norma load data
6mm BR Norma (Norma Data) reloading data with 30 loads., 600yrd shot in sub-zero temperature, with my 28 Nosler. Longest kill to date is 715 yds. is case based on the 338 lapua?is there published loads in any loading manuls? Click "Get Data" to view results. Pull-Downs of the NORMA ammunition has shown some variations in the powder charge weights in the documentations listed. Eurenco Bofors produced the following chart, which we have published in our Norma Reloading Manual. Load Data: 30 Caliber Loading / Reloading Information By Nosler Inc. Load Data: 30 Caliber Loading / Reloading Information By Nosler Inc ... 308 Norma Magnum. 9.3mm (366 dia) 9.3x62mm 270 9.3x74R 270. Gunpowder Charge Weight Velocity m/s Velocity fps; Norma 203-B: Max 37.8 Min 34.1: 836 767: 2743 2516: Norma 204: Max 43.0 Min 38.7: 858 780: 2815 2559: Norma URP: Max 42.1 This line of premium powders is once again available in the United States and Canada because of an exclusive distributor agreement between Norma Powders and Western Powders, Inc. in Miles City, Montana.

Norma Powder is recognized as one of the most trusted reloading powders in the world. Looking for data for new MOA custom 26" barrel 6.5 -284 Norma.

Runs great with that load.

Norma cases are made of the best possible raw materials with the narrowest tolerances, and they deliver accuracy round after round. Both produced accurate loads. Superior quality ensures a long life  and many reloads. It likes around 84gr with the 230 Berger's and around 86 or so with the 215's. Oops. picked up a box of 250 Nosler 140gr RDF locally to try out. 358 Norma Magnum Load Data; 358 Shooting Times Alaskan (STA) Load Data; 9.3×74 R Load Data; 9.3 X 62 Mauser Load Data; 9.3x64mm Brenneke Load Data; 375 Holland & Holland (H&H) Magnum Load Data; 375 Ruger Load Data; 378 Weatherby Magnum Load Data; 375 Remington Ultra Magnum Load Data; A flexible range of powders offers the handloader many opportunities to load the best possible cartridges in any calibre choice. Below is a list of the 10mm ammo as made by NORMA. They're moving at 3170fps from a 27" 1-10 barrel. Norma Powder is recognized as one of the most trusted reloading powders in the world.

The case neck is annealed to become softer. 54gr . You must log in or register to reply here. It spits them out of a 27" 1-9 barrel at 2960fps. Notes: case: Norma; parent case: none; primer: Federal GM 215M; trim to: 2.509"; barrel: 24"; XLC Coated X-Bullet data cannot be used with other bullets, including non-coated X-Bullets; maximum loads should be used with caution; Always Start With Minimum Loads Be Alert: Publisher cannot be responsible for errors in published load data. Yep. They shoot okay in mine, I am not bothering with them because mine is a hunting rifle. Because I think my gun would have blown up with that amount. Can't remember the velocity of the 208's but it was over 3200fps. At the annealing, small grains become bigger and the hardness decreases. Using bullets from Sierra MatchKing, Hornady SP, Nosler BST, Hornady FMJ, Hornady BTSP, Nosler Partition, Berger LTB.

Powders include Norma I've shot several animals with both bullets. Load Data:  30 Caliber Loading / Reloading Information.


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