music man jp6

Nice! 34. Two output jacks on the side of the guitar provide numerous connectivity options: with two mono cables, one output contains the magnetic output (DiMarzio) and the other has the piezo output. The beautiful Pearl Redburst finish (more of a deep maroon than true red) was accompanied by a matched painted headstock. The volume control for the piezo pickup made it easy to fine tune levels without having to touch the amp.

Available in 6 or 7 string with Music Man JP tremolo, 3-way Toggle pickup selector and Music Man hardshell case. The JP BFR features an alder body with a mahogany tone block and figured maple top. No problem – the web site contains downloadable diagrams.

Sign up and get an all-access pass to be the first to know about new products, contests, content series, and more. Our fretboard had dot inlays, but it is optionally available with John’s personal selection – bullet-shaped inlays. Through our Mesa/Boogie Road King, the middle position was a bit more Strat-like in tone. The deep cutaway in the body provided easy access to the upper frets on this guitar, too. Other guitars we’ve reviewed include helpful tips for instrument care and making various adjustments – it would be nice to see some additional support information added to the Music Man web site (or included with the guitar). It’s hard to find the words to describe the sonic possibilities that soon followed, but joy and bliss certainly top the list.

EB will pay shipping costs to return the unit to it's owner.

Additionally, the Music Man JP6 ships with a molded plastic hard case, and while there typically isn’t much specifically worth mentioning about a case, this one begs exception to that rule.

Music Man Whether it be their sterling range of instruments or high-end American-made models. Registering your instrument, whether or not it is covered under warranty, also provides a record that you owned that particular instrument. A superb instrument from start to finish (um, literally), you don’t have to be a progressive rock shredmaster in order to benefit from this instrument’s outstanding construction, superb playability, and beautiful tone.

Scott launched in 1998 as a simple website hosting musicians' classifieds for the first few years, but he knew that when the time was right, he would turn his attention to building into the kind of destination site that he wanted to visit as a serious musician himself.

Any material or workmanship determined defective by EB within the one (1) year term shall be repaired or replaced by without charge for parts and labor provided the unit is returned, transportation costs prepaid, to Ernie Ball, Inc., 4117 Earthwood Lane, San Luis Obispo, CA 93401, or to such facility authorized by EB. [Editor’s Note: Scott has owned a JPM-100 P2 and P4, and senior editor Matt Pinson owns a JPM HAM-90, so we’ve spent a lot of time with the other Petrucci guitars.]. With this tone by itself, our sound was convincingly that of an acoustic guitar miked through a PA system or guitar amp.

Additionally, behind the guitar there are recessed screws for fine-tuning the bass, treble, and mix of the piezo output. With a hard rock tone selected on our Road King, we were able to play heavy rhythms that were doubled with acoustic clean tones coming out of the second amp. Underneath the string saddles reside piezo electric/acoustic pickups. Visit Ernie Ball Music Man.

The neck position custom DiMarzio pickup provided solid, bluesy tones on low gain and mid-gain amp settings, and for higher gain lead work, we achieved glorious hollow, fluty tones that (through our Road King) definitely captured the basic Petrucci Dream Theater tone.

The piezo acoustic pickup sounded great.

While some players prefer five way switches, or the addition of coil tap/split switches to a humbucker-loaded guitar for more options, we share John’s love of simplicity – three distinct tones from the pickup selection are good enough for us. That is 15 total months of factory warranty protection from the initial purchase date.

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With the DiMarzio pickups, we achieved a range of beautiful electric tones that covered the range from metal to funk to blues.

In the JP6, Music Man has given us a new neck that feels significantly different from other Music Man instruments but is equally as outstanding. It was actually designed with a cutout in the main cavity so that you can store your guitar in the case without having to remove the tremolo arm! Model: John Petrucci BFR 6: Size: 12 … Compared to the original custom bridge pickup, the D Sonic is a little bit cleaner and has slightly less gain (perhaps because John’s Mesa/Boogie Road King amps have more than enough high gain firepower without the help of the guitar’s pickups). You may unsubscribe at anytime.

We routed the DiMarzio pickups to our Road King amp and routed the piezo output to a Marshall DSL-201 set for clean tones. 2,006. Music Man artists play the instruments you can buy, though their instruments may sometimes appear to be prototype models or feature a custom finish. A three-way toggle switch provides the following three voices: bridge pickup, neck pickup, and in the middle, only the inside poles from each pickup connected in parallel. Product Registration. Quick Responder. By registering your instrument within the initial 12 month warranty period you are entitled to an additional 3 months of warranty coverage. It didn’t have the full depth or richness that a great acoustic guitar might have, but in a concert (or other live) setting, the sound is more than convincing – fans will hear an acoustic guitar, not an electric guitar set for clean tones. For lead playing, though, the D Sonic was outstanding – notes were thick and beautifully sustained, and feedback was well controlled, turning up just when we were ready for it, and not too soon.
Specifications. Our guitar didn’t stop there, though! Any warranty implied by law, including any warranty of merchantability or fitness, is expressly limited to the one (1) year warranty term. At less than 7.5 pounds, the JP6 is light – in fact, it’s one of the lightest guitars we’ve played. Compare Specs. Unlike the middle position on John’s Ibanez guitars that featured DiMarzio Air Norton and Steve’s Special pickups, the middle position on the JP6 was significantly brighter in tone and had the bell-like character of high-end single-coil Strat pickups. In this dual-amp setting, we were able to switch from acoustic to heavy tones either at the throw of a pickup switch or with selective use of the volume knobs. Music Man JP6 Mystic Dream (Pre-Owned) Bananas at Large® San Rafael, CA, United States.

