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In this time, Aegon approached Adrie, admitting he'd like to get closer to Bahamut and asked her to teach him how to pray.

Random arrived to inform them that bodies had been found within the inn, Arannis reacting in shock that not only had he accidentally killed another Adventuring Party, but also Rillix, Adrie's pet Tressym. As the group awoke the following morning, they decided to head down to Candlekeep.

Janak continues to tell Arannis of this elf and how he lost everything and built up walls to protect himself, and it wasn't until he met him that the elf brought his walls down. Arannis stated that maybe he just needed time, and would realize what he was in risk of losing. Aegon was then contacted by the sending spell, with Janak revealing that Hector had grown darker over the recent weeks, and had finally snapped, killing Tabitha Longbottom and three farm hands, before leaving. and gear for their climb. I think he does so here. As Max sorted through the money and items in Cainon's house, Arannis approached him. As the group awoke the next day, Adrie revealed the truth about Bird and the artefacts. He ordered the attack, and the group fought viciously with Ellywick landing the killing blow, mocking the leader of the Seven Snakes by stating "Who are you again?"

Shaking it off, Arannis stated it probably wasn't anything and carried on with the stake out, finding no guards at the house. Ellywick hid between Crystals and Water, shooting and firing at Dissumusk before heading off to save Emmalee and Edrick. Arannis thanked him, even getting a signed book under the name of Balasar, who Arannis happily threw the book at as he moaned about spending so much money on the stupid writer. Eloithe agrees, before being awoken by Arannis, who states everything is quiet and it's time for her watch.

Aegon came down, and was about to ask what was wrong with Arannis as the Moon Elf remembered the names he'd just heard.

The group also confirmed they had the money to buy Summervale Farm, something Darathra stated could be arranged. Arannis seemed shocked by all this, explaining what he had read before the group took off directly. Max attempted to get the horse back, only to be laughed at by the farmer who passed by. This caused the departure of both Balasar and Ellywick, both of whom headed upstairs to their separate beds, Adrie following Balasar as he departed. As the rest of the group awoke, sans Adrie, who had headed off with a local Druid tribe for a couple of days to pray, they convened in the Tavern bar area to discuss there plan, with Plink looking completely different (Hair down, makeup.) As Max entered the Library, he called for Eloithe to join him, using the sending spell. His Final Empire works by dividing nobles from skaa. Returning to look for her, they found no sign of Kella. Janak's happiness however did not last long, as Balasar accidentally blurted out about Vibaem in front of Janak, and it was quickly revealed what exactly Vibaem had been doing to the group that last few months. He bid her a good evening, before heading back to the bar. Each of them stood in silence, knowing full well they could die should something go wrong. The group ate dinner together, all laughing and joking as Aegon and Briar arrived, with Aegon greeting everyone after having checked the road behind them for followers from Last Light, while Briar had been in Triboar buying supplies. He complimented them on their skill, and bought them all a drink. As Aegon, Ellywick, Balasar and Max headed right, Eloithe, Arannis and Adrie flanked the Orcs. Eloithe and Plink found papers regarding to raising and training Bad Dragons. As the town fought off the Orcs, Goblins and the single giant trying to breach the walls, Mystic Obscura managed to fight and defeat the Weevil. Yeden “endows” Kelsier’s crew. Heading to the Manor of the Village Lord; Tamalin Zoar, Arannis confronted the butler, who he mistook for a Guard, and lamented him for not helping them fight the Trolls. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat.

Who better than kandra to foreshadow such a creature? Once he was gone, Adrie released her tears and ran to Plink’s room and pounded on her door. Mystic Obscura headed North then, through cold and awful days as they were dragged through one of the harshest environments on Toril, eventually however, they found a giant doorway leading into the Eye of the All Father, where they found, they were not alone.

Xanathar now had Emmalee with him, while Davon was currently with Janak, back at Summervale Farm. Both seemed happy to see them, as Adrie and Balasar explained what had happened. Outside, Eloithe was knocked down by a Drow, but managed to catch the tongue they were speaking in, and worked out that the Dark Elf who had sent her tumbling was in fact, Drada Zeltine, the Drow they were currently looking for. He explained she was well, but that she was also following her calling and that she would be home when the time was right, and also asked what had happened to her father. Elend resembles “Nahel” (with the Vorin “h” wild card), Rashek resembles Rayse, and Yeden resembles Endowment.

As if by magic, another figure entered the room. The group found Cainon's cottage not long after, finding many items. But even if I didn't, what you are doing is fitting the evidence to fit your "theory", and that - to me - is just not sound theorycrafting. As they did, Adrie brought up the fact she hadn't been able to contact Bird, and that her new plan was too destroy the artifacts. Political Control: During Vin’s weeks of unconsciousness and Elend’s absence, Sazed serves as head of government, guiding the subject kings of Elend’s newly established empire. Heading off to find one, Adrie and Ellywick found themselves in an old, yet very expensive looking jewelry shop. My OP states Odium’s Mandate severs Connections. Adrie stepped through the trees and Lady Eloithe bowed before her. Moving quickly, she awoke everyone as Eloithe and Max stepped forward. TVTropes is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. Lady Eloithe reiterated back to him what had happened, as they headed back to the Inn to help. To those who have been paying close attention, much of this may not be surprising. There isn’t a one-to-one correspondence between each Shard and Mistborn character. The group signed the contract before heading to dinner. As Max and Adrie walked past to see this; Adrie sharing her concerns about seeing the Other Arannis and what was to come with Bird, Max reassured her, but trying to lighten the mood by sending a message to Aegon in an attempt to prank Arannis, saying Eloithe wanted to see him. As Eloithe was given it by one of his servants, she felt it contained a very powerful spell, one that not even she was able to cast at the time. The company is made up of people who have been in the business for a long time, and they had worked on a variety of games I really love.

