osage orange thorn

[26], Maclura pomifera prefers a deep and fertile soil, but is hardy over most of the contiguous United States, where it is used as a hedge. Production of woodwind instruments and waterfowl game calls are common uses for the wood. Branchlets are at first bright green and pubescent; during their first winter they become light brown tinged with orange, and later they become a paler orange brown. Palmer and Fowler's Fieldbook of Natural History 2nd edition, rates Osage orange wood as being at least twice as hard and strong as white oak (Quercus alba). The best fitting model for syncarp size evolution indicated an increase in both syncarp size and the rate of syncarp size evolution in the Osage orange lineage. [33], The heavy, close-grained yellow-orange wood is dense and prized for tool handles, treenails, fence posts, and other applications requiring a strong dimensionally stable wood that withstands rot. Wondering just what determine whether or not a sweet orange tree has thorns?

This species has several good characters for identification. It s about 8pm and the pain has gone up half of my ...I got pricked by a thick thorn in the afternoon just above my wrist bone.

[23], The fruit is not poisonous to humans or livestock, but is not preferred by them,[24] because it is mostly inedible due to a large size (about the diameter of a softball), and hard, dry texture. Those cuttings did not survive. [20], Because of the current limited range and lack of obvious effective means of propagation, the Osage orange is considered to be an evolutionary anachronism, where one or more now extinct Pleistocene megafauna evolutionary partners, such as the giant ground sloth, mammoth, mastodon or gomphothere, fed on the fruit and aided in seed dispersal. Yesterday i suffered chills and back aches. [29] Primary components of fresh fruit include pectin (46%), resin (17%), fat (5%), and sugar (before hydrolysis, 5%). It is very unlikely that there was poison in the tree branch. [9][32] In 2001, its wood was used in the construction in Chestertown, Maryland of the Schooner Sultana, a replica of HMS Sultana.

The fruits are spherical, often exceeding 10 cm in diameter and are Harvard, "The Osage Orange Tree: Useful and Historically Significant", Anachronistic Fruits and the Ghosts Who Haunt Them, Southern Research Station (www.srs.fs.fed.us), "Facts and Myths Associated with "Hedge Apples, "HPLC Determination of Isoflavone Levels in Osage Orange from the United States Midwest and South", "Hedgerows no match for bulldozers in postwar years".

Kansas Curiosities: Quirky Characters, Roadside Oddities & Other Offbeat Stuff. I just read through your question. It must be regularly pruned to keep it in bounds, and the shoots of a single year will grow one to two metres (3–6 ft) long, making it suitable for coppicing. The natural range of Maclura is in the southern Today morning i felt alot better but my urine this morning is dark orange and i am worried that it might be kidney... View answer, my wife has had orange yellowy direah for last tow days never ever suffered before .. Imodium has not stopped it yet ..just does not feel unwell sorry my typing is bad could it be food poisoning ... View answer, I thought I had food poisoning . "[15] The trees are also known as "bodark," "bodarc," or "bodock" trees, most likely originating as a transliteration or corruption of "bois d'arc. The fruits secrete a sticky white latex when cut or damaged. [5] Due to its latex secretions and woody pulp, the fruit is typically not eaten by humans and rarely by foraging animals, giving it distinction as an anachronistic "ghost of evolution". [26] Research has shown that compounds extracted from the fruit, when concentrated, may repel insects.


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