navy exw instruction

Attach the M9 Chemical Agent Detector Paper to clothing. Removing contaminated MOPP gear, including the Protective mask, is the major action in Detailed Troop Decontamination (DTD).

108.5 Discuss the military aspects of terrain as it applies to a defensive force using KOCOA. He acts at all times to maintain & promote the chain of command. At all levels, the immediate supervisor has greatest influence on mishap and hazard reporting BUT ultimately it is the responsibility of the Saftey officer. Combat Arm and Hand Signals are one method to communicate or transmit commands when voice communication is difficult or impossible or when silence must be maintained. Provides record of information pertaining to notifications upon death, gratuity, allowances, allotments, dependent info, other life insurance in force, SGLI, & next of kin. However, concealment is much easier when the camouflage scheme is incorporated into the designs for new construction and site selection. twelve months prior to final qualification, to a Naval. and were instrumental in clearance of explosive hazards on both land and sea. Liquid droplets as small as 125-200 microns will produce a color change that is detectable by the naked eye. Exposed to chemical agents- After exposure to CBR agents, the CPO provides at least 6 hours of continuous protection. Leaching fields may be referred to as "tile fields" or "absorption trenches". <<81F0AE6D0AC78C40B2C4EF6860173918>]>>

Leaching fields are an integral component of a septic tank individual sewage disposal system. 109.22 Discuss the mission & role of Coast Guard Captain of the Port (COTP) and Marine Safety Office (MSO). Carter has earned specialist pins for information, surface, aviation and expeditionary warfare, plus the Small Craft Officer in Charge insignia, and he’s designated as a Naval Parachutist. The principal task of security forces, with respect to waterborne vessels, is to determine hostile intent as far from the HVA as possible.

108.24 Discuss the following basic fire team formations: a. 102.5 State the purpose and discuss the contents of the Enlisted Distribution Verification Report (EDVR). Chemical agents are used to produce death, injury, temporary incapacitation, or irritating effects. Naval Message- formal and secure messages that can be tracked once sent. Primary mission is expeditionary, i.e. Use a camouflage band, string, burlap strips, or rubber bands to hold the foliage in place. 104.2 State the mission, capabilities, and projected operating areas for the following NECC commands (as applicable): Navy Expeditionary Combat Command (NECC). The COG, or designated supervisor, conducts the briefs and inspection. The base of the triangle should be about 11 inches and the opposite sides about 8 inches. Depending upon temperature and operational procedures, the overgarment may be worn over the standard duty/utility uniform, personal underwear, or under/over cold weather garments. 108.23 State the purpose of the following: 1. The sole purpose of a safety investigation is to find the cause of the mishap, not determine accounatability. Experience, shows it is essential that every warrior in our Navy be totally familiar with the mission of their, command and be able to apply this knowledge to support the successful execution of the, ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2, INTRODUCTION------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 3, ACRONYMS ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 7, INTRODUCTION TO FUNDAMENTALS-------------------------------------------------------------- 9, Administration/Command and Control----------------------------------------------------------------10, Basic Field First Aid ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------12, Expeditionary Logistics -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------15, Communications/Communications Security Material System ----------------------------------17, Embarkation -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------19, Expeditionary Tent Camp Support---------------------------------------------------------------------21, Civil Engineering Support Equipment (CESE)------------------------------------------------------23, Contingency -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------25, Material Handling Equipment ---------------------------------------------------------------------------26, INTRODUCTION TO SYSTEMS AND MISSION AREAS ---------------------------------------29, NAVELSG Warfare Mission Area ----------------------------------------------------------------------30, Material Handling - Warehouse Forklift---------------------------------------------------------------33, Material Handling - Rough Terrain forklift------------------------------------------------------------35, Material Handling – RTCH-------------------------------------------------------------------------------37, INTRODUCTION TO WATCHSTATIONS -----------------------------------------------------------39, Expeditionary Warfare Specialist (EXW), NAVELSG Unit Specific ---------------------------43, LIST OF REFERENCES -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------51. 0000002601 00000 n When materials are ordered wrong or the received material is the wrong part, then the parts may be returned to supply. 105.6 Discuss the Military Sealift Command (MSC) mission. All materials in the fireball are vaporized. classification of current Navy and Marine Corp ordnance items. Leaders should repeat signals to their units whenever necessary to ensure prompt and correct execution of orders. 111.1 Explain the importance of the Consolidated Shipboard/Shore-based Allowance List (COSAL/COSBAL) in relation to the commands mission and sustainability. Paint the shiny areas (forehead, cheeks, nose, chin, exposed skin on the back of your neck and your hands and wrists) with the darker color. Naval Coastal Warfare Squadron (NCWRON)- Responsible for deploying command, control, communications, computer and intelligence (C4I) and operational support detachments and units to form an ashore operations center. An effective ATFP plan will address: **Small Boat Threat: As the bombing of the USS COLE in October 2000 clearly demonstrated, a small boat can be a lethal weapon. 107.2 Discuss the purpose of leach fields. 110.15 Discuss the following types of decontamination: a. Immediate- Skin decon, Individual wipe-down, Operator spray-down.

106.2 Discuss the three methods of communications in areas where oral communications is not reliable. Control the debris so it does not accumulate and attract enemy attention.

111.9 Explain the purpose of the Allowance Change request (ACR). To do this, you should park the vehicle under natural cover whenever available. 0000000717 00000 n 10700 0 obj<>stream 3 types of combat signals used include Arm and Hand Signals, Whistle Signals, and Special Signals.

Expeditionary Warfare duty has achieved a level of excellence. The groups were later renamed EOD. The M-295 is used for equipment decon. The M291 Skin Decontamination Kit replaces the M258A1.

When cut foliage is used, be sure it is put up as it was growing because the underside of the leaves is much lighter than the topside, and the difference in color could give your position away. a. Departmental budget - All OM&N money is allocated in categorized funds (02, 03, etc. In addition, MPF operations offer an augmentation capability to forward deployed MAGTFs, ongoing amphibious operations, or other joint, multi-national, or combined operations. 104.2 State the mission, capabilities, and projected operating areas for the following NECC commands (as applicable): Embarked Security Teams (EST). Ideally, zones that are 500 meters in width allow for effective small boat engagement and prevention of standoff attacks from RPGs. A third chain of command exists for MSC; an operational one for Navy-unique functions such as combat-ready logistics and special mission support. This paper detects the presence of liquid V agents, G agents (nerve), and H agents (blister/mustard). The Enlisted Expeditionary Warfare Specialist Coordinator for this PQS: The PQS Development Group gratefully acknowledges the assistance of the following, Enlisted Expeditionary Warfare Specialist. 108.18 Describe the procedures for handling Detainees/Enemy Prisoner Of War (EPOW), 108.19 Describe force protection threat conditions. of enlisted personnel. (1) Standard embarkation boxes, crates, pallets, and containers will be used to the maximum extent possible. Typically located in Alpha Company spaces.


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