oregon deer hunting season 2020
As most private timberlands are closed until fire season restrictions are lifted, look for many hunters to be sharing our public lands.

During the midday hours, predator calling can be very productive, and is best done with a calling partner to maximize calling effort and detection of bears and cougars as they approach the area. If you want to hunt the desert portion of the unit there is a lot of private land mixed in with the BLM properties, which will make hunting these areas a challenge. The buck ration is 14/100 does, which is just below the buck management objective of 15/100 does. Cougar populations are stable due to relatively abundant prey and low mortality. Hunters who are knowledgeable about habitat, take the time to scout and then hunt hard, will have the best chance for success. Highest bear densities are west of Hwy 97 at higher elevations. Make sure to be prepared this hunting season and purchase a cougar tag just in case you happen to run into one. The Whitehorse and Owyhee units are part of the High Desert hunt area. A slight decrease in post-season buck ratios in the eastern Trask WMU should not decrease the number of mature bucks for hunters in the eastern Trask unit, and higher than average fawn ratio over the last two years bodes well for a growing deer population. Late spring rains and a fairly mild summer have created good forage conditions in the higher elevations and poorer conditions as you drop in elevation. You may not be able to cover as much ground, but you’ll get a better look at the animals you do see. Hunters that have drawn an antlerless elk tag should still have good success if they can find elk concentrated near agricultural fields and low elevation timber stands.

Some areas of eastern Oregon, including Baker, northern Harney and Malheur counties, and some parts of Union County, have deer and pronghorn herds that have not fully recovered from the severe winter of 2016-2017. Populations are at or near management objective in all units. Hunter success is expected to be average.

If you’re hunting public lands or have access to private lands, look for elk to be spending much of their time near water sources. Given the pandemic, we’ll probably do a mini-caravan. This tend to disperse bears and predator calls may be a good strategy at this time. Hunters need to call the field or district office closest to their house and report their name, ODFW ID number, date of harvest, location of harvest (wildlife management unit), sex of animal and confirmation number for electronic tags. Bear hunting in the eastern slopes of the Coast Range should be similar to previous years. Please check the state DNR's website for details. Many moons ago there were annual gatherings of West Coast outdoor writers at Red Bank Ale & Quail, a game bird hunting club near Red Bluff south of Redding. For your information, we have retained the 2019 forecast.). Be aware of lease and/or permit areas and please visit their recreation website for more information on. As the hunter it is your responsibility to make sure the area you plan to hunt is open and accessible. All Harney County units are currently below population management objective (MO) for deer and most populations have been steadily declining since the harsh winter of 2016-17. This opportunity is not available to Mentored Youth Hunt Program participants as each youth hunter must have their own tag to participate. However, the improved water and forage conditions throughout the summer will benefit the elk as they head into the winter. Hunters may find area fire restrictions at the Coos Forest Protective Association’s website. Bull elk rifle and archery hunting is through general seasons, and the second coast elk rifle season has a bag limit of a “spike-only” bull. Overall elk populations in both WMUs are above the management objective and antlerless elk tags available to hunters will be significantly increased with the institution of the General Season Antlerless Elk Damage hunts in the east Trask and Willamette Units. (Photo: HENRY MILLER / SPECIAL TO THE STATESMAN JOURNAL). Low survival rates in both fawns and adult does continues to push populations below management objective in all units. Elk populations in the Keating, Pine Creek and Lookout Mountain units continue to grow and offer good opportunity for hunters. They are challenging to hunt, but many hunters increase their odds by using of predator calls along major ridgelines. For the Applegate unit during the coastal seasons we saw an increase from 5 to 8 percent during the first season and a decrease from 6 to 3 percent during the 2nd season.

Bunker Hill, Baker Point, Bacona, and the hills above Pebble Creek. The elk population in the Heppner unit is still slightly above management objective for the unit and the Fossil unit’s population is stable. All said, the Antler Nation is about whitetails and with Oregon’s whitetail population hovering below 15,000, and trophy potential slim, it earns a D.​. They must be applied for in advance through the control hunt process and are usually required for hunts in eastern Oregon. Elk numbers in the northern part of Wagontire (High Desert hunts) are quite variable due to large movements these animals make. Look for bears in the creek bottoms and valleys, feeding on Hawthorn berries and other fruits. Heavy cover can make hunting challenging in forested areas. Elk are most consistent in their daily patterns near alfalfa fields. The Ranch will coordinate the 3-day hunts and try to accommodate requests for hunting dates to the best of their ability. Tag Required: Coast Elk 2nd Season, Season: Aug. 29 – Sept. 27 Winter and spring precipitation will result in average water dispersal throughout the lower elevations of the district. Some areas to consider include Upper McKay Creek, Green Mountain, Buck Mt., and Bunker Hill. Hopefully this holds up through the remainder of the year. Sorry for the lack of clarity in the past week’s column about the “viral” cork board, a project 10 years in the making and completed during the pandemic lockdown. Some of the best hunting is on private timberlands where timber harvest has occurred within the last three to five years. Beginning March 23, all ODFW offices will be closed to visitors. Food sources appear to have matured later this year and bears are concentrated on those available food sources, making it easier for hunters to key into their location and movement patterns. Cougar populations are healthy and distributed throughout the district where there is a big game prey base available. However, the increased moisture this year has improved forage conditions and we expect deer to enter the winter in good body condition, benefiting future age classes. Bull ratios have remained constant from last year for both units. The elk population in the district is holding steady. Bears are more abundant closer to the coast than the Willamette Valley side of the coastal mountains. In the Scappoose WMU, elk are more numerous in the timberlands of the northwestern and agricultural lands along Hwy 26. (800) 720-6339, Do you have a question or comment for ODFW? With Oregon’s biggest hunt – general and controlled deer – just around the corner and elk not far behind it, the hard-working folks at ODFW have rolled out their annual big game prospects. October 30, 2020   |  Timber 2 Table Wild Game Recipes, October 21, 2020   |  Timber 2 Table Wild Game Recipes, Non-resident hunting license and deer permit. However, mule deer numbers are below management objectives in all units. Spend time scouting to find elk sign as the topography is rugged in certain portions of this unit. Large wildfires have limited the available habitat in this unit and continue to have a negative effect on the deer population. The buck ratio in this unit remains high at 40 per hundred does and all age class bucks are available. Over-winter fawn survival was lower than normal due to late-winter snow. Buck ratios are at or above management objective for the Maury, Ochoco and Grizzly units, with a district-wide average of 20 bucks per 100 does. There has been a lot of recent clear-cut timber harvest on state forestlands, so be sure to take a look at ODF lands if scouting for areas to hunt deer. This change will also remove the seven-day break during general deer season in the Cascade Buck Area. The district has not detected any drop in deer or elk populations as a result of wolf activity. With a below average winter and marginal spring moisture, summer forage conditions ranged from on the dry side in Lake County to ideal in the Klamath area. In western Oregon spike deer are now included in buck hunt bag limit and removed from the 600 Series “Antlerless Deer” bag limit. Deer densities in the East Whitehorse are low and hunters should consider scouting trips before the season to locate areas where deer are present. Calling or glassing for long periods of time can be effective when looking for mountain lions. Pronghorn survival over the winter was good, but early spring has seen a surge in mortality. The deer population in the White River unit continues to show decline.


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