noose headquarters interior fivem

-They also make a metallic banging sound when you toss C4 onto them, unlike others similar to them that sound like walls. Okay well I went ahead and flew under the map, managed to finally land inside that room, and unfortunately it's just a rectangular room with solid walls, some boxes on palettes, and a palette mover (most of which got knocked through the walls with my chopper blades).

Thank you for looking into this guys and points to xeonorama for checking it all out. (I think the SP version of this isn't working for me because of the way the DLC pack is set up. . itsBUCKO October 26, 2019, 3:25pm #4. why is there 2 download links lol. Also using Map Fixes. I am not very experienced in terms of tinkering with the game files through OpenIV, I have to play with Online Maps enabled so that World of Variety functions correctly, with the Diamond Casino loading with no issues. . @Nebula666 I haven't got this working with the MP map ether. The doors are facing the fence gates at an angle if that helps. I am to stupid to remove the IPL from the Door :-(.   Your link has been automatically embedded. :). I am releasing this to the public because why not.   Your previous content has been restored. I have also tried building up a hefty wanted level to see if the NOOSE would exit through this door or something, but no such luck.

Paste as plain text instead, × It's fixed now. We need him to check this out!!! There will be a set of black double doors with a single portrait window in each door. dlcpacks:/vagos/, @raburs same as me bro, i just teleport to chiliad mountain and crashes, but sometimes its fine, @pixzelbeast I had to remove all the above mods. no worrys dude thought il let you know that’s all I would say good release but still waiting on pics lol. In fivem multiplayer when you go inside you cant see other players. add this to your server.cfg “start noose-hq-fuel”.   Pasted as rich text.

@pixzelbeast Ohh. Looks like it really was something that was almost used for the game but got ditched during the design stage. Thanks to @LDNENG and his suggestion to use the Open All Interiors mod the garage door is back where it should be, no ugly gaping souless void! an-evil-peanut, January 5, 2014 in Guides & Strategies. -The left one makes a banging/rattling when you run up to it and run into it. I have created a refueling area on the side of the Noose Headquarters. @pixzelbeast No. unzip it and place the noose-hq-fuel folder in the resource folder of your server. I've tried shooting rockets at them, gunning them down, sticky bombs and just shouting at the screen but nothing works to let me in. Its the only part of my GTA that is bugged, everything else is beautiful, plus its one of my favorite spots to slaughter gangbangers. All the other double doors are the same color and act like walls, but not these: -The two doors are clearly different colors, unlike the other nearly identical double-doors at this building. It doesnt crash or anything, it just diesnt load at all.

Im using mp map and this simply just wont load for me. if you use requestipl like in this mod package. Itvwas used for the FIB Heist on the roof entrance aproach you would go to the NOOSE building Steve Haines let you in then you were in and the crew members were waiting at the door a cutscene started where you would go in but it had bad lighting.

than the door ipl will load and you can't enter inside, that's you should use removeipl to remove door ipl so you can enter inside. The reason I am posting this is because I haven't seen it mentioned before and I am sure there must be a reason why there are boxes inside - it's not just a plain interior, it appears to have been modelled fully from what I can see. Select one of the following categories to start browsing the latest GTA 5 PC mods: [Release] [ESX] [Police Job], Powered by Discourse, best viewed with JavaScript enabled, [RELEASE] [YMAP] [FIVEM READY] Noose Headquarters Refueling Station. dlcpacks:/int_hotdogs/ I just want to have the warehouse doors closed up so the warehouse is inaccessible while MP maps are enabled, do you know how I can do this? If you find any maps I can make it fivem compatable and release it for public use. Using a Buzzard I flew over to the N.O.O.S.E. You can override the files in MP biker and set the DLC pack up like MP Biker.). :/. @nkjellman Thank you would really appreciate that.

However when I enable MP maps the warehouse this mod relates to has its doors missing, meaning the floor is just a gaping void that the player falls through, similar to what some other users on here have reported. Later you flew up and parachuted on the FIB building and broke in. Have you ever heard of Cops and Crooks style multiplayer in GTA Online? dlcpacks:/int_vesphouse/ Yes, that was a thing. You have it overlaying indust_01_metadata.rpf and id1_23.rpf. Here, the best I could get was taking a picture with my digital camera, you can clearly see that the doors give way to a hallway: That picture is pretty big, here is a small version of it: Oh and in case anyone asks, the weird blur on the right is the spinning blades of the Skylift.

You should be able to fix this without adding files to the update.rpf. Powered by Invision Community. Unfortunately I am playing on a PS3 so I am not aware of how to take screenshots to prove this.


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