Managing to dispatch of the creatures, the group moved forward and found themselves slinking their way through thick, long cobwebs. As most of the group focused on the nearest Stone Giants; Arannis, wishing to prove himself in battle after Strahd, ran forward to fight the second one alone. As the group reached Hawk's Nest, Arannis asked Eloithe if she thought what she'd done with the wolves was a safe thing to do, but Eloithe admitted she was sure it'd be fine.

However, having made the deal, meant she could no longer be blessed with their light. Drada’s soul then returns to her final resting place, and the team is left with what to do next. Eloithe asked whether they should buy a farm here, having heard from Narth that the Summervale Farm was up for sale. As the night went on, Arannis got extremely drunk, and asked Max to help him back to his room as Aegon collapsed on the floor in a drunken heap. Max disagreed, stating they would always follow after her, she was family, and that's what they did for family. Following the tracks, Arannis stated to Aegon that he knew who this could be, and Aegon nodded gravely. She admitted being flustered by the events of the week, and Aegon stated that he was here if she needed him, before heading to bed. Eloithe ended up loosing the bet, but not without Maximilian, Arannis and Aegon wagering 30 gold to the remaining man who pukes last. Nothing is more important then the members of my family. As Eloithe and Max sat drinking, bragging that they would out-heal the other tomorrow in the Triage, they were approached by Narth and Othovir; someone who Eloithe recognised as being from the disgraced family Margaster, former nobles of Waterdeep. Elend binds his people with a code of law to implement his ideals. Nodding to the group, he got up and left as Balasar and Aegon returned. As Ellywick lead them through the house, they found multiple empty rooms, and it seemed that Davon was here alone.

Spurred on, Max decided to contact Random for information regarding the two remaining members of the Black Lodge; Lusk and Valeria. Adrie gave each of the kids a token and Arannis gives the keeper of the orphanage 50 gold and told her to take good care of them. She reached into her pocket and threw the Bands of Binding behind her in an effort to break free. Every thing seemed normal aside from the trap door in the floor.

Both have highly distorted, barely human souls. He stated that it was not what he was expecting...but he'll take what he can get before everything went white again. The group thanked Krowen, before departing and headed off for a drink back at The Dreaming Dragon. Balasar, picking this up, was at first worried it could be evil, but upon contact with it, found he trusted the staff completely. Arannis, recognizing the handwriting, attempted to bolt from the room. Posters; upon the walls, suggested there had been a recent election and a new ruler had entered the play, but no one made to look at them. He asked Balasar if he'd seen anything like what was on the tip of Arannis' finger, the blood mark from where he signed the contract with Strahd. As Eloithe went to collect Max, the group prepared to head out to the directions Cainon gave them, ready for a fight. Heading inside, the group found themselves in pitch blackness, Maximilian and Balasar completely blind in the encounter.

Janak explained that something similar can be done with the spell "True Resurrection", where the vampire dies, but can be resurrected as a new being. In Waterdeep where she grew up, Eloithe’s day was filled with lessons. I agree with posters who believe Bavadin was a shape-shifting dragon. Arannis managed to stop Valeria killing Eloithe, counterspelling her necromantic energy. Lady Eloithe apologised, promising not to do it again. $14.99. She casts suggestion to try to halt their attacks against her and her friends. Autonomy constructs his/her own many-faced pantheon of deities. Seeing they were safe, Eloithe complained about the business mans shop and his crappy diamonds. Returning from her trip with the Druids, she embraced Balasar as the group tried to make it seem like she'd missed nothing but a boring weekend. He presented them with drinks, which they gladly downed. Eloithe deigned that she was not here, protecting the young woman. And (I speculate) they use a Shardpool to ascend. As Max attempted to discern how the ship worked, the group got some rest, before heading out. Too drunk to register it, Ellywick tucked it away in her bag, before falling to sleep. Ellywick stated she did, hugging the cleric at his heartbreak. As the group came down to breakfast, all but Balasar, they spoke about what had happened to them the previous nights.

As Mystic Obscura re-convened, Ellywick presented the contract for the bar, which everyone but Arannis signed, as he wasn't allowed to step foot in the place after last time. Entering the room with the fallen angel, Eloithe found Dissumusk running over papers. The returned feed on breath. She explained she left Neverwinter, never seeing Darz again after that day. Balasar tried to convey his feelings to Adrie, but after Adrie confessed her feelings to Balasar before they left the Naughty Gnome, she believed he didn’t feel the same and stopped his speech and tried to head to bed.


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