maynard explains pushit

Each song takes on a different topic that is related to this. i thought it was hilarious, the fan could have it much worse. in that situation all you can assume is that there was somebody looking to disrupt evvvvvvvvvvvvverything that was going on then and there. Any thoughts on this angle? The fan could have been easily been taken care of by the guards around, without Maynard needed to show his martial arts skills. I don't think you can get a much better seat to hear Tool than that. It just occured to guys are thinking too much about something that reall isn't important. well it wasnt like he was beating the shit out of him, it looks like a real restraint. I agree totally. Its as though maynard simply never broke character. I've been there, we've all been there in some way. First of all, hello to all. asking myself if despite my huge respect for him do i find this ok with me.

Tool and their powerful lyrics blown my mind ever since the first time I have ever listened to them. Pushit seems to be much more reflective, and presents the struggle to get away, especially during the calmer middle section "Never wanna see that place again". Maynard stands in back of the stage simply so he doesnt have to fight with the guitarists. "There's no love in fear." Other things such as meditations, or Maynard strange positions are all part of his own rituals which help him achieve states of clarity.

Maybe you feel the same [only without the part where you might see me as witty].

I believe he was taking a leaf out of Jim Morrison's book on this one. Yeah I was thinking the same thing about APC's Thirteenth Step album. 6. That being said, I don't have an addiction but I do feel, now that you bring this up, that I am a codependent. I love the various perspectives of addiction taken in Thirteenth Step: The perspective of the drug in Pet, the "jock older brother who doesn't understand addiction" in The Outsider (loosely quoting Maynard), the addict with his dealer in The Package, the addict with the drug in Weak & Powerless. because the feelings and emotions and sound at a live show is a million times better than listening to your cd at home ......... not to mention the awesome tool visuals which although YES are visuals theyre to enhance the music .......... maynard is just a person, talented yes but hes not the center of the world.

I will find a center in you. The band dislike the fact that he tried to show himself as a martyr, when in fact he was just brainwashing people into following a meaningless ‘religion’ that in actual fact is a way to scam them out of their money. ...that's ridiculous. The musical climax starts at the 3 minute 42 second mark and includes some of Maynard’s most graphically disturbing lyrics as the song’s narrator explains how he’s come full circle in committing the heinous acts through which he himself also once suffered. I learned something, and I learned a bit about myself as well. My cousin once told me he turns his back because the flash photography hurts his eyes. You know I've known the Thirteenth Step is named and probably related to AA's 12 step program but thought until recently it's about taking it one step further. I think it starts off content because of that new discovery of … take personal responsibility, but don't overstep it and miss the point. Nameless now. Just a month ago I realized there's an actual term - 13 stepping which is about someone preying on new members of AA/people with dependencies, using their addiction to take advantage of them. Hm...the guy wanted attention, and jumped on the stage. No one now. pfft, "not just held but ridden like a donkey"??? Oh, i forgot to post the link to the full video i was talking about. Some of these relationships can be seen as humorous or critical of some of the themes presented in a 12-step program, while others may seem supportive or non-judgemental. I kind of agree with the flash photography idea that Chaos Theory mentioned. The version of Pushit on the Salival album may be my single favorite rock song ever. What's the point of replying if your just twisting what I've said and making an unnecessary irrelevant argument. Throughout the album Maynard uses various metaphors and themes to describe this.

Or maybe he thinks people should listen to the music instead of focus on him. Now I need to go listen to all of those again! This Subreddit is dedicated to thoughts spawned by listening/watching the band Tool. Also, referring to Sober, there's this part: "I am just a worthless liar.


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