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The U.S. immigration system is broken. My work in public service, as an educator and civil rights advocate, has shown me that we are strongest when we work together. .widget-row.heading { Finally: I will treat gun control legislation as what it is: a matter of life and death. When my wife Hindatu and I met in Houston, Texas in 1999, neither of us knew the path ahead.

Mike Siegel For Congress | Democrat Running For Texas 10th Congressional District }

Incumbent Michael McCaul defeated John Cook in the Republican primary for U.S. House Texas District 10 on March 6, 2018. .widget-row { .widget-row.Independent, .widget-row.Nonpartisan, .widget-row.Constitution {

Our campaign is rejecting corporate PAC money because I want to represent the people, not large corporations. .cc-placeholder-img { Mike Siegel is a professional stand-up comedian, TV host and actor.

Medicare for All eliminates this need for employers to agree with their employees about what healthcare is best – you can choose what doctor to see whether or not your employer agrees. He has earned the endorsements of numerous unions as the Democratic nominee for Congress in 2018 and again as a candidate for 2020. position: absolute; margin-bottom: .75em;

font-style: italic; Contrary to ideals that many of us hold, the United States has not provided equal opportunity for all. This is why we must build consensus on comprehensive immigration reform: Billiard Congress of America Hall of Fame, International Billiards and Snooker Federation, World Professional Billiards and Snooker Association, https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Mike_Sigel&oldid=972214798, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 10 August 2020, at 21:02. He called it "a plan to take immediate action to (1) address climate change, and create millions of jobs in the process; (2) guarantee a just transition for affected workers and their families, including a jobs guarantee ... and (3) remedy the legacy of environmental injustice.

margin: auto; border: 1px solid #999; Candidates from 33 states completed the survey. Siegel worked as a public school teacher with Teach for America and co-founded two nonprofit education organizations. We must look at comprehensive reform of U.S. immigration agencies currently housed under the Department of Homeland Security – including ICE and Customs and Border Patrol, agencies that have shocked the world with their cruel treatment of migrant families. display: block; Roy Eriksen advanced from the Libertarian convention for U.S. House Texas District 10 on March 21, 2020. function defer() { The United States is in the middle of a decades-long affordable housing crisis, which is pushing people out of their homes and neighborhoods. In April 2008, Hennen left WDAY to become owner of his own station, WZFG/1100.

Jobs are connected with education. There’s a lot to talk about.

background-color: green; Enact universal healthcare.

} .cc_row {} .votebox-scroll-container {

I support efforts to guarantee universal care, including current proposals for Medicare for All.

.cc_header { width: 100%;

Incumbents are bolded and underlined. Siegel maintained the format of the show that Art Bell had created, but his personal style was very different, and the show became less popular. .percentage_number {

We must lower prescription drug prices and pursue other important reforms. • I support the Reuniting Families Act, which will reform the visa system, strengthen family reunification, and address some of the bureaucratic challenges in our immigration system. defer(); .cc_container {

The highlights and complete town hall video are below.

We must reform federal housing and financial policy to protect our homes and neighborhoods, and to ensure that we are meeting the needs of local communities instead of the profit expectations of investors. Just as important as making fundamental reforms to our policing system, we must address the underlying causes that have brought us to this moment. text-align: center;

display: table; I want the United States to implement a humane border policy that is consistent with international law. My wife was born in Nigeria, grew up in Pittsburgh, attended university and veterinary school and is a thriving businesswoman in Austin.

On November 20, 2019, the State of Texas is preparing to execute Rodney Reed, an African-American man from Bastrop County who was convicted of murder twenty-two years ago. Incumbent Michael McCaul, Mike Siegel, and Roy Eriksen are running in the general election for U.S. House Texas District 10 on November 3, 2020.

.race_footer {

Upon Hennen's departure, Siegel served as host of Hot Talk on WDAY until June 2008. max-width: 600px;

.results_table_container { display: block;

Join your other candidates for a conversation. Poor and working people, people of color, seniors, and people with disabilities are among those most at risk; we only need to look at the impact of Hurricane Harvey, and recent industrial disasters in Houston to see the truth. The labor movement has won tremendous gains for Americans, from minimum wage laws and safe working conditions to healthcare guarantees, Social Security, pensions and more. indicateScroll(); font-weight: bold; Mike Siegel lives in Austin, Texas. This movement is layered on top of existing crises, including COVID-19, a healthcare crisis and an economic depression, that all disproportionately impact the Black community. font-size: 12px;

Today, he lives near Orlando, Florida, and his focus is to play pool and instruct.

