ogre battle best ending guide

Thus the birth of a new ruler over the Zeteginean Continent was born. Revolutionary Army Soldier: You still don't get it!? Also MIA. And you bear the responsibility to share your talents and abilities as you can! The new rule was one not of power, but of true heart and true actions. High General of the New Zenobian Royal Army. Tristan: Hmmm. Please allow this tired old man to find his final resting place... Tristan: I know. We will someday be able to create a world with no war. That's enough for me. At this point, your existence would... only bring discord to this kingdom. ...Isn't that right, you who walk with the darkness!? Our victory was brought about thanks to the people who fought with us. Kerikov: How could his be... Those idiots are going to rule this kingdom? The soldiers, still high from the war, will follow you instead. That's enough. Rauny: But our work isn't finished! To use this feature, you need to be logged in to GameFAQs. We paid too high a price to regain our freedom to let it be taken again.

There are rights to all which should never be violated! We will use that power to create an invincible Empire! ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

I only helped you. As a result of the unrelenting attacks by the eastern barbarian tribes, the history of Palatinus came to an end. Warren: Who else is there? Well, I guess not... You're only concerned with winning battles, nothing else. Rauny: But our work isn't finished! Female Lord: This is what everyone wanted. Revolutionary Army Soldier: Stop, Magnus!! But, they weren't right either. ...And start anew. With her marriage to Destin, her popularity is sealed. We can't allow those who are controlled by the Infernal Aura near him. But the outcome isn't important! I'm sorry for calling you back to battle. This is a list of the endings in Ogre Battle: The March of the Black Queen. I'll pretend I didn't hear that. The rest I will leave to Destin. The rule of the empire of evil is finished! Destin: I know. Learn the ways of the dark! I'm sorry that I won't be able to attend your wedding. After that, the New Kingdom of Zenobia enjoyed long peace under King Tristan. Black magic! King Tristan Zenobia. The rule of the empire of evil is finished! Will his strength again be needed down below? And there's still much to do. ...I enjoyed your company. Remember your parents who loved you. Does death or birth await you? ...Do you want to come with us? This is a list of the endings in Ogre Battle: The March of the Black Queen. Upon his death, the rule of Palatinus was given to a man, who was the late King's right hand man. Destin the Valiant: They weren't wrong. For as long as this body lives, for as long as there is war, I will be revived! Fogel: And you have become Head Angel.

Tristan: Thank you. Magnus, ...come with us. Without you, we wouldn't have gained near the strength we did, and we wouldn't have won. After that, the New Kingdom of Zenobia enjoyed long peace under King Tristan. I don't know what I can do, but I'll do the best I can... to make this a place where people can live peacefully and exercise their beliefs. And now more lives must be lost to bring it down. Ogre Battle Saga Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. She is also of noble birth, and as a Paladin has the trust of the people. In a great battle that rocked the entire continent, King Frederick met with an untimely death. Slust: You're still worried about Rashidi, nyet? We don't need people like you. It should have gone to you. Magnus: You're telling me... that my decisions were wrong...?

His curse is not yet lifted... Slust: Why if it isn't Fenril? But there were few who knew of the hero who fought to make that possible. It's probably nothing. Tristan: You are the people's Hero. Fenril: Very good. ......Now, I can begin... Destin the Valiant: You've become quite strong, ...Magnus. High Wizard of the New Zenobian Magical Battalion. Rauny: You're the hero! Death to those who oppose us!

Come one (sic) back to the hall and have a drink with me, hmmmm? Destin: I don't need any thanks. We're looking for to the day when you appear before us. I'll be fine. In the middle of the party the Hero and friends headed again for the wilderness. My job is done here. Your name will go down in history and never forgotten. Do we have no control over it? Until then... the gods will smile on the Heroes. Go, Ashe. The empire you built become known and feared as the 'Black Empire'. Tristan: Then will you stay here and help me again for a while? Infighting among the court families and the emerge... Long, long ago in the land of Ishmeria, 6 magicians and a dragon were sealed in the gems of the crown Gemfire. I guess you're right. If I weren't a royal knight, I would be tempted to stay with Destin. Prince Fichs Tristoram. For the revolution... For the kingdom... You must understand. Do you want to go? The best unit to have is 2 attackers in the front and 3 magic-users in the back; two of those magic-users being wizards or doll mages and 1 being a healer. Magnus, ...stand up, and follow us. You are the one to create a new world with no war. The horror of the Ogre Battle... Albeleo: I cannot believe that I have lost! I don't know what our King will say, ...but I promise you that we'll return. I'm looking forward to seeing the new Palatinus, ......your kingdom. I want you to become the general over my armies, and command as you have... Well? We're heading back for Zenobia, to inform our King of what happened. It's the Second Han Dynasty and China is on the verge of collapse.

You didn't know what to do with yourself, huh? To create a world without war. Killed in action 2 years later. Katreda: Don't be so hasty, Father. Don't look away from this. Here I come!! Let me go. The battle has just begun... Until that time, enjoy yourselves as you can. We must follow what Destin did, and create a kingdom with no more wars. It's unfair to "Female Lord," but necessary for Zenobia. ...Be true... to yourself... and... move... on...... (Destin dies). Whoah, whoah! You are, though. Destin: Ha, ha ha! Lans: Many, beginning with those led by the Paladin, Rauny. ...! ...I know you understand. May you rest in peace... And thus a new kingdom was born on the Zeteginean continent. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Gilbert: They say that no one has come back from Rodisti alive... Aisha: We have all had our lives saved by you... Saradin: ... And now it's time for us to go with you (and) return the favour. We can now return to the Heavens, eh? You should become king.

You still need to help me! That's enough for me. Tristan: Thanks to you, the Empire has been destroyed. Tristan Come back to us, OK? Everybody, let's go! So, in the end, Ogre Battle: The March of the Black Queen is a somewhat confusing game with a lot of stuff to keep track of, it’s meant to be played many times as you learn more and more of its secrets and work toward the best ending, and each map really doesn’t take that long once you learn the best strategy (rush the boss). Magnus: King Frederick's death will be deeply mourned. Our victory was brought about thanks to the people who fought with us. You've made me very happy. Tristan: Then let's get ready before anyone notices. Word of his exploits as a leader spread across the continent. But I will not die! And so now, our pact is completed. Tristan: Yes. ...Get moving! © 2020 GAMESPOT, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. Accept it for what it is! The rest is up to you, Your Highness. We'll meet again. We're all getting together again. I have found a most wonderful thing during the war!

There is nothing you can't do. Captain of the New Zenobian Beast Brigade. Tristan: Guard "Female Lord" with your life! Only you may decide! Before Final Fantasy Tactics, my favorite fantasy tactical battle RPG, there was the Ogre Battle series. Tristan: My mother and father have been avenged. There are many other places where I am needed. You are the true heir. With Rauny taking the throne, our people and the Highlanders should never fight again. There's no way I could make her happy. For his valor in defending the continents of Zeteginia and Galicia from invasion of the eastern barbarian tribes, and for practicing the republican policies of his predecessor, he will be remembered as a great king, in both strength and wisdom... ...His legacy will be carried on by his son, Prince Aeneas Gallant.


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