mosby's rangers roster
[18] Mosby tried out some small field artillery pieces, including a 12-pound (5.4 kg) brass Napoleon,[19] but artillery proved to be too cumbersome for his fast hit-and-run tactics and not especially helpful in action. One, John Atkins, crossed the Atlantic Ocean from Ireland to join Mosby. By the summer of 1864, Mosby's battalion had grown to six cavalry companies and one artillery company, comprising about 400 men.

JAMES MONROE HEISKELL, Private, Company C. Great-grandson of President James Monroe. Art Carney, actor; best known for playing Ed Norton, sidekick to Jackie Gleason's Ralph Kramden on the TV series The Honeymooners, he received an Academy Award for Best Actor for his starring role in the film Harry and Tonto. . Why did Mosby draw such men?

They had no desire to be part of regular military monotony, physical hardship and regulations. Served in the U.S. Department of Interior and Department of Justice. Gen. Edwin H. Stoughton who was captured in bed. Many farms in Northern Virginia had their own private, primitive distilleries. The leader of this little band was Private John S. Mosby. Sam provided Mosby with an indelible memory that the Gray Ghost shared in his Mosby’s War Reminiscences and Stuart’s Cavalry Campaigns: There was with me that day a young artillery officer—Samuel F. Chapman—who at the first call of his State to arms had quit the study of divinity and become, like Stonewall Jackson, a sort of military Calvin, singing the psalms of David as he marched into battle. Munson "never actually saw blood drawn with a sabre but twice in our war, though I saw them flash by the thousand at Brandy Station. 10. His brother, Robert, had preceded him to America and first served in Wheat’s Battalion (the famed “Louisiana Tigers”). Stuart, “loaned” him the services of nine cavalrymen. The capture of Federal supply trains, as shown here at Catlett’s Station, Va., was a key aspect of Colonel Mosby’s stealth guerrilla tactics, but it was not the only way his Rangers terrified the area’s Union forces. "[8] A few partisans were wizened old men in their 40s, but most were in their late teens or early 20s; two paroled after the war at Winchester were only 14 years old. The Rangers regularly engaged much larger forces and rode away victorious.

. On Jan. 26 1863 to conduct a raid on Federal picket line. This temporary, and informal, command would evolve into the 43rd Battalion, Virginia Cavalry—known better as Mosby’s Rangers. The raid began as a complete success and the Rangers were having a bit of a frolic as they ransacked the train looking for loot. In 1862, still not comfortable remaining in one place for too long, Hoskins left Canada for the United States and “settled” in Baltimore, Md. The struggle ebbed and waned, but sheer numbers on the Union part and dwindling ammunition on the Rangers’ part soon tilted the fight in favor of the Northerners. Detractors of Mosby’s Rangers will say that they joined only "for the “plunder.” While it was true that Mosby’s unit was formed under the auspices of the Partisan Ranger Act of 1862, which permitted members of such units to keep everything that they captured, that was not the only reason. . "[14] Union cavalry initially armed with the traditional sabre fought at a considerable disadvantage: The Federal cavalry generally fought with sabres; at any rate they carried them, and Mosby used to say they were as useless against a skillfully handled revolver as the wooden swords of harlequins. He did not invent the concept or techniques of guerrilla warfare, but during the Civil War, he certainly refined and executed them with impressive efficiency and effectiveness. All images and articles are the property of their respective owners or SMHS and may not be reproduced elsewhere. One particular set of brothers—the Chapmans—stands out. (Painting by Dale Gallon).

