motorcycle crankshaft repair

That’s a problem for some aftermarket crankshafts, even when they’re new. Maximum length, 10 feet   |   Maximum stroke, 13-1/4.

Crankshaft is trued (balanced) to with-in .002 inch run-out New ProX rod kit, including connecting rod, top and bottom end bearings, crank pin and thrust washers. Warranty | It can also result in the loss of power, due to the parasitic drag. 60cc to 80cc ....................................$165.00*, 100cc to 125cc..................................$175.00*, 200cc to 250cc..................................$195.00*. Crankshafts are disassembled, inspected and cleaned.

The washers are crucial, and you should always replace the washer whenever you re-press the crank.

OVER 250cc CALL FOR PRICE *MOST POPULAR MODELS Be sure When Removing Crankshaft From Engine Not To Damage The Delicate Centers On Each End Of the Shaft.

New rod pin and a new big end bearing is installed. All 250 cc engines and below. Kustom Kraft uses only the most widely accepted methods of cylinder re-manufacture.

A step by step explanation of how I rebuild simple crankshafts.

Part of the job is installing a new rod pin and a new big end bearing. Single cylinder four stroke crankshaft rebuilds for Kawasaki, Yamaha, Suzuki, and Honda. Even new crankshafts can have a tolerance of as much as 0.004 to 0.006-inch radial run out. Order Form | 4330 W Desert Inn Suite F Terms & Conditions | No need to buy an OEM crankshaft, when we can install a new aftermarket connecting rod kit. For 70 years, Crankshaft Supply continues to be the expert in the remanufacturing, refurbishment, and repair of crankshafts and cylinder heads. To do this work properly, you need to be an experienced technician since a lot of things can go wrong. You need to come to us for your crankshaft rebuilding because you’re very likely unable to do there build yourself.

Crankshaft Rebuilding. The rotation in turn sets the motorcycle chain, which then enables the wheels of the motorcycle to turn. But here at Kustom Kraft,we have the experienced technicians and the necessary equipment. $190. The big end bearings are high end, and they can cope with high RPMs. That kind of loose tolerance isn’t tolerated here. In some cases, crankshafts are manufactured with larger tolerances. Kustom Kraft's cylinder sleeving service was the first to include a 5 year Warranty.


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