Over the past century, fossil fuels have raised the standard of living for people around the world and fueled a boom in the Texas economy. With Medicare for All, we will save billions of dollars a year, and instead of paying for burdensome paperwork requirements and bonuses for corporate CEOs, we will provide healthcare for 30 million uninsured Americans and tens of millions more who currently have insufficient protection.

Finally, in terms of international relations, we must address the root causes of increased migration from the South. We have created a browser extension.

As your representative, Mike Siegel will fight to expand the union movement, and support the following demands: The debate about private vs. public insurance often revolves around the concept of “choice.”. display: inline; From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Michael B. Siegel is an American tobacco control expert and public health researcher. background-color: red; .outer_percentage {

font-weight: bold;


.cc_bio { For several decades, however, unions and workers have been under attack.

display: inline-block; County Courts at Law | width: 57%;

Siegel’s career experience includes working as a public school teacher with Teach for America.

This page was last modified on 10 January 2020, at 14:24. Mike Siegel lives in Austin, Texas. He began a weekday internet radio show on Cameo Entertainment Groups' CyberStationUSA.Com, on February 1, 2010 at 3:00 pm EST. In 2005, Sigel won the IPT World Eight-ball Championship, a challenge match between him and Loree Jon Jones. font-size: 12px; He has worked on stations from Seattle's KVI to Boston's WRKO and hosted a webcast. }

font-weight: bold; He was the host of the late night talk show Coast to Coast AM from April 2000 until January 2001. padding:7px 8px 8px; background-color: #003388;

max-width: 75px; From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Mike Sigel at 2003 U.S. Open 9-Ball Championships in Chesapeake Beach, Virginia Michael Sigel (born July 11, 1953) is an American professional pool player nicknamed "Captain Hook." }

We have begun the work of a Green New Deal for Texas. word-wrap: break-word;

display: block; As a civil rights lawyer and a former school teacher, I see the United States’ criminal justice system as a reflection of our democracy.

Sheldon Siegel (1958, Chicago -) est un écrivain et avocat américain, auteur de la série des romans judiciaires mettant en scène l'avocat Mike Daley et son ex-femme Rosie Fernandez. Left Up To US endorses: Members of the Left Up To US closed Facebook group, as of March 27 2018 included Mike Siegel,[10]. In Fayette County, the Fayette Coal Plant was built 40 years ago with the promise of “clean” coal power, but has instead poisoned the groundwater, polluted the air, killed livestock and crops, and created a corridor of cancer cases, childhood asthma, and other calamitous health impacts.

background-color: grey;


} Strengthen labor laws so that all workers have access to collective bargaining and union representation in states like Texas — not just police and fire unions. margin-left: 1%;

p.survey-response {white-space: pre-line;}

overflow-y: scroll; .infobox p { .results_row.winner {

width: 100% !important;


.cc_photo {

I will never take a dime from the NRA or any gun lobbying organization. Mike has joined the movement to free Rodney Reed, using his campaign to amplify this grave injustice. • I support rescinding harmful and punitive policies like the Muslim Ban and the practice of deporting veterans, which violate the promise of our democratic nation and do not make us safer.

Democratic Party.

This number represented 10.4% of all 8,386 candidates Ballotpedia covered in 2019.

Later, Siegel hosted a daily talk show on WLIE, in Islip, Long Island. }

In early December 2005, his contract with KTTH expired and he was replaced by David Boze and Dan Sytman in the morning. We need a national jobs program to use the power of the U.S. Treasury to put Americans to work and redress economic inequality.

Now, TX-10 is on the national “battleground” lists for both parties, and Mike is running again.

From the Jim Crow south to the War on Drugs, communities of color have been over-policed, given harsher sentences, and disproportionately subject to the enduring stigma of incarceration. Congratulations on this excellent venture… what a great idea! We have an extremely inequitable system of policing, prosecution, and incarceration, a system that is biased against poor people and people of color. We must chart a path that guarantees high quality healthcare for every American.

Those who support private insurance say it allows workers to choose the insurance they like. .widget-value {

But if we weaken public education—through for-profit schemes, attacks on teachers’ unions, systemic under-funding and the like—we lose the heart of our nation. Support community oversight over our police, allowing civilian representatives to make decisions concerning police policy and the hiring and firing of officers.

He was also the technical advisor, instructor, and sports choreographer for the shots made by Paul Newman and Tom Cruise in the Academy Award-winning film The Color of Money.[10].

A history of violent crime, an active restraining order, a history of mental illness: based on these or other criteria, some people should simply not be able to purchase firearms.


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