otterbox symmetry vs commuter 2020
The Commuter Series also requires a bit more work to put it on or take it off of your device due to its two-part build. Double the size but gives drop protections, we think it’s worth it. If you're looking for excellent protection for your smart device, our collection of the best Otterbox cases are the way to go. The Otterbox Commuter offers the perfect middle ground. OtterBox Figura Series, The 8 Best Android Screen Protectors of 2020, The 7 Best Laptop Cases and Sleeves of 2020. But, it will still protect your phone from the average drops, bumps and scratches.

Check out our picks for the best OtterBox cases below to find one that fits your needs. If you drop it often, you will want to invest in a heavier-duty OtterBox. ", "A three-layer protective case that will keep your smartphone safe from falls and shocks. With two layers of protection, it’s hard to beat the Commuter series from Otterbox. The Strada Series is a single-layer leather folio phone case that folds over the screen of your phone, offering total front-to-back protection. Otterbox Levels of Protection: Tips to Protect your Phone, Filed Under: Otterbox, products, Tech Tagged With: Best of Google, Amy Barseghian is the Founder of and Head Writer at The Best of Life Magazine, a digital luxury lifestyle magazine. 50+ Halloween Margarita Drinks & Halloween Cocktail Recipes, Ketogenic Crockpot Bacon and Chicken Recipe | Low Carb Chicken and Bacon. For the OtterBox Cases with the best design, look no further than the OtterBox Pursuit Series. While the OtterBox Symmetry doesn’t include screen protection, the raised screen bumper helps protect your screen from damage. Lifeproof is a subsidiary of Otterbox, and both offer great phone cases. Excellent article. The case is slim and sleek enough so you can still slip your phone into pockets or purses. Thin and tough, this series of device cases makes extreme functionality look stylish, and is best suited for people who want the best protection in a small and mighty package. Ultimately, it won’t just be about preventing damage: you’ll want it to fit your lifestyle and aesthetic, too. Both release the same time for the latest phone series. All You’ll hardly know it’s there when you use your device. And while OtterBox cases tend to be on the pricier side, they’re well worth the investment—especially if you’re prone to dropping your phone. Otterbox currently provides cases for a litany or both Apple and Android phones as well as tablets and other devices. The leather exterior is stylish and sophisticated, making the Strada Series great for anyone who wants to carry less on a day-to-day basis. That is why Otterbox Symmetry vs Commuter is so important. The design is minimalist with a hint of flair: the case is clear, so you can show off the design and the color of your device, but the case comes with a leather accent in a color of your choosing, which gives your phone or tablet an even more sophisticated look while adding drip. Otterbox is known for its cases for a reason, they build great cases that protect our devices from the everyday use we put them through. Responsibility level: Ultimately, your pick for the best OtterBox for you will depend on your habits and how you handle your phone on a regular basis. I just want to know what the difference is between otterbox and marc Jacobs if any. The Commuter is a better option for people who drop their devices repeatedly on a daily basis. The most important thing to remember with the Symmetry Series is that the main goal is to reduce the size, the second goal is to protect your device. This case is a reverse from the Defender series with rubber on the outside.

If having waterproof phone protection is a top priority, one of the best waterproof cases may be a better choice for you, as even the best OtterBox cases don’t necessarily protect your phone from water damage. Though if you’re a person who has more accidents than average, then the Commuter Series is the best of the two. It’s a simple case made out of a single layer of rubber and plastic, offering an ultra-slim profile that still protects your phone.

The three levels of protection, while nice to have, can make your phone bulky and hard to put into pockets or small bags. But beware: there are many reports of the socket PopSocket popping out completely, which cannot be fixed.

OtterBox Symmetry Series Case, Best Design: And in that case, be prepared to see your OtterBox Pursuit case dented or scratched. These differences can help you make the final decision on which one to get. Functionality: This is important, considering that you will want your case to fit your lifestyle. This case is a reverse from the Defender series with rubber on the outside. Pick this OtterBox series if you’re looking to invest in a stylish looking case, and aren’t too worried about the handling of your device. It borrows the best elements from both the Defender and the Symmetry cases. Though the OtterBox Commuter Series cases are near ideal, be warned that the case itself is susceptible to scratches, especially if you have a tendency to drop your phone a lot—so ultimately, the case may not look sleek and new for very long, depending on your use. The OtterBox Commuter Series features dual-layered protection: soft rubber on the inside and hard plastic on the outside allow the Commuter Series cases to absorb and deflect impacts. Is it a potential problem? These cases are similar in many ways but there are specific differences. The case is also slim and lightweight, which also means that it’s easy to slip into your pocket or purse without much fuss.

The Defender Series is best for people who risk dropping or damaging their phones on a regular basis. When you put the Otterbox Symmetry vs Commuter cases you’ll find that it is a simple answer as to which is right for you.

Otterbox Defender Pro Vs Defender: What’s the Difference? ", "If you’re looking for the most stylish OtterBox, the Statement Series is what you’re looking for. review process here. The 1 layer build also helps the grip between phone and case. Rather than having you buy an attachment, OtterBox has Strada series case options that come with a built-in PopSocket. The Symmetry Series is better for those who place their devices in the front pockets of their skinny jeans along with their car keys.

It is like encasing your phone in a suit of armor, so it will add weight to it. Commuter is built with 2 layer design, which is rubber on the inside and Polycarbonate plastic on the outside. However itʼs a bit funny because the dust … Some report we got from users is that the commuter inside rubber sometimes saggy over time due to heat and other reasons. To pick the best OtterBox case for your phone, think about your needs and how you use your phone. A unique option on the market, a folio phone case doubles as a wallet or a cardholder. While Otterbox does build quality, strong cases for our devices, they know that a bulky build isn’t for everyone. For the headphone jack also we didn’t find any issue with larger jack and charger. The Figura Series was designed with those users in mind, knowing that taking selfies, making calls, texting, and more happen more often than not on the go. , Your email address will not be published. If you are very careful with your device, you may not need a multi-layered case and may feel comfortable buying something leaning towards more stylish than rugged. With the Commuter Series, you can go around town confident that your phone will be able to withstand almost anything. You can also subscribe without commenting. Considering what’s the best for you and it’s confusing since both have the same price, but one with 1 layer and the other have 2 layers.

And finally, the Otterbox Defender Series comes with a holster, so you can slip your device to your belt for easy access. There is even a glitter case option, so you can add a little shimmer to your style. These robust cases can help your phone weather falls, bangs, and more without so much as a scratch, combining functionality, durability, and design to protect your investment. This 1 layer case is just like other cases in the market, but what makes it special? Since there are two different pieces, you can select a combination of two different colors, pre-combined by Otterbox. While our best overall pick can suit a variety of use cases, it isn’t necessarily the best fit for someone who works in construction, for example, or someone who prefers to show off their phone’s design.

It’s relatively sleek and stylish, with a ton of colors and patterns to choose from. Take your pick between a wide variety of colors and patterns so your case can be part of how you express your personal style.


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