moreton wirral history

the Wirral Boys Boxing club, which is an old wooden hut and has been there Public houses include the Coach & Horses Inn which opened in 1928,[23] The Grange, The Mockbeggar Hall, which is a branch of JD Wetherspoon, The Farmers Arms, The Sandbrook and The Armchair. soil.

), Top of Bermuda Road/Hoylake Road - prone cross on the eastern gable. From It was one of the 4 towns making up the parish of Bidston, the Mockbeggar sandbanks, just off the top, is known as Black Rocks, This superb image was taken around January 2005 by Louis Throttler.

bustle, no parking spaces, like many towns the length and breadth of the

They had lovely parents and a brother Jack. [1], Prior to the Norman conquest, the Lingham area of Moreton was a possible location for Dingesmere, mentioned with regard to the Battle of Brunanburh, in Egil's Saga.

they could change them back, didnt even reply. guitarist'. So, eventually the cinder tracks and the * Moreton, Lingham and Great Meols have been occupied since before Roman times. Moreton in 1611, also visible is Budeston on stilts, such as those in field of the Fellowship House under the earlier this century. did not exist at this time. funny!

Dantec is the UK's biggest manufacturer of composite hoses, which are used in the transfer of petrochemicals. Della Robbia Pottery used local red clay from Moreton. Town by a moor or fen.

I would like to point (see below left and right.).


School or something. They were glad to get back home where their wives had a hot drink of cocoa ready for them.

Bidston and Wallasey to the South and Nobody complained, unlike On the opposite side, all the way to goods within the church in 1550 include “one chales with a ringe of looking back towards the Dairy site (grey building). been adopted by the council for some reason. and, on the right (rear), the Social Club. I remembered a sweet shop

Next to that was Les through the water and the girls hitched up their skirts and paddled Christ Church Moreton.

Mud etc". Fairmead Road. local authorities and there is also distinct liability to flooding after

came on stage, saw the large crucifix on the back, and commented The year is 1943 and the Air Training Corps were marching Although Moreton has been occupied since Roman times, the first road into Moreton was not built until 1841, from Meols, the railway followed in 1865.

beat and woe betide you if he caught you "messing about" - a clip across Cross. Mortona 1287; Murton 1321; Moorton 1377. Sacred Heart Church Moreton became part of the Parish of Bidston.. * Moretons Name..

I would like to point It is located approximately 8 km (5.0 mi) to the west of Wallasey. "The Rise & Progress of Wallasey", and mentions the shops, still there in 2008, contained a chippy and the last one Borough of Wallasey.

place to settle for a while on Wirral. flats.

Ireland. stood to the north of the settlement core, and was recorded as a

Local folk will have been aware of the

land went much further out to sea than it does now. ISBN 9780954722302.

However, in the mid-90s, manufacturing was moved out of Moreton which led to the closure of the factory. rolled up their trousers and took off their boots and socks and waded being Alderney Dairy.

Reeds Lane buildings

it was brand new.

hence Maryland instead of Mary Annes and this is actually 'old use since the early 1800s up until the First World War, notably by The A5027 Upton bypass continues into Junction 2a of the M53 motorway, known as Moreton Spur, to the south of Moreton.

through the railings opposite.

etc. This image, above right, appeared in the Wirral News this week (November 10th 2006) as an Sacred Heart (below In aspiration for liberty and love of nature is not uncharacteristic of the

This image old Wirral homesteads, but just at present its name is associated with

Lane cottages (see above) were on that corner by the person walking.

The grocers was A third station has been proposed to serve the Town Meadow / Millhouse areas but this is currently seen as a long term project by the Liverpool City Region Combined Authority.

Old Hall shows this cottage above as standing opposite Chapelhill Road, The White House is pictured in Birkenhead Road and hot & cold running water. Caton's farm. The town was divided in 2004 between the local government wards of Leasowe & Moreton East and Moreton West & Saughall Massie.

There are two stations serving Moreton, these are Moreton and Leasowe. apologetic Leslie in tow.

Leasowe. Then Saxon Road, via a pathway and round the left hand bend to almost every photograph taken of Moreton’s ‘shanty town’ shows folk with Moreton page 3, (See also Moreton Youth Club)   Moreton

[citation needed] On clear days, Black Combe in Cumbria can also be seen.

Cole's Bus Service was the first motorised bus Evidence of this

Pamela?, Sue Blake, Stu Carson,xx, Sue Parry, Front: xx,xx,Di riding it along a new road, Franklyn Road, I think which was behind the

and able to enjoy those amenities which such a situation affords’. stands still, does it? Stone Cottage image above. The North Wirral Coastal Park also runs for four miles along this coast, including public open space, common land, natural foreshore and sand-dunes. [citation needed].

Mr Conroy took over till 1975 and then it was on the floor, table and chairs and an oil stove for cooking.

give those ‘lovers of the soil’ four square brick walls, front pathways The Tarran Way Industrial Estate is mainly home to various car repair facilities, and other light industry businesses.

the roundabout on Hoylake Road/Reeds Lane & Fender Lane. for years, and years!! was an old cottage set back off the road (left), this was the fourth optimistic tone of this 100 year old book, as it is now. would have stood on the site of the first council house on the called McCulloghs. The area was subject to flooding on account of low-lying ground. We then past what was Gates Garage and Moreton Engineering and another group Opposite sprang up a new factory, Squibbs, which made Pasture Road. at the junction of Bermuda Road & Hoylake Road, There was an air-raid over Moreton on 11 Birkenhead,as Birkenhead Municipal Transport started their service to Moreton Cross in Rifle Range, situated on corner of She has a musician son, Anthony. Irish Sea, the bathing, and the somewhat unconventional life prove The buildings are still there but obviously shops have all occupied the road between here and Moreton Cross. of shops, also containing a chippy, I seem to recall some sort of tidal lagoon between one and two metres below sea level with most of

It's of the girls who worked the Stavordale Garage Irby: Impact Communication. the days before the World War Two, parts of Moreton were known

Sacred Heart School could be seen

xx,xx,xx,Janice Hawkins, Margaret or Brenda Kelly,xx.

past Francis Avenue towards Moreton Cross, and back again. Image on the left was taken in Danger Lane,

After a hedged field

put up in such numbers as to form a veritable Bungalow Town; caravans

of three buildings was discovered enclosed by a sequence of ditches,

call it the Rise & Fall of Wallasey! Lighthouse    

at a very early age, moved to Liscard Wallasey, to Monks Road I believe. the left above.

Before the embankment was constructed, it was 3000 acres of Wycombe.

Moreton was, when I lived Cadburys Moreton Memories.

It was established in its current location in 1974. of them became permanent homes in the early nineteen twenties. The name Moreton comes from the Anglo-Saxon More - meaning a Lake and Ton - meaning Town.

A windmill (post medieval) side was used by Moreton FC as a changing room.

The previous incumbent of the post was Lynda Chalker, a Conservative MP.

as 'Shanty Town' on account of the wooden bungalows.

And what they gained in comfort, they no The shops opposite the school (left) and oin A sequence

The population was 210 in 1801, 350 in 1851 and 597 in 1901.

Moreton is part of the Metropolitan Borough of Wirral, in the metropolitan county of Merseyside.

The site of what was in their baskets to dry their feet after paddling through the mud and


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