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Although he had made a deal with himself by then never to drink whilst on studio time, he says he often worked through huge hangovers. Cary Grant was violent, punching Orry-Kelly  during drunken arguments, and physically throwing him out of cars. He won  academy awards for his costume designs in American in Paris ( 1951), Les Girls (1957) and Some Like it Hot (1959). If nothing else was forthcoming and the pair were desperate, Leach shared in the money that Orry-Kelly’s mother wired over. Right up there with Gilbert Adrian and Travis Banton. Dec 10, 2015 - Explore themirrorblue's board "Orry-Kelly", followed by 521 people on Pinterest. Orry-Kelly got Archie Leach a few acting jobs too, though apparently he started out as a lousy actor, learning as he went along. He also scored him a screen test – in fact he got him two. After that he planned the luxurious interior decor of various speakeasies, specialising in cheeky frogs with their backs turned, who looked as if they were fiddling with themselves. And Tony Curtis was originally offended that the studio wanted to pull old outfits out of wardrobe storage for him and Jack Lemmon to wear as the cross dressing males leads. But Orry Kelly designed for many other major stars as well and his costumes appeared in hundreds of films from the early 1930’s into the 1960’s. The red ball gown Bette Davis was supposed to wear in  Jezebel actually was made in brown because black and white film made a true red dress look black! The photo "Kay Francis" has been viewed 400 times. “She blushed immediately. It was an age of elegance and even the prostitutes were elegant. After the war he went back to the studios. Orry Kelly sketches. Orry-Kelly and Leach did remain friends for a while, but pretty much the nail in the coffin seems to have been when Orry-Kelly phoned to invite Leach to a party and Leach told him that he owed him $360.48. Taina Elg “Angele Ducros” champagne chiffon gown designed by Orry-Kelly from Les Girls - Profiles in History. View and license Mary Brian pictures & news photos from Getty Images. Archie was an out of work actor, who toured with vaudeville troupes, firstly doing stilt walking and juggling, but his dream was to be a real actor, treading the boards. Though considered witty and charming when sober, Orry Kelly was often difficult to work with, argumentative, tempermental and hot tempered because of his  major drinking problem. Jul 8, 2019 - Explore Julie Allwright's board "Gowns By Orry Kelly" on Pinterest. 1960s abstract print mod scooter dres, Just listed. Orry-Kelly was also the boyfriend of actor Cary Grant, and the two men lived together openly in a tumultuous relationship. The Schuberts have done something with charm and without spangle.” From then on, “without a spangle” became a watchword.”. 30s matinee idol Kay Francis in the ultimate Hollywood glamour  gown designed by Orry Kelly. Some of the dresses created for Marilyn Monroe were basically just sheer, clinging mesh with strategically placed decorations. She pointed her finger at me and started babbling, ‘‘He said boys’ arses are smaller than girls’ arses and he said that Tony Curtis’s arse was smaller than mine, and I told that one’’ — pointing at me — ‘‘that some people like girls’ arses and some people like…’’. THEY WILL ARRIVED JUST AS PICTURED. The pallbearers at his funeral were Cary Grant, Tony Curtis, Billy Wilder and George Cukor.

So he insisted Orry Kelly design their costumes as well. See more ideas about Orry kelly, Hollywood costume, Hollywood glamour. See more ideas about Orry kelly, Hollywood costume, Old hollywood.

The sky turned to oxblood, everything went pitch black… Much later [we drove home]”. Kelly painted gold dragons with scarlet tongues but perpetually a little drunk as he was, spilled the red paint so had to extend the lolling red tongues all over the room. Do you have any favorite classic movies that Orry Kelly designed costumes for?

Dovima-2010 has uploaded 37193 photos to Flickr. But Cary Grant was like a mask that Archie slipped into more and more often, and Orry-Kelly didn’t like it.

Chickeyonthego has uploaded 4864 photos to Flickr. He describes early breast enhancement where vinyl or even paraffin were injected directly into breasts by doctors, making them hard as rocks. See more ideas about Orry kelly, Hollywood costume, Hollywood. When he was engaged at Warner Brothers, his salary was astronomical and he was most proud to have re-negotiated it himself, without an agent.

Temper, not temperament, took over. The time period is 1860s America.

Kay Francis in Mandalay 1934- Orry Kelly Gown, Dolores Del Rio looks hot, hot, hot in fringed Orry Kelly gown for her role in Caliente (1935), Dolores Del Rio in Fringed Orry Kelly Gown-Caliente 1935. The full page Herald gives us one of the best images of Ms. Davis ever, holding court in Orry-Kelly pink. “I was soon in demand with the rich, racy set.” He had English clothes ordered from Bond Street, and lived in hotels which cost double his salary.

Orry-Kerry had parts in revue and in the chorus in Sydney, and in a time when people were crazy for tea dances worked as a professional ballroom dancer – and escort. As soon as he could, at 17 Orry-Kelly moved out of his small town and straight to Sydney, hoping to make it as an actor.

But just one coda: Cary Grant was a pallbearer at Orry-Kelly’s funeral when he died, thirty years later. View and license Mary Brian pictures & news photos from Getty Images. From Cecil Beaton's sketches of My Fair Lady and Walter Plunkett's designs for Gone With the Wind to Irene Sharaff's costmes for Funny Girl and…. During his career in films, he dressed numerous…, Just in time for Christmas gift giving comes a lavishly illustrated book on Hollywood costume illustration, perfect for anyone who loves fashion, film and art. Archie Leach.

Costume Design by Orry Kelly from the 1939 movie "DARK VICTORY" Bette Davis. He mostly dug latrines, and was discharged early over his alcolism. To his friends, he was Jack. Tips On How To Stylishly Wear Retro Shell Suits, Orry-Kelly – costume designer of the Golden Age of Hollywood.

