, less than half of what they would need to fly the scheduled 2,100 miles from Montreal to Edmonton. The aircraft ran out of fuel halfway to Edmonton, where Air Canada maintenance staff were waiting to install a working FQIS that they had borrowed from another airline. [12] It included a road race course, a go-kart track, and a dragstrip. En vol, peu après l’heure du déjeuner, un réacteur s’arrête, suivi peu après par le second. p{font-size:12px;line-height:12px}}@media screen and (max-width: 650px){#advps_container1 h2.advs-title, #advps_container1 h2.advs-title

In the absence of any spares he simply repeated this temporary fix by pulling and tagging the circuit breaker. On entering the cockpit, Captain Pearson saw what he was expecting to see: blank fuel gauges and a tagged circuit breaker.

As they communicated their intentions to controllers in Winnipeg and tried to restart the left engine, the cockpit warning system sounded again with the "all engines out" sound, a sharp "bong" that no one in the cockpit could recall having heard before. Les jaugeurs étant en panne, le capitaine Bob Pearson a fait vérifier les calculs de part et d'autre mais avec la même confusion sur les unités, tout le monde retrouvait ses chiffres et l'avion a décollé. Mais combien y’a-t-il de litres dans un kilo? The $40 million, cutting-edge plane had become a great metal glider, descending at a rate of 2,500 feet per minute. Maurice Quintal is now an A-320 Pilot for Air Canada, and will soon be captaining 767’s – including Aircraft #604, “The Gimli Glider.” ©1997WHN. Le jeudi 24 janvier, fin 604, le Boeing 767-200 mieux connu sous le nom de Planeur de Gimli, va entreprendre son dernier voyage de Montréal à l'aéroport des Mojaves (MHV) avant sa retraite dans le désert. So, controllers resorted to old-fashioned radar, which was less precise. p{font-size:12px;line-height:12px}} jQuery(document).ready(function($){ ...opposite rudder applies simultaneously. The crew successfully glided the Boeing 767 to an emergency landing at a former Royal Canadian Air Force base in Gimli, Manitoba that had been turned into a motor racing track. Though temporarily suspended after the incident, both pilots continued to work for Air Canada, and 25 years later, the pair was honored with a parade in the very town where they defied the odds. It noted that Air Canada "neglected to assign clearly and specifically the responsibility for calculating the fuel load in an abnormal situation.

In retrospect, Ground Controller Jessie Widner, thought at the time "Holy Cow, I'm talking to a dead Man! " Following Air Canada's internal investigation, Captain Pearson was demoted for six months, and First Officer Quintal was suspended for two weeks for allowing the incident to happen. Une infolettre d'Air Canada Le Quotidien déclare : « Le Planeur de Gimli se retire dans le désert.

Les pilotes pensant qu'une pompe à carburant est tombée en panne, ils l'éteignent. As the aircraft's nose had collapsed onto the ground, its tail was elevated and there were some minor injuries when passengers exited the aircraft via the rear slides, which were not long enough to sufficiently accommodate the increased height. Pearson and Quintal both used the density of jet fuel in lb/L without converting to kg/L:[4]:40–41, Instead of taking on the 20,088 litres of additional fuel that they required, they instead took on only 4,917 litres. Les employés et les retraités (apportez ID d'employé valide) sont invités à venir dire au revoir à l'aéronef, qui fait désormais partie de l'histoire de l'aviation canadienne. Thank you for your patience. À raison de 0,803 kg/litre, il leur fallait 20 088 litres de Jet A1.

Click here to subscribe. While waiting for the fuel truck, he enabled the defective channel and performed an FQIS self-test. "[8] It further found that the airline had failed to reallocate the task of checking fuel load (which had been the responsibility of the flight engineer on older aircraft flown with a crew of three). During the handover, Weir told Pearson that there was a problem with the FQIS, and Pearson decided to take on enough fuel to fly to Edmonton without refueling in Ottawa. [28] However, bidding only reached CA$425,000 and the lot was unsold. Mais cette base n'est plus utilisée par l'armée depuis 1971 mais par le public pour des courses de dragsters, ce que les deux pilotes ignorent. "I don't think any airline likes publicity about accidents, even if they work out okay, like it did in this case," said Mr. Pearson, who was invited by Air Canada last Thursday to show up for today's flight.

Et ce jour-là, le site est entouré de voitures et de campeurs pour le « Jour de la Famille ».

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Canada’s recent pivot from the imperial to the metric system didn’t help either.

Une petite hélice exposée au vent relatif entraîne une pompe hydraulique créant une pression suffisante pour commander les systèmes hydrauliques (les gouvernes notamment). Ils auraient ainsi 7 682 litres de kérosène. Un feu superficiel à l'avant est rapidement maîtrisé par les pilotes de course automobile qui ont accouru avec des extincteurs.


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