They are a terror to the citizens and an injury to the cause [because], General Lee sent the letter on to the Confederate War Department with an endorsement recommending "the law authorizing these partisan corps be abolished." CHARLES EDWARD GROGAN, 1st Lieutenant, Company D. Author McHenry Howard referred to Grogan as “having as little sense of fear and danger as any man he had ever seen.” Captured at Gettysburg while serving on Maj. Gen. Isaac Trimble’s staff and sent to the Johnson’s Island POW camp in Ohio. mere boys, unmarried and hence without fear or anxiety for wives or children. He was promoted to captain in 1855 and returned to England that same year. Mosby placed a mountain howitzer he had taken with him on the raid at the top of a small rise on a road up which the Union cavalry would have to attack. Appointed as U.S. consul to Hong Kong and served in that capacity from 1878 to 1885. One day in Richmond wounded and eliciting the sympathy of every one capable of appreciating the daring deeds of the boldest and most successful partisan leader the war has produced—three days afterwards surprising and scattering a Yankee force at Salem as if they were frightened sheep fleeing before a hungry wolf—and then before the great mass of the people are made aware of the particulars of this dashing achievement, he has swooped around and cut the Baltimore and Ohio road—the great artery of communication between East and West, capturing a mail train and contents, and constituting himself, by virtue of the strength of his own right arm, and the keen blade it wields, a receiver of army funds for the United States. . Within a few years, Hoskins left the Army.

The youngster looked down at his books and, without another thought, tossed them aside, leapt upon his horse hitched up outside the school, and joined the chase. Served as bailiff at the Court House in Baltimore for more than 20 years. He was just in front of me—he was generally in front of everybody in a fight—at the gate. There was also a large contingent of Marylanders. Once the immediate danger posed by the Union response had decreased slightly, Mosby stopped his men near Grapewood Farm (near today’s Vint Hill Farms area in Warrenton). From that tiny spark came a roaring fire that the Yankees (the enemy Mosby hoped to disrupt) were never able to fully extinguish. From this modest beginning whould grow on of the best know of all ranger commands. Fortunately, for the disgruntled Chapmans, John Mosby began his unconventional operations in early 1863 in close proximity to where the Chapmans were stationed. Scattered throughout Virginia are small groups of Mosby’s Rangers.

They, Mosby especially, had not factored in a large and rapid response from Union cavalry in the area as elements of the 7th Michigan Cavalry, 5th New York Cavalry, and the 1st Vermont Cavalry all converged on Mosby and forced the Rangers to begin a fighting withdrawal. At final rest now, they are inseparable from the fellow warriors with whom they shared so much in life, so long ago. contains daily features, photo galleries and over 5,000 articles originally published in our various magazines. Eugene Sledge, US Marine, famous for his memoir of the fighting in the Pacific Theater, With the Old Breed. but the first of many raids with Mosby's men."[9]. As the Mosby tactics became better known, scouting parties from the Northern army began to develop an affection for the pistol, with increasing success I might add. Great-grandson of John Henley, a signer of the Declaration of Independence.

All rights reserved. Even at that supreme moment in my life, when I had just stood on the brink of ruin and had barely escaped, I could not restrain a propensity to laugh. One particular set of brothers—the Chapmans—stands out. Take heed, then, of the message of these markers and the remarkable men they commemorate. The men were devoted to their horses. . Reportedly a prosperous and well-known architect in New York City after the war.

Indeed, at the end of the war in 1865, Mosby’s men – now formally known as the 43rd Battalion Virginia Cavalry, but more often called Mosby’s Rangers – disbanded rather than surrender. Younger brother of Ranger George Meacham Slater. Noted for their lightning strike raids on Union targets and their ability to consistently elude pursuit, the Rangers disrupted Union communications and supply lines. The total tally for the 43rd Battalion by October 1864 was 1,600 horses and mules, 230 beef cattle, 85 wagons and ambulances, and 1,200 captured, killed or wounded, including Union Brig. 11.

The grave markers of the “Final Ride – Mosby’s Rangers” evoke a myriad of emotions in anyone who gazes upon them. He became a Ranger that day and remained with them until the end of the war. Served in the 1st Maryland Cavalry before joining Mosby. 7. Noted for their lightning strike raids on Union targets and their ability to consistently elude pursuit, the Rangers disrupted Union communications and supply lines. My interest in Mosby's Rangers began when I was a young boy and increased during my time in the military. Engraving reproduced from Major John Scott. However, as you learn about their very real and recorded accomplishments, you will come to find out that the actual events need no embellishing and that what this small band of brave men actually did over a period of almost twenty-eight months is almost unbelievable.


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