One wrote: “What happened? Ava Gardner in One Touch of Venus, 1948. 1960s silk floral print cocktail dres, British company Horrockses made some of the most b, At first I thought this was a jumpsuit. Costume design by Orry-Kelly. Marilyn Monroe in Some Like It Hot (1959) -- Costume Designer: Orry-Kelly. He was also extremely tight with money. Orry-Kelly talked about Archie a lot in his autobiography and was clearly devoted to him, but maintained a discreet silence on their sex life. One star who definitely did not appreciate his input was Marilyn Monroe. Before being hired by Warner Brothers in 1932, he had designed costumes for Broadway actresses. He also ended up designing costumes and scenery for several  stage productions, including Katherine Hepburn’s costumes for Death Takes a Holiday, before he got his big break with Warner Studios in Hollywood. At the party, Orry-Kelly handed over the wad of cash, and though Leach looked embarrassed and said that he’d been drunk when he demanded the money he did accept it, and that was more or less that. His skill seems to have been in being sympathetic to the star’s figures: padding was greatly used by the 1930s, not only on shoulder pads and in bras but on hips, too, and he often used it to even out an actresses’s figure by padding one side more than the other. thefoxling has uploaded 10846 photos to Flickr. Orry-Kelly swept many stars to fame by changing their personal style or suggesting modish new cropped haircuts.

The critic acclaimed my work. Certainly, by the standards of the time and the enormous frou-frou costumes some of the stars were put in, he pared it down, but feathers, fringes, sequins, beading and tassels were much in evidence. It had everything to do with my personal life, my family, and some major upheavals that have been going on (and are still going on) throughout these last few weeks. She bought him a ticket and used her influence to get a quick visitor’s visa to sail to America, fast. Audrey Withers, the editor of Vogue who kept it going through the war. On moving to Hollywood, Orry-Kelly says that Leach wanted to move in with him again but he thought that their lifestyles didn’t match; Orry-Kelly had a lovely little electric kitchen that he wanted to use whilst Leach preferred to dine out in drug stores every night. Explore Chickeyonthego's photos on Flickr. When he wasn’t touring, he lived with Orry-Kelly, and Orry-Kelly let him in on whatever he was into to make money at the time. “I looked at the virile twenty-nine-year-old Emil, born with all the elements of his father’s blood and the tropical beauty of his Polynesian child-mother; his liquid eyes gleamed like black leopard dots as he gazed across the purple Pacific. He did, however, name a prize winning shocking pink carnation that he had hybridized after his son. I can't promise that it will be smooth sailing from here on…. Cary Grant and Randolph Scott at home. Perhaps Orry-Kelly’s seminal design was for the centrepiece dress worn by Davis in Jezebel, famously – and shockingly – red in a sea of white ball gowns, although the designer was rather hamstrung by the … In the early 1920s he  moved to New York City  to try his hand at acting. For the first, Leach was deemed just too handsome. In his autobiography, “Women I’ve Undressed” Orry-Kerry loved talking about all his shady friends, the prostitutes, bootleggers and con-artists who he found himself hanging out with just as much as the big names he later came to know in Hollywood. Starring Bette Davis, George Brent, Humphrey Bogart, Ronald Reagan and Geraldine Fitzgerald. But he ended up with an Oscar for the designs! But he bounced back. At one point he was costuming sixty movies a year, and he had the magical talent of having a piece of gossip, vicious or adoring, about every one of his stars. How about, McKay of Miami sundress 1958. Costume Sketch, Orry-Kelly (Australia, active United States, 1897-1964), United States, 1930s, Drawings, Gouache and pencil on paper. They looked like Aubrey Beardsley drawings.”. But this brilliant, perfectionist  had a dark side. 1950s formal dress in blue sequined l, Love this photo of actress Bebe Daniels lounging o, Just listed. Once there he worked painting murals and illustrating titles for silent movies. THESE PHOTOS HAVE NOT BEEN DEGRADED OR BLURRED FOR ANY REASON. He titled his unpublished memoirs “Women I’ve Undressed.”, Famous quote “Hell must be filled with beautiful women with no mirrors.”. It's been three weeks since my last post and for me, it feels like three years. The photo "Kay Francis" has been viewed 400 times. Even if I'd had the time, I'm afraid I had little spirit for blogging. Archie helped print his shawls, paint his ties, or hand-finish invites for his client’s parties. Orry-Kelly suggested that Leach move in with Randolph Scott, and Leach and Randolph had a lovely twelve year relationship, pictured in magazines together running through the surf and, ironically enough, cooking in the kitchen together in aprons. Later, down on his luck, he was outraged to be offered $15.00 for a whole set of drawings. "The Letter" (1940) starring Bette Davis, costume design by Orry-Kelly This movie stays on my TiVo. Orry-Kelly (1897–1964) was an Australian-American Hollywood costume designer. Orry-Kelly was a wonderful costume designer who worked during the Golden Age of Hollywood, costuming (and offending) Marilyn Monroe in Some Like It Hot, Ginger Rogers, Barbara Stanwyck, Rita Hayworth, Ingrid Bergman in Casablanca and Bette Davis in just about everything. Orry-Kelly’s costuming career, meanwhile, came about as he was an all round artistic type, able to put his hand to almost anything. “Their hats were varied – some wore swathed turbans that veiled their eyebrows, others had white aigrettes or pale bird-of-paradise feathers jutting up from the crown and white fox furs slung over one shoulder, the head always biting the tail. According to Orry-Kelly, “Sydney’s fanciest floozies” in the 1910s had named themselves after the popular British Gaiety Girls like Elsie Lily and Rosie Boote, and donned a black-and-white “uniform” starting with a black satin dress.


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