new jersey colony

The first settlements in New Jersey were made by the Dutch along the western bank of the Hudson, with one on the Delaware at Fort Nassau; but these settlements were insignificant, and the history of the colony properly begins with the occupation of the territory by the English. Explore our complete time lines of major events in American history as well as World History. The Hudson River separates the state from New York. New Jersey’s early colonial history is similar to New York’s.

Summers are relatively hot throughout the state, with averages for July ranging from about 70 °F (21 °C) in the northwest to above 76 °F (24 °C) in the southwest. The Outer Coastal Plain, with its relatively poor sandy soils, is where the Pine Barrens are located. Where would you find the Empire State Building? Please select which sections you would like to print: Corrections? The capital is Trenton. Both had been loyal to him during the English Civil War. The first College in the colony was Queens College, (now called “Rutgers”) was founded in 1766. A 1760 rural traditional Dutch colonial located in Dumont, New Jersey. New Jersey Colony. In 1660, the town of Bergen became the first established town in the New Jersey portion of New Netherland. New Jersey’s major river, which it shares with Pennsylvania, is the Delaware. The most striking features of the state are its beaches, the Pine Barrens, The Palisades facing Manhattan, the broad marshes and swampland in the northeast, and the hills of the northwest, including the famous Delaware Water Gap. 8,882,190. The colony of New Jersey was initially part of the New Netherlands colony. Named for the island of Jersey in the English Channel, its capital city is Trenton. The colony was called New Netherland, and included parts of modern-day New York and New Jersey. It was ruled thereafter as a royal colony. After the sale to the Quakers the colony was divided into two East and West Jersey. The Meadowlands are managed to encourage wise land use and pollution abatement. All Rights Reserved. It was difficult for the proprietors to collect any taxes from the inhabitant. Indeed, it is one of the most diverse states in the union.

So, in March 1673 Berkeley sold his part of the colony to the Quakers. Announcing our NEW encyclopedia for Kids! Let us know if you have suggestions to improve this article (requires login). German Colonial Developed after about 1675, when the Delaware River Valley area (Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware) was settled by immigrants from Sweden, Finland, Scotland, Ireland, Germany and … Moist conditions prevail, with seasonally well-distributed precipitation averaging from 44 inches to more than 52 inches (1,120 to 1,320 mm).

New Jersey, constituent state of the United States of America. The Continental Congress deposed him in 1776. Above all, New Jersey is rife with contradiction and anomaly. Colony Of New Jersey A Brief History "New Jersey was so named, in 1664, at the time of its conquest by the English from the Dutch, in honor of Sir George Carteret, who had been governor of the Isle of Jersey, in the British Channel, and to whom, with Lord Berkley, the Duke of York conveyed the territory. They guaranteed the religious freedom to those who were willing to settle in New Jersey. New Jersey is an important industrial centre, but it has paid the price in environmental pollution, in dirt and noise, and in congested roads and slums. In 1660, the town of Bergen became the first established town in the New Jersey portion of New Netherland. In return for the land, the settlers were supposed to pay a yearly tax called a quitrent. New Jersey is called the Garden State because it became famous in the 18th century for the fertility of its land. The Barrens are dominated, however, by oak and pine on the well-drained sites and by white cedar in the poorly drained bogs. Lake Hopatcong, in Sussex and Morris counties, is the state’s largest lake. The younger Franklin fled to Connecticut and then to England.

Raccoons and opossums are common, even in many suburbs, and other mammals, snakes, and birds common to the northeastern United States (including migratory species) are also found within the state. It is now also among the most urbanized and crowded of states. Common plants are wild azaleas, rhododendrons, honeysuckles, mountain laurels, wintergreen, and cardinal flowers. It was ruled thereafter as a royal colony.


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