modern surfboards review

It gives you the advantage to enhance your skills, especially if you don’t have ample surfing experience.

The woven fiberglass, thin bamboo sheets, and epoxy resin cover the EPS core for optimum protection. My go to short board for waist to head high. Some similar Modern Surfboard products with similarities with this type are the Double Wide SLX and Love Child XB Surfboards.

It’s classy by design, which is why surfers prefer buying this board. | skill: Experienced, Age: 19 Some of the boards with this design are the Golden Rule PU and Love Child XB Surfboard. When it comes to sizes, these range from 7 feet to 8 feet. A: No, the surfboards don’t come with a leash. This brand features signature constructions to meet customers’ expectations when it comes to durability. | Height:177 cm Bought it thinking I needed a good groveller for summer.

What makes this surfboard in-demand is its retro-inspired style. Others frequently think of a fun-shape board as a longboard, and vice versa. Surfers need surfboard with exceptional performance, stability, and speed. It’s damage-resistant, thanks to its lamination, which composes of Silmar resin, Bennet foam, and Hexcel fiberglass materials. The Modern Falcon XB Surfboard sets a new benchmark in the funboard category. Best part is not only rides good, it looks amazing as well. The durability of this surfboard will not be a disappointment as it uses a premium-quality of polyester material with exceptional finishes. Aside from that, the full outline of this surfboard makes it easier to drive for snappy turns, especially small waves. You need to customize your board if you want to add one on your longboard. Most surfboards from Modern’s collection use this design, such as the Boss, Highline PU, and Retro PU Surfboards. Felt good on rail and I’m the barrel. It turns well, it's fast and responsive. The tapers provide exceptional performance. It also makes the board easier to turn or tee off the bottom. | skill: Experienced, Age: 42 The board’s agility is another edge, which intermediate and professional surfers love. The Phantom is a fantastic board. Mostly made of polyurethane, the Modern Surfboards Love Child PU Surfboard has a good flex for better maneuverability. If you can’t find a suitable board for your needs, you can check out what Modern Surfboard offers. It also uses components, including Silmar resin, Bennet foam, and Hexcel fiberglass. I wish I got it few inches shorter than my height though. | Weight: 67 kg It also gives an exceptional paddling strength, making it easier for newbies to control and ride it. It also comes with a moderate flat-entry rocker, which gives excellent padding power, along with agility.

Love it! You can choose from a wide variety of surfboards from this brand, which is best for any surfer-level. PU surfboards are also referred to as fiberglass surfboards. It feels safe and forgiving. | skill: Experienced, Age: 23 This surfboard comes from an excellent quality of Epoxy Bamboo material in sandwich construction. It’s damage-resistant, thanks to its lamination. These are budget-wise, which is the reason why surfers recommend it, especially to beginners.

Intermediate and professional surfers also take advantage of this board’s outline to enhance their balancing skills further. Also, it offers unique surfboards that are half-cruiser and half-longboard. This surfboard comes with FCS II or Performer Medium fins, which contributes during acceleration. Also, it can accommodate any weight range, which makes it handier. | Height:183 cm Seeing it will give you a nostalgic vibe as if you’re surfing from the past. One of the best options to consider is Modern Love Child Surfboard. Longboards are some of the in-demand board-types in the market because it’s nifty. Plus, you can use it with ease on a wave-height of 1 foot to 6 feet. Aside from that, this brand doesn’t fail to amaze surfers with its designs. Love this board. You can ride it with ease on a wave-height of 1 foot to 6 feet, thanks to its double-rolled concave-shape. Plus, the deck gives excellent stability, which is favorable to beginners. A: When it comes to sizing, there are other factors you need to consider aside from your surfing ability. If you’re looking for another surfboard with a meek yet appealing style, Modern offers the Modern Falcon PU Surfboard. Modern is a GSI board; GSI is pretty good quality control wise as a general rule. Fun board tons of speed and great quality. It offers surfboards with minimalistic styles, which some surfers prefer. Every surfboard is worth the price, which is more affordable than other brands. 30 days return policy | 


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