okta sso salesforce

When you integrate Salesforce with Okta, you can use Single Sign On (SSO), Okta Provisioning, or SSO + Okta Provisioning.

Simplifies onboarding an app for Okta provisioning where the app already has groups configured. In the Admin Console, go to Applications > Applications. In Salesforce, navigate back to Domain Management > My Domains. Our…, We’ve noticed something quite extraordinary happening on the Okta Application Network over the last few months: Microsoft Office 365 is quickly working its way to #1 – meaning the most commonly deployed application in our network of 4,000+. Looks like you have Javascript turned off! To: https://[customDomain].my.salesforce.com, using the domain URL you just created. Link Okta groups to existing groups in the application. Unlock Secure User Productivity with Touch ID and SSO Extensions on iOS, Happy Valentine's from Okta: Top 20 Apps Our Customers Love, Announcing the Okta Help Center: Putting Our Customers First, Office 365 Adoption Goes Through the Roof, Gartner Catalyst: Talking Trust, Identity and Cloud Strategies, For Enterprise Apps, It’s a Renter’s Market, Last Week In the Cloud: Salesforce Acquisitions and Global Cloud Growth.

You can test this by trying to navigate to your new org name in a browser window. If you wish to provide a single sign on experience for a Salesforce community site you have created, you will need to create a custom SAML application in Okta. SAML Version: Make sure this is set to 2.0. At this point your new org name in SalesForce (https://[orgname].my.salesforce.com) will be published to the internet and should become widely available for use within 12-24 hours. Custom Logout URL: Optional. This setup might fail without parameter values that are customized for your organization. In the news this week cloud service leaders like Salesforce.com begin to better bolster cloud architecture and streamline adoption and services,…. Stay up to date on the latest security news, research, and technologies from Okta. Okta provides Single Sign-On (SSO) and automated provisioning for Salesforce.com. Okta updates a user's attributes in the app when the app is assigned.

The API user is specified in Okta on the Salesforce User Management tab. Identity Provider Certificate: Download, then upload the following certificate into this field: Identity Provider Login URL: Copy and paste the following: This URL will authenticate your users when they attempt to log in directly to Salesforce or click on a deep link in Salesforce and are not currently authenticated.

Allows Okta to use custom attributes you have configured in the application that were not included in the basic app schema. Go to the Users page located in the Setup > Manage Users section of Salesforce, Click Edit for a user you want to enable single sign-on for, Select a Profile that has delegated authentication single sign-on enabled (use the cloned profile if you are experimenting), In Okta, go to the People list and click a person's name to view their profile, Select Salesforce from the list and enter a Salesforce username that has delegated authentication enabled, CLICK HERE to go to the Salesforce login page, Enter the Salesforce username you used in the previous section, Enter the Okta password for the Okta user assigned the Salesforce username above. You can also do this by opening a case in the Salesforce customer service application. Check out the latest from our developer community, Protect and enable employees, contractors, partners, Today, we’re announcing new features for iOS devices to ensure the best possible user experience for our customers, while also enforcing strong security protections. Future attribute changes made to the Okta user profile will automatically overwrite the corresponding attribute value in the app. Push either the users Okta password or a randomly generated password to the app.

This process of logging into Salesforce or other cloud apps from Okta is known as IDP-Initiated SAML. - Mobile Application, Protect and enable employees, contractors, partners, Deep, pre-built integrations to securely connect to everything.

Not everyone’s a sucker for heart-shaped cards, flowers, pricey dinners and chocolate – we get that. The integration was either created by Okta or by Okta community users and then tested and verified by Okta. Still in Okta, select the Sign On tab for the Salesforce.com SAML app, then click Edit.

Once Salesforce enables delegated authentication you can proceed with the steps below.

Locate the configuration you set up previously from the list on the page, then click Edit. By completing the steps above, your users will be able to access SalesForce from a single click on the Okta User Dashboard.

In Okta, select the General tab for the Salesforce.com SAML app, then click Edit: Make sure that the Custom Domain field matches the name of the custom domain you have created. Once your My Domain is live, you’ll be able to specify Okta as the default preferred Authentication Service each time users navigate to your specific domain.

Click Edit on the user profile and scroll down to the General User Permissions section, Check the Is Single Sign-On Enabled checkbox. “I don’t want to do plumbing,” is how Robert Schmid, CIO at video game maker Activision, explains his preference for cloud-based apps as opposed to…, In the past couple of months, cloud computing has come to be lauded as a driver for U.S. jobs and economic growth.

You have the ability to enable delegated authentication for a single user or large group; it all depends on who has the user profile where the Is Single Sign-On Enabled permission is enabled. Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) is a standard for logging into applications. One way Apple makes strong security easy for end…, Last week, our CEO Todd McKinnon sat down (or rather, “hung out”) with Michael Krigsman to discuss tech valuations, the future of identity management, and cloud and mobile adoption trends on a recent episode of CXOTalk. Creates or links a user in the application when assigning the app to a user in Okta. This is where you'll find the information you need to integrate your Salesforce instance with Okta. The application can be defined as the source of truth for a full user profile or as the source of truth for specific attributes on a user profile. This should be enabled by default. Security Assertion Markup Language is an open standard for exchanging authentication and authorization data between an identity provider (IdP) and a service provider (SP) that does not require credentials to be passed to the service provider. When the application is used as a profile master it is possible to define specific attributes to be sourced from another location and written back to the app. Still, we like to have a little fun with the holiday - and a couple years ago we compared passwords to Valentine’s. Definitely one of the most concentrated gatherings of people to talk about the challenges enterprises are facing around identity – and Okta got a very warm reception from many identity professionals looking for a new choice beyond just the traditional legacy solutions. In Okta, select the General tab for the Salesforce app, then click Edit. Assuming you logged in successfully, you can use these credentials for salesforce client application integrations like the Microsoft Outlook plugin and other APIs. To add a My Domain: Click Domain Management to open the sub-menu.

Still in Okta, select the Sign On tab for the Salesforce app, then click Edit.

Unlike SAML 2.0 single sign-on, delegated authentication is turned on at the user profile level. Simply navigate to your Salesforce Domain URL and you should be redirected to the Okta sign-on page for your org. More security is always a good thing in the minds of IT and security administrators, but it can often be burdensome on the end user. Accounts can be reactivated if the app is reassigned to a user in Okta. You can't see this form until Salesforce has enabled delegated authentication for your organization. Please enable it to improve your browsing experience. The single sign-on (SSO) login standard is more secure and convenient than using a username and password.

API Name: Enter an API name of your choice.


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