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The Miraculous Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir! In french, they are all 'Transformez-moi!' Voir plus d'idées sur le thème Miraculous ladybug, Chat noir, Les miraculous. Yo-yo Mage The Ladybug Miraculous grants its wielder incredible powers of speed, endurance, and strength. Appearances Owner: Wikis. La série créée par Thomas Astruc et diffusée sut Tfou. The Ladybug Miraculous users are the only ones who can purify akumas. A French teenage girl and the current Ladybug Miraculous holder. In general, the earrings are circles with a smooth surface and a silver lining. A French girl and a musketeer who lived somewhere around approximately 200 to 400 years ago. The Ladybug Miraculous is the Miraculous with the second most combinations, following the Mouse Miraculous, with two: the Mouse Miraculous and Dragon Miraculous. Its special weapon is an unbreakable yo-yo, which can be utilized as both a weapon, a communicator, and an object that can be used to breathe underwater. "The Bubbler" "Miracle Queen". 31,139 Pages. 3K Views .

Information When the yo-yo opens, the infection is gone, and if there was an infected animal or object, it is healed or clean. She is currently storing the Ladybug Miraculous in the Miracle Box. In "The Pharaoh", Ladybug gives Pharaoh a fake pair of earrings that more closely resemble the earlier design. Some of the things that yin represents are coldness, darkness, passiveness, and intuition (which interprets the Cat Miraculous). These abilities seem to be related to objects known as Stones and Pearls. When the left earring was taken, the dematerialization began with the right side of the mask and the right hand, showing Marinette's bare skin. A kunoichi and an assassin in feudal Japan. In today's art world it is the gallerist who performs the, Nous déduisons que c'est le propriétaire de la galerie que l'on devrait féliciter pour cette métamorphose prodigieuse. So far, only one male, Micazoyolin, is known to have wielded the Ladybug Miraculous, thus, followed by Mister Bug. If there is damage caused by a villain or Cat Noir's Cataclysm, the holder throws the Lucky Charm object in the air and says Miraculous Ladybug, a restoration power using a swarm of magic ladybugs repairs all damage in an instant. Top Content.

Marinette Dupain-Cheng Les exemples vous aident à traduire le mot ou l’expression cherchés dans des contextes variés.

Violetta, Voir aussi les Wikis Disney • Wikis Freeform, Sauf mention contraire, le contenu de la communauté est disponible sous licence. Miraculous transformation phrases: speculation. In the early concept for the series, including before. The Ladybug Miraculous is in the yin section (like in every yin-yang symbols, there’s also both of them in each). Weapon: To regain power, to strengthen themselves, and to transform their wearer again, the kwamis need to refuel by eating food. Retrouvez en exclusivité tous les replay, videos, exclus et news de Miraculous : Les aventures de ladybug et chat noir sur TF1. A Mexican girl who lived during the Mexican colonial times. Miraculous : Les Aventures de Ladybug et Chat Noir •

This time the transformation phrases of the Kwami. Bee Miraculous • Butterfly Miraculous • Cat Miraculous • Dog Miraculous • Dragon Miraculous • Fox Miraculous • Goat Miraculous • Horse Miraculous • Ladybug Miraculous • Monkey Miraculous • Mouse Miraculous • Ox Miraculous • Peacock Miraculous • Pig Miraculous • Rabbit Miraculous • Rooster Miraculous • Snake Miraculous • Tiger Miraculous • Turtle Miraculous, Bear Miraculous • Beaver Miraculous • Buffalo Miraculous • Deer Miraculous • Eagle Miraculous • Falcon Miraculous • Goose Miraculous • Otter Miraculous • Owl Miraculous • Raven Miraculous • Salmon Miraculous • Thunderbird Miraculous • Wolf Miraculous • Woodpecker Miraculous, Chinese Miracle Box • Miraculous potions • Miraculous spellbook • Native American Miracle Box, Cane • Flute • Hand Fan • Horseshoes • Lyre • Jump Rope • Ruyi Jingu Bang • Shield • Spinning Top • Staff • Sword • Umbrella • Yo-yo, List of Akumatized objects • List of Lucky Charm objects, Adrien's computer • Gabriel's computer • Ladyblog • Marinette's computer • Max's flash drive, Adrien's cellphone • Alya's cellphone • Audrey's cellphone • Chloé's cellphone • Gabriel's cellphone • Luka's cellphone • Marinette's cellphone • Nino's cellphone • Rose's cellphone • Sabrina's cellphone • Wang's cellphone, The Challenge • Fill My Shoes • Side by Side • World's Greatest Chef contest, Adrien's Christmas hat • Adrien's scarf • Marinette's derby hat, Adrien's bags • Alya's bags • Chloé's bags • Marinette's bags • Marinette's purse • Nino's bags, Adrien's bracelet • Chloé's bracelet • Graham de Vanily Twin Rings • Jalil's necklace• Lila's necklace • Marinette's bracelet • Sabrina's brooches, Chloé's Sunglasses • Kwagatama • Jagged Stone's glasses, Adrien's schedule • List of Marinette's creations • Marinette's banner • Marinette's magic box • Valentine's Day card, Histoire • Majestia Issue 56 • Marinette's diary • Marinette's sketch pads • Maths • Rose's notebook, Egyptian papyrus • Ladybug's and Cat Noir's sculpture • Painting of Emilie Agreste, Les aventures de Ladybug & Chat Noir • Solitude, Marinette's dolls • Mr. Cuddly • Mr. Squid, Camembert • Candy apples • Cookies • Croissants • Macarons • Marinette Soup, Number One • Rock Giant • Ultimate Mecha Strike III, Black substance • Love letter • Jagged Stone's guitar.


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