nigeria short joke of the day
Akpos appeared to be the least lucky, as he took a bag of rice…. READ ALSO: 50 birthday wishes to my wife ideas to impress her. It is common to find younger people who are taller than elder ones.

They make fun on serious issues. But when they came home the dad saw the real marks of his son. The Akpos comes home from his office very upset. Akpos is looking for his phone in the darkness. This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google Privacy Policy and Terms of Service apply. Some stated idea is usually used as a basis. Says the wife, – I’m already 55, but one of your friends thinks I am very beautiful. Since vertically challenged persons cannot access some of the items on top shelves, some of them are creative enough to find their way to the top. The second one got 30 years for taking a tray of eggs. The comedians imitate someone’s behavior or manners in order to create a comic effect. A policeman is reading a Bible. Short jokes. Image:, @thefunnylittlepigSource: Instagram.

Which one did you find funniest in this article? It also often features irony. There is a lack of harmony between reality and expected things. Irony. You cannot define love by height or any other physical body measurements since it is something to do with the heart and mind. Some might sound stupid and lame but within, you find the humour that you need. Its purpose is not to ridicule. I like the originality of your jokes. It is a slight imitation. Spoof. How does it feel playing with taller teammates or opponents in sports? Enjoy reading them and share with your mates via social networks or during the party. However, there are those, who do not have that good sense of humor. This type of comedy deals with complete exaggeration. It comes with significant challenges and advantages as well. You have probably heard that the most famous jokes in Nigeria are Akpos ones.

It also often features irony. Farce. If you have not had enough of the funny jokes, then there are more from memes for you to enjoy and brighten your day. So, the funniest jokes in Nigeria are as follows: The man comes too late and knocks the door. Doctor jokes. Most of the short people puns are simple, funny and straightforward; however, not everyone will view them as jokes.

Surrealism. The wife runs out of the house to help, while the man is carefully comes inside and locks the door. funniest nigerian jokes 3Black comedy. Parody.

– So, then a secretary in our office is pregnant for us. Three criminals are in the court for getting their punishment.

The second time the situation repeated. It is when the opposite of what has been expected happens or where someone says the opposite of what they actually mean. Blonde jokes. (28805 Views) Hilarious/savage Memes That Will Make Your Day / Random Short Jokes Of The Day / 20 Short Jokes That Would Definitely Make You Laugh (2) (3) (4) Some guys still hold on to certain stereotypes about height and relationships which are questionable in the modern world. April Fool's Day. Once the officer met that man in the bar, he asked: – Tell me in secret, what are you smuggling? Lets roll.

You can find them and many other Nigerian jokes and comedyon the Internet.

funniest nigerian jokes 3Black comedy.

There are hundreds of amusing puns and memes that will reel you with laughter, even if you are having a bad day. They make fun on serious issues. Cooking turns into a workout because I have to climb the counters. In this case, you are mocking at a particular section of society or politicians.


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