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I don’t have to try to get a deal. I kept it so real, [my music] became brutally honest. Yelawolf is already late for his next show in Baltimore. “I don’t give a fuck if you’re from the trailer park, the projects, the suburbs,” Wolf hollers. Yeah, now let me welcome you to my small town

There were some records that I thought were just too big...and [Eminem's] like, ‘Your opinion is WRONG.’ What am I gonna say?

And when them elephant feet rumble It’s not so easy to have it ‘Made in USA.’ It takes a lot of hard work.”. I was trying to get a career, and it’s done. And bring me case, yeah I'm bringing a case, I'm gettin' throwed off Aug 28, 2020 - Explore anthony jackson's board "Mullet" on Pinterest. Cracking a cold Budweiser longneck, he starts to perk up. “I felt like I was being sworn into the elite of white rap,” Yelawolf says with a laugh. This show is one of the last Yelawolf will play before the release of Radioactive, the record he’s been working on since getting down with Eminem’s Shady Records in January 2011.

”Don’t play me for weak or underestimate me,” he rapped back in 2005 on his independently released debut, Creek Water. With a fold out chair, a thirty pack on the back of that tailgate I cuss a lot. Dipped in mossy oak, with a mullet Mohawk I’m trying to persuade him to sit down for a quick interview, but first he piles some cold cuts onto a couple pieces of bread and retires to the back of the bus. He may be due onstage within the hour, but he remains calm. The artist Em called “White Dog” in the latest BET Hip-Hop Awards cypher (and “beige sheep” in a recent Vibe interview) is lyrically dexterous in a way few mainstream rappers can match.

He’s like, ‘Your opinion is WRONG.’ What am I gonna say? And I'm all the way throwed off There were some records that I thought were just too big, I was like, ‘Man, I don’t know if I can pull this off.’ It was completely new territory. Yeah, I'm throwed off Yeah and the dope boys hotter than hells gate, but I, still in the shade I made my own lane, let's roll, let's roll

Not just to get an early start at the bar, but for a Complex photo shoot. Both Em and Yelawolf are brutally open about the hardship they faced coming up, their history of recreational drug use. Maybe because storytelling isn’t very well-suited for gloating. Yelawolf takes a moment to let that sink in. As KP points out, “Wolf doesn’t have anyone else he can relate to being a white rapper who’s dope, who is respected by black MCs, and respects that art as black culture.”, “He was fully a mentor on this project,” Yelawolf says of Eminem. “She said, ‘I know you gave me everything, but love is not enough. But I love people.”, The catchy country rap song “Made in the USA,” is Wolf’s ode to the American working man, sung in the first-person plural. Ain't got a whole lot but I'ma show it off They met through mutual friends in Rittz’s native Atlanta.

Questo brano è presente nei seguenti 10 album. Like how the fuck did I get a catalog with more hits than a fucking jackhammer dog It's where your interests connect you with your people. But don’t get it twisted: he’s not one of these white rappers who thinks it cute to drop the N-word. He’s a kid who escaped from the gutter and now he's reaching for the stars. Yelawolf laid down over sixty songs in total before deciding on the final sixteen tracks. She's 22 and I keep her in a tube top Radioactive is also Wolf’s first official album, although it was his hard-hitting 2010 mixtape Trunk Muzik 0-60 that really put him on rap’s GPS.

Where a different white rapper might shy away from his country & western or hard rock roots, Yelawolf embraces all the contradictions. “When we first met we were two rappers doing the same thing,” Rittz says. He’s tapped into those diverse influences on Radioactive, which is quite literally his attempt at becoming more active on the radio. Sprawled across the seats, he speaks slowly, carefully. I made my own lane, let's roll, let's roll “It kind of came from like this whole ‘keep it real’ thing, where I kept it so real, it became brutally honest,” he explains.

I don’t have to prove I can rap anymore. “Because, you know, on top of being a white rapper, I never wanted to be called out on anything.”, "I’ve been lost ever since I could walk,” he rhymes on Radioactive’s final track, called “The Last Song”: “But I learnt quick / That my daddy wasn't never gonna come around / And I didn’t give a shit / 'Cause me and my momma we held it down / No new kicks / First day of school I'm Goodwill bound...". When Wolf finally emerges he’s groggy, but amiable. “We wanted it to be a little more accessible,” KP says. The white kid who came up playing black clubs in Alabama and Georgia now headlines all across Europe, and holds down the main stage on Warped Tour.

RELATED: Superglued - Yelawolf Concert Photos, Videos, and Tickets. Prior to recording “Let’s Roll,” the second single off the album, Yelawolf drove to Kid Rock’s house near Detroit with Eminem, KP, and Shady Records co-founder, Paul Rosenberg. Cause I planned it all, Crimson tide standing tall When he isn't mugging for the cameras, he's resting his head on the bar, trying to shake out the cobwebs from all those after-partys. Everyone laughs as Yelawolf returns to his bunk. I don’t have to try to get a deal.

He’s sold more records than the Beatles. Yeah, I'm going off

Not taking things too seriously, and always showing tremendous amount of respect for all kinds of people. Yeah home of the gumbo, got a couple folks that'd do it to you for hundo' Ain't got a whole lot but I'ma show it off I might go to Talladega and see me a race Anybody can wind up at the bottom, or “the gutter,” as Yelawolf calls it. In fact, everyone on the bus that hazy, “last night was mad real” vibe about them. “What you see ain’t exactly what you expect it to be.” Two years later he recorded a full-length album called Fearin’ and Loathin’ in Smalltown, USA for Columbia Records that was never released. I said, ‘In my opinion, it’s just not gonna work.’ And Marshall told me my opinion was wrong. Johnny Cash. [Laughs.] Deezer: kostenloses Musikstreaming. You don't wanna have a convo' and not understand that 'Bama slanguage Like hollerin' ain't it, but I come to paint it, so it won't be throwed off? But musically, they are very different. That’s a place where we all end up at some point in our lives. Höre Let's Roll von Yelawolf - Radioactive (Explicit Version).

It’s easy to imagine that he wrote the song for his own mom, but like many writers do, he maintains a shroud of fiction to allow himself some distance from the story.


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