Scott Kahn, Editor in Chief, was the co-founder and associate editor of Korg Connection, the first official user group publication for users of Korg musical instruments. MUSIC MAN MAJESTY 6 POLAR NOIR.

It’s live double-tracking of guitars!
The JPM guitars used a double-locking Edge Pro tremolo (like a Floyd Rose). Sign up for the Ernie Ball mailing list. Quick Responder.

Stokesdale, NC, United States. Many players will no doubt be curious to compare the Music Man JP6 with the Ibanez JPM-100, John’s previous signature line of guitars before he became an endorsee of Music Man.

Happily, not only did the locking-tuner equipped JP6 avoid those complexities, but tuning stability was excellent. Last, the necks are quite different. You have successfully registered your Music Man Instrument.
The JP6 dishes out a wonderful, diverse range of sounds that are suited to a tremendous range of styles. If you would like to read a great, in-depth, interview with John Petrucci, click here. The next step took us from simply loving this guitar to placing it on our “desert island” list… running stereo amps. Thanks for choosing Ernie Ball Music Man. Compared to the previous version of the JP6, the middle position on the new version with a D Sonic bridge pickup exhibits less of a volume difference than with the original custom pickup. The foregoing statements of warranty are exclusive and in lieu of all other remedies.

Specifications. The dark Pearl Redburst paint job with high gloss finish on the body and headstock was beautiful, and frets were sanded to perfection. 12-3/8" wide, 1-3/4" thick, 37" long (31.4 cm wide, 4.5 cm thick, 94.0 cm long), Alder with bookmatched maple top and mahogany Tone Block; optional Koa top with completely mahogany body, Flame Top - Ruby Burst; Quilt Top - Trans Black; Quilt Top - Balboa Blue Burst; Koa Top - Island Burst, Custom John Petrucci Music Man® Piezo floating tremolo of chrome plated, hardened steel with solid steel saddles; Optional Koa top comes with gold hardware, 1-11/16" (43.0 mm) at nut, 2-1/4" (57.2 mm) at last fret, Rosewood; Optional Koa top comes with ebony fretboard, Color matches body with matching painted headstock, Schaller M6-IND locking with pearl buttons, Adjustable - no component or string removal, 5 bolts - Sculpted neck joint allows smooth access to higher frets, Graphite acrylic resin coated body cavity and aluminum control cover, 500kohm volume, 500kohm push/pull tone for custom 2 pickup configurations - .022µF tone capacitor, 3-way toggle pickup selector, with custom center position configuration; 3-way toggle piezo/magnetic selector, HH - 1 DiMarzio LiquiFire - neck; 1 DiMarzio Crunch Lab - bridge, 10p-13p-17p-26-36-46 (RPS 10 Slinkys #2240). We played the Music Man JP6 through two tube amps – a Mesa/Boogie Road King Series II half-stack (John’s amp of choice, ironically) as well as a Fender Super Sonic 1x12 combo. The JP6 is a beautifully balanced guitar. EB expressly disclaims any liability for consequential damaged arising from the sale, use, or inability to use the product. Guitar virtuoso John Petrucci walks you through the Ernie Ball Music Man JP6 BFR electric guitar. Finesse and prog-minded players like us want to hear clarity in the low notes even while running through high-gain channels, and while this is achieved with the D Sonic, we would have liked to hear slightly more separation of notes. Magasin Nantes : Sur commande. The basswood body has curves in all the right places, and the guitar rested comfortably against us whether playing standing or seated. You can get JP6 guitars without the piezo option and matching headstock for as low as $1,300 – they are identical in all other features. Fit and finish on our JP6 were outstanding. The Music Man JP6 is John Petrucci’s signature model six-string guitar. The neck has a very flat fretboard – we could bend notes as much as desired without ever fretting out.

The vintage tremolo in the JP6 is a dream to use by comparison, and we didn’t experience any issues with tuning stability. With only one mono cable, both sets of pickups are routed to your amp, and the three-way toggle switch on the horn controls which output you hear (or both, blended).

It’s a small touch, but one that we noticed the moment we removed the guitar from the case for the first time and saw the tremolo arm already attached.


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